Affiliate Marketing Mastery Review – Is It Worth Your $1997?

If you’re reading this it means you are already convinced that there’s money on affiliate marketing.Now, all you need to do so that you can start your own 6-7 figure business is to learn the fundamentals of affiliate marketing.

When I first started affiliate marketing, I had no idea on how it works. Three years ago, there were only a few materials I could get online to help me solve the puzzle. I had to try and fail. Then try again and fail again. It was a game of trial and error for me.

Thanks to affiliate marketing courses, I got all the materials I needed to finally figure it all out. This led me to my very first 6-figure profit!

Among the many affiliate marketing courses to emerge in the past years was Affiliate Marketing Mastery. It promises a 7-figure business for everyone who enrolls in the course.

Should you take the course when you start too?
Let’s find out…

Affiliate marketing Mastery Overview

Product Name: Affiliate Marketing Mastery
Founder: Stefan James Pylarinos
Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Course
Price: $1,997 or 3 payments of $767
Best For: Beginners who want to get started with affiliate marketing

Summary: Yes, Affiliate Marketing Mastery is a legit course. In fact, it’s not just legit but full of great values and tons of training to help anyone get started with affiliate marketing the right way. However, the major downsides is that it’s just a course without actual tools yet it is charging a whopping $1,997. So, I would say it is a great but overpriced course.

Rating: 85/100

Recommended: Yes, but not worth the price!

What is Affiliate Marketing?

Unlike in 2016, information about affiliate marketing are already all over the internet today. But going out as a lone ranger will only lead you to failure.

I’ve been there before. I tried to DIY affiliate marketing too. Apparently, it is not a field where you can depend on Youtube tutorials alone to guide you.

There are still limitations to what educators share online and there will always be significant lessons they only provide to students who pay them.

But I think paying a relatively small fee is worth it.

I also enrolled on hundreds of dollars-worth of affiliate marketing course, but everything changed when I found Wealthy Affiliate. And I can tell you, it is the best decision I ever made. The course equipped me with the right techniques so my second shot at affiliate marketing was already successfully.

But before you enroll to courses today, let me just emphasize these realities to you about affiliate marketing:

  • You will not become a millionaire overnight.
  • You will still have to work to earn money.
  • And you will need to work with multiple programs to earn that 7-figure income.

Who said money will be instant in this business?
But if you are willing to train to learn, you can succeed.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery – The Owner and Orientation to the Course

For those who are seriously looking into studying affiliate marketing, you surely heard about this man already.

Yes. Stefan James Pylarinos is the renowned “The Master Of Affiliate Marketing.” He is the man behind the Affiliate Marketing Mastery program.

He founded Affiliate Marketing Mastery a couple of years ago. However, I believe it was only in 2016 when the platform really gained traction and created a huge reputation online.

Since the business already grew bigger, And Affiliate Marketing Mastery is no longer Stefan’s sole offering. For aspiring internet marketers, he is also the founder of the K Money Mastery. He also shares free tips on his blog called Project Life Mastery.

The Affiliate Marketing Mastery program is focused on teaching students how to earn money through Affiliate Marketing. This course has 7 different modules and comes with a heavy price tag of $1,997. It is certainly not the cheapest you’d find online since there are others who offer a full course at $997. Affiliate Marketing Mastery’s way of attracting people to their course is giving them flexible payment option of $767 for 3-time installment.

If you browse through the website, you will find other important details about the company. It also gives you an on-the-spot example of how affiliate works.

Stefan has some tempting offers at the bottom of his page where he offers at least $498.50 for every referral and says you can make as much as $149,550 a year for every 25 people you send to his program every month!

For newbies in this business, that’s how affiliate program looks like! In simpler term, you get commissions for being an affiliate.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery – What You’ll Get Out of Your $1997

Like I mentioned earlier, the Affiliate Marketing Mastery program has a total of 7 modules that will act as your guide to a successful affiliate marketing business.

From these modules, you will be introduced to 50 videos with different topics. This makes the course pretty convenient to take since you will not have to search different programs to take the classes.

Don’t worry that you’ll miss an important detail. In each lesson, you will be given a downloadable PDF transcript and a summary of the topics covered. This means you have notes you can review or even share to your future business partners.

Below is an overview of the 7 modules under the Affiliate Marketing Mastery Program. Look into each details and determine whether the course will be really useful for your growth in the online world.

1: Preface and Formulating a Strategy

Every course needs an orientation and for Affiliate Marketing Mastery, this is it.

This module introduces the students to the truths of affiliate marketing. Here, Stefan also shares some strategies he thinks will be effective in reaching your affiliate success. Finally, he gives some hacks on how you should influence your mindset to constructively build your business.

2: Keyword Density and Market Research

Every business owner needs to conduct a market research to determine whether his choice of niche is feasible or not. It is exactly the same with affiliate marketing. You have to analyze the competition in your industry and look for a niche that will work for you. Once you’re settled with a niche, you will be taught how to do keyword research and optimization.

3: Blog and Social Media Creation

If you are going to start an affiliate business, you will need a website and that website needs to have a lot of blogs that should rank on Google. This is how you will earn money.

Remember how I mentioned earlier that earning in this business is earning through commissions? You sell products for other people by creating quality content that has their links. When you drive a lot of customers to the affiliate program’s site with the link designated to you and the visitors buy, you earn. It’s as simple as that.

The work, though, is in creating content that will rank, attract shoppers to read until the end, and click the links you used. This module will introduce you to the essentials of blogging. You will also be oriented on how to use social media and SEO fundamentals to rank your content.

4: Generating Quality Content

Now that you know the importance of content to succeed in this field, the next module will teach how to create content that will sell. Stefan gives you here some tips on how to come up with evergreen content that will appear convincing to readers.

5: Acquisition of Visitors and Subscribers

After the basics come the advanced strategies. This module is meant to teach you to incorporate advanced SEO tactics. You will also learn how to obtain a strong email list and establish a huge following on social media.

But why should you learn social media marketing?

Here’s a bonus tip for you!

Everyone goes to social media these days. Even shoppers already rely on the search results on Facebook rather than search engines. So to stay on top of the competition, you need to bring your content where the shoppers go to and that is social media.

Build connections and share you contents on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest. And don’t forget to master the art of copywriting to make them click your link.

6: Generating Income and Monetizing Resources

And this is the part you’ve been waiting for – to know how you will earn and how much you will earn.

This module also teaches students on how to  capitalize and earn revenue from guests that come to their site. You have to expect too that not all visitors will click on your link. But don’t worry. You can still turn them into future customers and this is by enrolling them to your newsletters.

7: Performance Tracking and Optimization

This last part is a bit technical but it will be very helpful to see how your website is performing. You will also learn more strategies on how to combat lacking campaigns and revamp them to a better one.

This module will also give you a 90-day email coaching program plus a 3-hour webinar that will be given to you weekly. These side courses will teach you more techniques on strengthening your campaigns and stabilizing your online business.
Sounds like all the pointers you need to succeed as an affiliate? Wait for the benefits that Stefan promises.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery – All the Benefits You Get From Enrolling In The Course

Here are some of the benefits that Stefan promises to his students:

  • As one of the long-time and most reputable online marketer, Stefan believes his funnel is already proven and tested to deliver high ROI.
  • Up-to-date affiliate techniques and platforms.
  • Huge bonuses for the students’ subscribers.
  • Life of freedom and prosperity by following his affiliate marketing strategies.
  • High ticket offer of up to $595.50 per sale.
  • Earn loyal fans from recommending Affiliate Marketing Mastery.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery – Will It Work For You?

If you are a newbie to affiliate marketing and prefer to learn the business at the comfort of your home, then this one provides that much.

The total of 20 hours of video content (30 minutes each video) practically tells all the important things you need to know about affiliate marketing. And with the guru being a successful marketer, you can feel confident that you came to the right person.

If you have $1997 to invest for affiliate marketing education, then Affiliate Marketing Mastery might be a good try. Still, I am not convinced about the price. Like I mentioned earlier, there are other courses with same popularity but are not as pricey.

What I Like About Affiliate Marketing Mastery

30-Day Money Back Guarantee

After completing the course and you find as though you haven’t learned anything essential or are not satisfied, you can send them an email with your valid reason and you will get a refund.

Accessible Support

Affiliate Marketing Mastery has a Facebook community where you can ask questions if you think you have something you didn’t understand from the modules.

Quality Training

With 70+ videos and 20+ hours of content, Affiliate Marketing Mastery is a complete course where you can find everything you need to know about affiliate marketing.

Stefan James

Yes that’s right, not only Stefan James is areal person, but also a successful entrepreneur who’s been around for years.

He’s well known as one of the most successful internet marketers out there. So I doubt he would put his reputation on the line by delivering a course that would not live up by his name.

No Bullshit (forgive my language)

Most of the time when you visit an affiliate marketer sales page, usually it is full of hype, like guys on fancy cars, lots of money and the marketer making promises that he can not fulfil.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery is different, instead is almost 2 hours long of a training video, where he teaches people the basics about affiliate marketing.

With this presentation he focus on giving a lot of value to the audience and that’s what I like about him. He clearly shows that his intentions are to help and provide value.

What I don’t Like About Affiliate Marketing Mastery

Incomplete Tools for a Heavy Price

If you think you’ll get some kind of a bonus for paying higher than what’s offered from other course providers, unfortunately that’s not the case.

Affiliate Marketing Mastery provides everything you need to know about making money online but it won’t give you all the starting tools for your business. They won’t provide you website hosting, domain platform, and a keyword research tool which you all need for your affiliate business.


$1997 is a lot of money, especially when you can get other platforms like Wealthy Affiliate for a lower price and still get all the tools that Affiliate Marketing Mastery does not provide like, Keyword research tool, website set up and hosting.

is affiliate marketing mastery a scam?

No, Affiliate Marketing Mastery is not a scam. However in my opinion I don’t think it is worth the heavy price of $1997. Truthfully, what this program offers, other programs offer too at a much lower price.

So let’s start at looking at what Affiliate Marketing Mastery has to offer:

Stefan’s remarkable reputation is a plus factor. He isn’t playing in his videos and offers high quality course with tons of value. I can describe it as a high-end course which pretty much explains its expensive price.

All the knowledge, skill sets and strategies you’ll get from the course might make Affiliate Marketing Mastery worth the try. But it would be more helpful for newbies if they were given extra offerings too like web hosting, domain and keyword research tool.

As always if you have any questions, please leave a comment below and I will answer all of them as soon as possible.

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