Alex Becker’s Market Hero Review – How Useful Can It Be?

And it’s another day to review another product that may take your online business to a whole new level or may drag it back to zero.

Today it will be a review of Alex Becker’s Market Hero.

I came across him when I was looking for email marketing tools other than Mailchimp to get me started on my email marketing campaign. I wanted the new platform to be simple but automated. Luckily there was a free trial so I got a good idea of what his paid features would look like.

But before you can enter in the free trial period, you’d have to give your credit card details. The downside of this is most marketers become instantly hesitant to try the product, thinking there might be no options for canceling the plan. Some others are quick to jump to the conclusion that it is a scam.

So in this Alex Becker’s Market Hero Review, we’ll answer the basic questions everyone has in mind…

Is Alex Becker’s Market Hero worth the try?

Would you really benefit from what Alex Becker offers in Market Hero?

Is it a scam or is it legit?

  • Market Hero is worth the money
  • If not only other people but you personally can benefit from it
  • It’s a scam or not?
  • Is it better than Aweber or Mailchimp?

Let’s find out!

market hero believes it can measure up with email marketing tools that came before it like aweber and mailchimp

The internet has no shortage of email marketing tools. This marketing strategy has been around since the 90s and it still proves to be effective, depending on how you deploy and manage your campaigns.

Then, there were only Aweber and Mailchimp to choose from. But now, the email marketing solution providers grew in number and among the fresher platform is Market Hero.

And if you need email marketing services to help you boost your conversions, then stay tuned as we find out how useful Market Hero can be to your campaigns.


Summary: Market Hero claims to be the first email marketing solution that can actively track every sale and conversion across your online business that you promote on a campaign without you having to make any major changes.

Product Name: Market Hero
Founder: Alex Becker
Product Type: email marketing tools and academy
Price: Free 14 day trial, then $19/month to $950/month
Rating: 75/100
Best For: Anyone who wants to take their marketing campaigns on email platform for more personal interaction with their leads.

Market Hero is all about getting the email metrics that empower businesses and accelerate growth

Recommendation: You can find good value with Alex Becker’s Market Hero. The techniques in the program were used and tested by Alex Becker himself and when he found it effective, he built Market Hero to share it to other digital marketers. Thousands are choosing Market Hero over Mailchimp or Aweber and it’s for good reasons. There’s great content in this product, it’s legit and it can be effective, depending on how you use it on your campaign.


Before we delve deeper into the Market Hero platform created by Alex Becker, let us first take a look at the marketing strategy it is promoting.

Email marketing, though already a grandpa in the digital marketing world because of social media, remains to be relevant.

It has seen dark years that it almost died when social media became a hit, but it survived the crisis. Thanks to the email marketing service providers who innovate to keep up with the tech that social media platforms are using. They made emails very appealing without looking like a spam so many are still attracted with newsletters and promos.

Currently, 95% of businesses still use email as part of their marketing strategies and there’s a couple of reasons why it’s still alive.

Almost every adult who are working and need to do transaction online, even those who are opening their bank accounts, are required to have an email. Also, it was found out that even though social media platforms have their own messaging apps where files can be attached, people still prefer emails as they seem more legit, formal, and professional.

Furthermore, email marketing delivers the best ROI compared to other digital marketing channels.

And these are the good reasons why you should start your own email marketing campaign too. Like I mentioned, there are now tools to help you automate and manage your campaigns. There’s no more need to manually list down everyone you have sent your emails to and who among them replied. The tools will already measure them and give you a full report on how your campaign is performing.

Now going to Market Hero, it’s main duty is to serve as an autoresponder that helps you increase your sales and boost your conversion rates with your leads, campaigns, and landing page (forms).

Alex Becker created market hero, combining all the tools you need like tracker and optimization into one systemAlex Becker’s Market Hero has automated features to help you save time as you send emails to categorized contacts. So you have to have leads. And you can get these leads from your website visitors.

To start the service, you have to sign up on the Market Hero website and you’ll get instant access to the 14-day trial period. You are allowed to cancel your subscription without incurring any charges.

Features Unique to Market Hero:

1. User-friendly Interface

Market Hero features an intuitive and user-friendly User Interface. The software’s dashboard is very well-designed and organized. Apart from the clutter-free work space, there’s also an easy-to-read metrics including Daily Stats, Latest Broadcasts, and Sales Profits.

Most marketers would tell the autoresponder of Market Hero is actually easier to use than older alternatives including MailChimp, ActiveCampaign, Aweber, BenchMark, ConstantContact, and CampaignMonitor.

Upon availing the service, you will be to 4-part on-boarding section in the form of short videos that take about 10 minutes to watch.

And once you’re done with the orientation, you are now ready to dive into the nitty gritty of what Market Hero autoresponder is really about.

2. Sales-centric System

The single most important feature that distinguishes this  autoresponder the other brands in the market is the fully integrated lead collection and auto follow-up system that lets you collect potential customers on your website and nurture them all from the same platform.

For other service providers, they collect leads and track conversions using different tools. But for Market Hero, it combines these functions into a single platform. Its auto follow-up system allows you to build rapport and strong relationships with your email list thus allowing you to target potential customers with products and services that resonate with them.

Furthermore, Market Hero lets you save both time and money by using sales funnel builders to market, sell and deliver products online. For some, they fulfill all these tasks using different tools which can be time consuming and expensive. While you can’t sell products directly on Market Hero, you can automatically setup your opt-in boxes using the tool’s inside features and clickable link boxes that allow you to easily grow your email list.

3. Tools for ROI Tracking and Email Optimization

Market Hero might not be the only email autoresponder service that allows you to track conversions and sales on the same platform but it is one of the first software to provide such function.

The tools of Market Hero helps you track who bought your products using tags integrated into the platform. This allows you to easily calculate total lead value over the long-term including dollar value per lead and optimize your emails to generate the highest possible ROI from your leads.

The product features an embed button that allows you to split-test your sales funnels and narrow down on your best converting sales copy or headline. Split testing can allow considerable revenue gains in a relatively short amount of time. You can tag people on your list based on their response and create a separate bucket that allows you to run special campaigns for your most promising leads or create a new broadcast for your unopened subscribers. Actually, it allows you to segment your list in far more diverse ways that what an average autoresponder is capable of.

4. Import leads from other autoresponders

If you are already using another autoresponder, you can seamlessly import your leads into Market Hero using a CVS file. One thing about this particular autoresponder is that it first verifies that all your leads have opted in to avoid creating dead-end lists.

5. Data confidentiality

Some people might feel jittery about uploading their email lists on an autoresponder due to concerns regarding data privacy and confidentiality. With this autoresponder, you have 100% guarantee that your email lists are safe because the platform is legally bound not to email or share them with anybody.


market hero has several tools for effective marketing1. Dashboard

The dashboard gives you an overview of every campaign you’ve created. The market hero dashboard will show you:

  • Your latest broadcasts and their performance
  • Weekly profit made from your emails

You’ll get data about:

  • Amount of subscriptions
  • Emails sent and opened
  • Clickthrough rate of your emails
  • complaints

It’s basically everything you need to know to edit your campaigns if necessary.

2. Streams

Streams are basically a sequence of messages. These often work better when it comes to making sales because you create a relationship with the reader over a longer period of time before you offer a product.

With Market hero, you’re able to create two different streams

  • Email Stream
  • Facebook Messenger stream

3. Visual workflow builder

The moment you want to make a new stream you’ll enter the visual workflow builder. Here you can visually map out your entire communication funnel and determine the average value of a lead that enters your funnel.

4. Form Builder

Unlike with most email marketing services, there isn’t a specific form building area. The form is already integrated into designated funnels and streams.

5. Email Templates

Market Hero comes with 7 custom email templates for you to use. The templates itself are simple knowing that less is often more when it comes to email marketing.

6. Email Editor

Market Hero’s email editor makes it possible as the name says to edit the emails. The editor has a simple drag and drop functionality so that you don’t have to waste time learning how it works.

7. Broadcast

While the streams are for long-term strategies the broadcast is for the short-term if you just want to send one email out to your list. Just like with the streams you can broadcast through:

  • Email
  • Facebook Messenger

8. Leads

This is where you manage all your leads. You can add or import your leads here. You can also segment your list by tagging your leads.

You can filter leads based on things like:

  • Name
  • Tag
  • Status
  • and many more points

9. Finance

This tool lets you look at the products sales. In finance you’ll be able to:

  • Your overall financial picture
  • See report of email and facebook streams that contain product offers
  • calculate and compare products across different timelines

10. Integrations

Market Hero makes it possible to connect online services to your email marketing to create a complete campaign. It’s possible to connect with services like:

  • Leadpages
  • Shopify
  • Clickfunnels
  • JVzoo
  • and many more online services.

11. Monthly Webinar

Every month you can join their webinars and get training exclusive to the hero community.

market hero is new but it beat its predecessors on some features

Market Hero vs ClickFunnel

Both MarketHero and ClickFunnel are up to date marketing tools with automation capabilities. MarketHero is an advanced email marketing software while ClickFunnel is a marketing tool that enables you to create practical an productive sales funnels.

Both of this software helps you increase sales for your business with a friendly-friendly interface that is easy to understand. With both software also, you get a 14-day trial period as you decide on the best plan for your business. However, Market Hero has more superior features and options that enable you to achieve tremendous growth in a short period.

Market Hero vs Aweber

Even though Aweber is a popular email marketing software, it’s slow at adapting advanced features that this is why MarketHero is a better choice. With Aweber, you only get linear email autoresponders without automation.

Even though Aweber is effective, you save time and energy when you use Market Hero’s automatic features. With Aweber, there is not much room for improvement while Market Hero guarantees rapid growth in a short period.


So as you can see, Market Hero is an all inclusive plan structure where you are charged different prices depending on the number of subscribers you have. Whereas Mailchimp give you unlimited subscribers but place limitations on the core functionality depending on your plan.


The Pros

  • All in One Package
  • You’ll get the entire 8X academy for free with Market Hero.
  • There are a lot of email marketing services that restrict you when it comes to making sales with online marketing but this one is made for selling.

The Cons

  • Not for people with a budget
  • Buggy software
  • Automation Editor is extremely rigid, and you won’t really be able to tweak and adjust too many features.


Market Hero is a great tool for any digital marketer – newbie , intermediate, or expert – who want to add email marketing into their mix of marketing strategies.  is made for people who specifically want to sell products on the internet. If you’re just a hobbyist or you aren’t serious about being an online entrepreneur I wouldn’t advise you to buy this product because it’s specifically geared towards making sales.

Is it useful?

In a world where 95 percent of marketers are still using the same old tools that bear different names but are mostly similar under the hood, gaining an edge becomes an uphill task. That’s why it makes sense to become part of a growing clique of smart marketers that are switching to Market Hero’s highly targeted tools capable of generating more revenue from the same amount of leads.

Furthermore, it’s definitely helpful to have an automated tool to track you email campaigns rather than doing it manually.

So that’s pretty much about Market Hero. If you wan to find out more about the legitimate and effective tools and program, courses, or network you can use to improve your job on growing your make money online niche, then join me at Wealthy Affiliate by clicking on the link below.

Doubtful about my #1 recommended program? Read about my Wealthy Affiliate Review to learn what it is and what you can benefit from using it.

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