Authority Hacker TASS Course – Is It Worthy of Your $997?

Hello and welcome to my Authority Hacker TASS Review!

Affiliate marketing is probably one of the most preferred way to make money online these days. Apart from the good commission anyone can get, it’s so much easier to learn how to blog than mastering trading and it is  sure way to make money compared to no-risk match betting.

But as you know, making money online through affiliate marketing requires a lot of work and time. Creating a website that Google will deem worthy to recommend to internet goers isn’t as easy as it seems. Apart from designing it, fixing codes and links, creating copies and contents, and optimizing it are all additional tasks you need to accomplish before it can become visible on Google, gain traffic, and finally start making money online.

And one way to cement your presence online is to build your site so that it becomes a credible source of information that other authority sites love to refer to and search engines to recommend.

This is where Authority Hacker becomes helpful.


That we’ll have to find out in this Authority Hacker TASS Review!

authority hacker isn't really a course dedicated for affilaite marketing but it teaches you how to create website that's useful for you as an affiliate

In the past, when Google Algorithm was simple and not so demanding, building  a website that translates money was not that difficult. You can then please Google with everything on your site properly setup and a content that shares valuable information. But when the potential of affiliate marketing to be a good source of multi figure income was discovered, many started building their own websites, making the competition in popular niches really tight.

So to stand out over the others, you need to put in extra effort and let the search engines know that you have more useful content compared to others. And to give the SEs this kind of signal, you need to first impress other popular sites so they will link to you.

SEO is one of the skills you can use to gain authority. The problem is, you can’t perfect SEO overnight and you will have to be very patient until the time comes that other authority sites will recognize you.

But there might be some hacks to speed up the process. This is what Authority Hacker promises – a quicker way to becoming an authority site. And through their training course, they say, anyone who’s doing online marketing with their technique can impress Google and other search engines much faster and more effectively.

So is becoming an authority website really just a course away now?

We’ll find out!


Summary: Authority Hacker offers three main trainings designed to help you turn your website into an authority site in no time. In this review, though, we will only look into the basic course called The Authority Site System 2.0. It is the white-hat way of building your own authority website.

Product Name: Authority Hacker Tass 2.0
Founder: Mark Webster and Gael Breton
Product Type: Affiliate Marketing/ Online Marketing Training
Price: $997
Rating: 50/100

here's a quick look at what you'll learn inside authority hacker

Recommendation: I don’t really recommend this so-called “magic pill” in creating authority websites. But don’t get me wrong – this is NOT A SCAM. It is very legit but the price seems a bit expensive, most especially for newbies.


Authority Hacker is a program that sells courses on boosting your online marketing by equipping your website with elements that will help it gain authority in your niche. It has some similarities to the strategies that my #1 recommended affiliate marketing program is teaching.

The courses have basic and in-depth concepts on SEO and so much more that Authority Hacker claim to give both newbies and experienced marketers new lessons they haven’t learned before.

Before looking into those courses, let me first introduce you to its founders.

Authority Hacker was founded in 2014 by successful affiliates Mark Webster and Gael Breton. Being affiliate marketers, they have also experimented on ways to rank up their site on search engines and later realized that the best way to be successful in this field is to create an authority website. One which can be trusted by people to answer their queries and one which will be loved by Google for its rich content. And the technique they use to become an authority site is mainly what they are trying to sell in the TASS 2.0.

Gael and Mark founded Authority HackerTo convince you that they do have some powerful strategy to share in TASS 2.0, these business partners created an authority site called ​Health Ambition. Many bloggers in the health niche refer to Health Ambition in their content. The site gets a whopping 500,000+ visitors per month.  So they are really big and they are earning handsomely too.

Their success can be credited to the processes they used to grow this site. And when they saw their strategy was effective, they decided to open another site in a saturated niche, where this time, they’re focus on educating other with their strategy. Authority Hacker was then created.

The Authority Hacker program have 3 training components – 1 basic and 2 upsells.

The first course you will be introduced to when signing up is the The Authority Site System (TASS). It teaches you how to become a stage 1 authority site where you’ll start building your loyal audience and earn between $1k and $5k per month.

After completing the modules in TASS, you can get the upsells which are the Authority Hacker Pro and the Authority Hacker Pro Platinum.

These courses will teach you how to build a stage 2 or 3 website and make $5k per month or $100k+ per month, respectively.

The Authority Site System vs Authority Hacker Pro

The Authority Site System has been upgraded into a new version called The Authority Site System 2.0 which is dressed with more topics and updated lessons. As it is  basic, the courses are designed for beginners who are building their websites for the first time. Here, students will also be taught basic strategies to start ranking on search engines including SEO.

Meanwhile, Authority Hacker Pro is meant for people who are already making money with their website. Most of the topics are advanced and include strategies on how you can take your business to the next level.


To gain access to any course that Authority Hacker has, you will need to sign up for an account. As soon as you created your account, you will gain access to blog posts, podcasts, YouTube videos, and other selection of training topics that will be of big help to grow your business online.

what to expect when you join authority hacker

The TASS 2.0 is a complete blueprint of step-by-step instructions on how you can build a highly profitable authority website from scratch. All of the things you will learn here comply to the white hat SEO techniques which Google favors.

Overall, you will get 85 video tutorials which will show you the exact steps I am talking about. The videos are especially great for discovering:

  • How to research a niche and generate profitable keywords to use in your website and contents
  • Build a website around your chosen niche
  • Create high-quality content
  • Backlinking techniques
  • Generating traffic through SEO (generic) and Paid Ads

6 Main Courses inside The Authority HACKER:

  • Preliminary Lessons
  • The Authority Site Model And Internet Marketing 101
  • Niche Research And Site Planning
  • Site Setup
  • Content Creation
  • Link Building


The collection of videos in this section will give you an overview of the course and some tips on how to navigate around the modules. Topics here include:

  • Preliminary Lessons
  • How To Use The Course
  • Consistency And Expectations
  • Using The New Site Todo System
  • Budgeting Your Site

Module 1 – The Authority Site Model And Internet Marketing 101

The first formal training begins with the basics. Here, you will learn how websites should generate income. You will also discover what could be the best business model (authority site business model) to follow and learn some of the most efficient and proven ways (as used by the founders) to start monetizing your website.

The outline of the topic is as follows:

  • The Authority Site Model And Internet Marketing 101
  • What Is An Authority Site
  • How Authority Sites Get Traffic
  • How Authority Sites Make Money
  • Affiliate Marketing 101
  • SEO 101

Module 2 – Niche Research And Site Planning

In this part of the training, you will learn how to design a website by following a specialized plan that’s proven to get huge traffic and generate high profit.

To do that, you will first have to do a market research where you will find out the niches that sell the most. Here, you will also decide on the niche you will pursue for your business and from there, you will be taught how to generate profitable keywords to use in every content you write.

Here’s an overview of the topics:

  • Niche Research And Site Planning
  • Niches That Work Well
  • Brainstorming Niches
  • Getting Started With Market Research
  • Market Research
  • Market Research
  • Market Research
  • Market Research
  • Planning Your V1 Site
  • Expanding Your Commercial Keyword List
  • Expanding Your Info Content Keyword List
  • Planning Your V1 Site Structure

Module 3 – Site Setup

Site set up has been made easier through this module. Here, you are given step-by-step instruction of designing your website to be in its most profitable form even without having any technical skills or knowledge of doing so. This is practically spoon feeding way of building your website which may later on be a problem when you find errors in your site.

Anyway, here’s what this full-packed module looks like:

  • Site Setup
  • Picking A Domain Name
  • WordPress
  • Branding
  • Analytics And SEO Setup
  • Plugin Setup
  • Page Setups
  • Home Page Building
  • Custom category Pages Setup
  • Niche Research And Site Planning
  • Niches That Work Well

Module 4 – Content Creation

In this module, you will get some juicy tips on how to create quality contents that can be your organic way of getting traffic from the different search engines. You will also be given a blog template where you can create your content around. It serves as a guide on what you can research for your content writing.

Your content is your main differentiator from other websites so to separate yourself from the rest of the millions of marketers doing blogs, you need to pay attention to your content and maintain high standards.

This module includes these topics:

  • Content Creation
  • Content Templates
  • Writing Your First Articles
  • Setting Up The Amazon Associates Program
  • Uploading And Publishing Content
  • Outsourcing Content Creation

Module 5 – Link Building

Apart from quality content, another element that’s very important to turning your site into a highly authoritative one is link building. Basically, people link back to your because you have good content. This strategy will help you increase traffic to your website.

The lessons include:

  • Link Building
  • Preparing For Outreach
  • Target Selection
  • Initial Outreach And Follow-Up
  • Negotiation And Link Placement
  • Link Tracking And Blacklist

So these are what comprises the 85-hour video tutorials in the TASS 2.0 course. You will see how detailed the program is so even newbies can easily follow the steps. The topics are very essential in creating authority sites and I this is why I see this program to be legit. The lessons are valuable and updated too so the techniques are sure to work in the present time’s SE algorithms.

Remember, Google love authority sites since people come to it for its recommendations. They trust Google, thanks to these sites.

Websites that are bigger than yours linking to you is very valuable. Google considers this s a “vote” of your credibility. So if you want to please Google and be rewarded with a spot on the top rank at the first page of search results, you need to become an authority website.

ALSO REMEMBER: One link from a high authority site is more valuable than numerous low authority sites linking to you. So it should be your aim to attract these large websites from your niche.

There are other things, apart from the courses, that Authority Hacker offers. They include:

authority hacker sees to it that it is up to date on these areas so they can teach you more valuable techniquesFacebook Community

It always help to be in a program with community where you can ask for additional tips from the experts. Authority Hacker’s FB community serves as a hub where you can air out questions if you are unable to get the answers from the website or the modules. .

And that’s not all because Authority Hacker also has a…

Live Q&A

Founders Gael and Mark arrange regular Q and A sessions via the Facebook community of Authority Hacker. Like in my #1 recommended program, you can interact with the experts to get insights when something isn’t working for you.

Pre-Built Templates 

While it may be difficult to start your journey to building an authority website, Authority Hacker makes it a little more easier and faster for you by having a library full of templates you can use for researching niche, web design, writing full blog contents, and link building. Like I mentioned, everything is practically spoon fed to members. Of course, these templates are used by the founders which they say are proven to work.


There are free videos you can get when you sign up for free. But if you want more valuable lessons, you might want to sign up for TASS 2.0  which costs $997.

The first upsell, Authority Hacker Pro, will cost  $997 too. Here, you will find the “secrets” to getting ranked on search engines and generating income through your authority site.

Then, the second upsell is the Authority Hacker Pro Platinum which costs $1997. You can take this plan when you see your website already generating income as this will teach you how to raise the bar and make the highest profit you can make out of your authority website.


The Pros

  • The courses are based on thoroughly researched and proven concepts from the the founders’ experiences.
  • They have a community where you can connect with expert affiliate marketers as well as the founders who are making -figure profit every month.
  • The modules are easy to understand for newbies which is good because TASS 2.0 was designed for them.
  • There are templates you can use to make the work faster.
  • The lessons are up-to-date so you are assured to learn techniques that will satisfy the current algorithm of search engines.

The Cons

  • Some tools you need to buy as you go on with the program are expensive. Ahrefs is one. You will need to buy a subscription for $99 dollars opposed to my recommended keyword planner – Jaaxy – which $49 per month for the PRO subscription via my #1 recommended affiliate marketing training program.
  • The whole program is expensive given that there aren’t free tools to help you on your SEO. Although the topics are great, you can find other programs that offer the same lessons for free. For instance, web building and SEO and other marketing basics are covered in the free course of my #1 recommended affiliate marketing program.


This program is supposedly designed mostly for beginners as they go all the way up to being an expert. However, like I have been emphasizing, the price is a bit expensive. So I can’t really say it is for beginners.

On the other hand, the modules have some advanced Internet Marketing techniques, most especially that it teaches white hat SEO techniques. But most of the topics can feel too basic for experienced marketers too. But if they really want to join, they should rather sign up for the Pro or Platinum programs.


It’s hard to tell whether it’s worth it or not because the things they teach are applied in real life by successful affiliates and the founders are real people and their success stories are true. You might just realize the answer to this once you take the course and proven that you  made more money by applying their advice than the money you shelled out to learn from them.

But overall, like I already mentioned several times, most of the topics can be found on other sites too who offer affiliate marketing courses too. One of these sites I am referring to is my #1 recommended affiliate marketing program – Wealthy Affiliate.

Wealthy Affiliate is a simple but complete affiliate marketing program. The free course is packed with training videos of the same caliber. If you want to enjoy more like Facebook community, webinars, live Q&A, and free tools to help you kickstart your affiliate marketing business, you can sign up for the Premium membership for only $47 which is more than 50% more affordable than Authority Hacker’s.

If you want to know more about it, you can read my comprehensive review on Wealthy Affiliate Review and be sure to later join me in this program!

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