Boss Cryptocurrency Trading Course Review: Road To Being a Millionaire?

Hi everyone and welcome to my newest review!

We’ve been talking a lot about affiliate marketing lately but today I want to bring awareness on another way of making money online.

You probably have heard about people buying and selling cryptocurrencies online. Does Bitcoin ring a bell?

It has been the most bought and sold cryptocurrency in the past years! In fact in December 15, 2017, it hit its record high of $17,900 before it slumped, unfortunately, at less than $3,500 in just 10 days!

Cryptocurrency trading is pretty interesting if you know how to play it. A currency can start at a value of centavos and later you’ll see it already costing thousands of dollars. It’s tempting I know.

So hold on tight. we will discuss more of this in this review!

boss crypto trading course

Cryptocurrency trading is a bit similar to trading stocks or forex. You buy at one point then you sell on some other point. You have to be very observant and analytical but even if you do, you still can’t ever predict the rise and fall of the values of these investments.

In shorter term, these means of making money online rely on “pure luck.” It’s some sort of gamble.

But there are tricks, they say, to help you decipher the codes in these trading businesses. And you’re greatest tool, of course, is always education.

So today, let’s do a cryptocurrency trading review and we’ll look at Boss Crypto – one of the most preferred educational platform by those who want to fully understand cryptocurrency and crypto trading.


Summary: Boss Crypto is probably something you’d want to take, most especially when you are a newbie in the world of cryptocurrency trading. It isn’t just a trading course that you’ll get from Boss Crypto, but you’ll also get a supportive network and some other extras to help you in your trading games.

Product Name: Boss Crypto
Founder: Boss Cole
Product Type: cryptocurrency trading course
Price: $99/month
Rating: 80/100
Best For: Newbie and intermediate traders of cryptocurrencies.

boss crypto trading investment and education

Recommendation: Overall, we think that the trading course is very comprehensive, taking members through the very basics of cryptocurrencies to advanced trading techniques and strategies. Therefore, it is suited for both newbie and experienced traders.


To many, including me, the cryptocurrency market and chart technical analysis seems like a jargony whirlpool of abstract definitions, lines, shapes, and markets that somehow signal a buy, sell, or hold position recommendation. It gets so hard to interpret it at times and I feel dizzy every time the graph starts to rise and fall like crazy in just a few minutes.

But to those who feel the same as I, there’s no more need for guessing games. Boss Crypto was made exactly for the purpose of making the whole trading experience a smooth one.

So what is Boss Crypto?

Boss Crypto is a Crypto Investment and Education platform which aims to give traders the edge to learn, grow and drastically improve their returns.

It was just a slack group when it was founded by Boss Crypto. The community began growing rapidly as cryptocurrency trading became mainstream. This was when he realized the need for providing the community with a structured education platform and investment portfolio to supplement the discussions and trading strategies that were being had.

The demand for investment education and advice products such as Boss Crypto is largely fueled by people eager and capable of learning relatively complex concepts but want to streamline their learning.

The popular series crypto trading courses within the Boss Crypto platform are an excellent start for beginners and intermediates, while the Slack channel and community seem to provide everyone including experienced cryptocurrency traders some form of value in the form of trade recommendations and insights.

The community and its members pride themselves on being more than just an education platform and rather an engaged community where you can discuss anything blockchain, crypto, trading and more whilst having experienced traders offering trading and investment support.

The platform is broken into a few sections including:

  • Market Analysis – offering exclusive access to market analysis by experienced traders letting you know where the market is heading and how to trade it.
  • Live Portfolio – Live access to the Boss Crypto Portfolio which you can view all the coins being held and trading strategies.
  • Exclusive Course – The Crypto trading course teaching you curated, simple and informative lessons from basics of blockchain to advanced Technical Analysis.
  • 24/7 Support Network – Access to the slack group community in which discussions can be had about crypto, blockchain, trading and more with 24/7 support.

The Crypto Trading Course

The Boss Crypto Trading course is a structured yet flexible system where users can take the journey from learning about the basics of Blockchain and Cryptocurrencies all the way through to learning Technical Analysis and trading investment strategies. The aim of the course is to provide a curated, timely and worthwhile experience with the 6 week course goal of teaching members ‘how to win’.

The course is broken into 4 modules:

  1. Cryptocurrency Essentials and Foundations
  2. Trading, Emotions, Plans, Mindset and Success
  3. Technical Analysis: Next level setups and Strategies
  4. The Boss Crypto Trading Strategy

boss crypto featuresThe course allows you to learn anytime, anywhere and whatever you like with multiple training formats – including online, downloadable, social, live and simulated material.

We will talk more about these courses later.

The Community and Support

One of the key difference of Boss Crypto to other cryptocurrency trading courses is the level of support and engagement in the community. Whether you are wanting to discuss your own trades, what is happening in the market, what others are doing or anything else – there is 24/7 support along with a community of others more than happy to help.

The Slack Group is an easy and quick way to get a response and works great in complimentary with going through the education platform, creating your portfolio or trading. With the 30 day free trial you will get access to this Slack Group and begin being involved in the community.

With the structured yet flexible education modules, 24/7 support, Live Crypto Portfolio and an active community – Boss Crypto aims to offer an all in one Crypto hub.


joining boss crypto

Oops..not for everyone?

Don’t worry.

Boss Crypto is open for everyone and like I mentioned a while back, there is a 30-day free trial so you can determine whether the platform is suited for your needs. I doubt that you won’t learn anything in that 30 days. With all the courses and the expert traders to mentor you, it is highly possible that you’d gain a good amount of knowledge that will help you understand the movement of crypto market.

Module One – Cryptocurrency Essentials and Foundations

  1. Cryptocurrency, the blockchain, and Bitcoin explained clearly for the first time
  2. How to get your fiat to Bitcoin – simple, fast, safe.
  3. How to safely store your cryptocurrency so you never get scammed or hacked.
  4. Get access to our top cryptocurrency exchanges and learn how to use them
  5. Learn how to read a chart and completely understand what it all means.
  6. Learn our formula for valuing cryptocurrency and blockchain projects.

This section is targeted for people that are new to cryptocurrency and trading. It starts with an overview of Bitcoin and Blockchain technology which would be helpful for those that still don’t quite understand the technology. It is followed by a basic overview of the best practices you should follow to keep yourself while investing in the cryptocurrency markets as well as a summary of the basic skills you need.

Module Two – Trading: Emotions, Plans, Mindset and Success

  1. Conquering Emotions, Mindset and Success
  2. Goal Setting To Conquer Trading & Life
  3. Organize Your Life and Your Trading
  4. Your Trading Plan (Includes Downloadable Template)
  5. Your Trading Journal (Includes Downloadable Template)

This was an interesting section. It starts out talking about the role emotions play in trading and investing and really helps you to understand the significance of your mental state. Boss Cole then begins to break down his own life in regards to organization, goal setting, trading and formulating a success mindset. This was a really unique section and I really enjoyed it.

He then brings it back to trading providing you with a trading plan that you can use and optimize for your own specific situation. He also provides his trading journal template which I have been using religiously since receiving it.

Module Three – Technical Analysis: Next level setups and strategies

  1. Basics of technical charting
  2. Are We Bullish Or Bearish? The Basics Of A Trend
  3. How To Use Trend Lines
  4. Support and Resistance Levels
  5. A Complete Run Down On Technical Indicators
  6. Fibonacci Levels
  7. Classical Charting Patterns
  8. Trading Candlestick Setups

This is for the intermediate traders and goes through the essential knowledge you need to successfully analyze markets using a technical framework. There isn’t anything that I could think of that was left out however as technical analysis is a large field there are plenty of other aspects you could research further, such as Elliot Waves theory etc.

Module Four – The Boss Crypto Trading Strategy

  1. The Setups
  2. Focussing On The Trend and Market Cycles
  3. Drilling Down Multiple Timeframes
  4. Managing The Trade – Your Complete Guide
  5. The Fractal Model
  6. Position Sizing and Risk Management

This is arguably one of the most in depth course online that teaches an actual trading strategy. In the modules, you learn the exact strategy used by the Boss Crypto pro traders.

The bonus module, Essentials & Foundations is a collection of 59 extension lessons that were either taught live or delivered more informally than those in the standard modules. The operators of the service suggest that members should take the bonus lessons after they have completed all the standard modules and want to extend their knowledge.

Boss Crypto Private Channel

There are two main trades channels that you will need to follow to get value from the private channel. Those channels are #trades and #trades-2. In these channels Boss Crypto – Boss and Boss Crypto – Alex posts their trades and analysis.

In the private channel, there are two other main trades channels #Trades-4 and #Trades-5 where their partner from JRM Jason Jenkins and their fundamental analyst who has been investing since 2011 post their trades and analysis.

Between the four trades channels, there is an incredible wealth of information posted.

You can make use of the #help channel a number of times posting the question about exchanges, technical support, information about wallets and generally anything that I needed help with. My questions were always answered by another member of the community or Boss himself often within minutes.

The main discussion channel #trades-chat was extremely active and I was learning a lot just joining in the discussions there with other students.

Downloadable Bonuses

It further offers you downloadable bonuses in the form of your very own trading plan template, 26 hours of video content, trading journal template and most importantly a unique way to organize your life.


Boss Crypto offers this course in $99 per month with a 30-day free trial and even better, they also offer a 30-day money back guarantee!

There are success stories inside the website that will convince you to sign up too. But for more unbiased reviews, you can see confirmed customer testimonials online.

So, if you want to improve your trading and looking for guidance and to gain more information about this unpredictable and volatile crypto market, Boss Crypto provides you with all the tools in the form of expert mentorship, portfolio, trades, 24/7 support and a community of like-minded traders.


Overall, I think, Boss Crypto is likeable. Here are some things I found worthy of my appreciation:

  1. The platform gives you a comprehensive guide on cryptocurrency trading so if you are a newbie, this could be your step-by-step guide, starting from zero to the most important lessons.
  2. The private Slack group is surprisingly active, and members can participate in discussions, seek help, and get market insights from the operators of the service
  3. Boss Crypto’s portfolio is public, so members can see its performance and they can also copy it.
  4. There’s a 30-day free trial and they’ll return your money without any question when you tell them you are not satisfied or didn’t learn anything.


There’s very few I can criticize about this cryptocurrency trading course.

  1. Boss Crypto is not transparent about its pricing. You cannot find out the price of Boss Crypto until you start the application process. However, when submitting your application you will see the price.
  2. The price can be a bit expensive for beginners since you still have to invest money for buying cryptocurrency.
  3. The site isn’t that transparent on its rate. You have to sign up for the free trial first before you find out the monthly fee for being a member of the network.

But there are several I can criticize about cryptocurrency trading as a means of making money online.

  1. The crypto market, the price fluctuation is volatile as hell and the markets are 24/7. The price is usually updated within 2 mins on some marketplaces but it is as volatile as 10 seconds on most exchanges. You could be sleeping while the price of a coin moons or falls. It’s the same as stocks in the sense that you can miss opportunities if you’re not available to cash out selling high or even cash in buying cheap.
  2. If you don’t keep a record of your passwords and private keys to your wallets and lose them, you can’t recover your currency. It’s not like the bank where you can bring yourself to a building or send an email to verify your identity and recover your account. It’s best to keep all your passwords offline on paper where it can’t be hacked.
  3. Be careful with investments, there are a lot of lending programs and pump and dump scams that look promising. People have lost live savings through becoming greedy by the idea of quick money. Research the currencies and companies you’re investing into.
  4. It’s easier to get into crypto then it is to get out. You must know how to liquidate your digital currency once you want or need to cash out. Most exchanges are trading platforms between digital currencies, so you’ll need a certain type of exchange that converts Bitcoin to your local fiat. Bitcoin transaction fees are at an all time high and will only get higher.
  5. Digital currency is exactly what it says it is. Not physical or something you can hold in your hand. We need electricity and an internet connection to make these transactions to happen in the first place.

So before you start with cryptocurrency trading, do your research and think many times if it can bring you more benefits than the disadvantages.


As a cryptocurrency trading course, it is pretty much legit! The best thing about Boss Crypto is that it is not giving any guarantee of insane returns rather the platform is providing you the tools with all the information and education to minimize your losses. It helps in taking big risks in order to make big returns through deep insights and smart analysis to perform your own research.

Sure you can make money by investing in cryptocurrency but if you are planning it to be your sole source of income, I’ll have to discourage you.

You can make good money if you know when to buy and when to sell and if you focus full time on it. But like I mentioned in my intro, Bitcoin hit its highest and then suddenly dropped in just a few days and nobody knew that it will go down like that. Now, it remains to be at below $5,000. Everyone who bought their bitcoin at $10000 might forever see negative income since the value of the currency has remained low since 2017.

So if you want a surefire way of making money online, you can join me and thousands of others in affiliate marketing!

It is easy to learn and it requires an investment that won’t break your bank. I have a preferred course you can check out too. Read my Wealthy Affiliate Review and find out if the features and programs seem useful to you.

And once you’re decided to try affiliate marketing, just hit the button below and I’ll show you around Wealthy Affiliate.

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