BuilderAll Digital Marketing Platform: Is It Worth the Cash?

Welcome to another review here at Smart Start Affiliate and today we are going to talk about this popular tool recommended by a lot of digital marketers.

I’ve heard about it years ago when I was starting my new website and I wasn’t with Wealthy Affiliate yet where I get most of the essential tools I need to make money online through affiliate marketing.

Maybe you’ve heard a friend suggesting you use it too to get started with your digital marketing a lot quicker.

What’s it?

It’s called the Builderall!

So let’s get started now and let’s look at what this digital marketing platform can really offer.

builderall is your convenient way to getting on the internet and carrying out all of your marketing plans

If you think digital marketing only requires you to build a website to start making money online, bad news. This is wrong. There are so many tools and services you need to get your site up on the World Wide Web apart from hosting and domain. And it can be time consuming to learn about them all and scout for the best providers.

From SEO to email marketing, PPC, and other marketing funnels, the internet is filled with offers that most of the time you have to do a trial and error experiment just so you can get the right one.

Thankfully, there was someone genius enough who thought of making the lives of marketers easier. Isn’t he the best?

We now have Builderall! It is deemed as the all-in-one, the one-stop-shop, the ultimate platform for all kinds of busy digital marketers. All of the plugins and tools are said to be compressed in this one little platform but the golden question is…”Isn’t it mediocre like any other all-in-one programs that offer only the basics?”

There’s a reason why some people prefer to buy all the tools they need separately. Each brand would focus on developing only one tool so they see to it that they come in different tiers with different offers that suit the needs of every digital marketers. There’s a notion there that individually-bought tools are with higher quality compared to all-in-one programs where you don’t have much options. They are not flexible they say.

Still, there are also those who want to have a convenient life and want to get started on generating income quickly. They’d tell me they can just shift to other tools when they already start growing.

So, do you think Builderall is a good starting platform to score several tools needed to make money online?

Let’s find out in this Builderall Digital Marketing Platform Review!


Summary: BuilderAll is a relatively affordable platform that offers almost all the tools that a digital marketer would need. From building websites to making sales funnels, Builderall always has something to offer so you won’t need to guess what in the internet you should use. They’ve collected it all for you. All you have to do is to sign up and everything will be served right in front of you.

Product Name: BuilderAll
Founder: Erick Salgado
Product Type: Digital Marketing Tools/Platform
Price: $29.90/month(Essential); $69.90/month(Premium)
Rating: 80/100

a growing number of marketers are using builderall for their website and marketing needs

Recommendation: I recommend BuilderAll  to newbie marketers who don’t have much knowledge on putting up a website and starting marketing campaigns. There are tons of useful tools here and the price is pretty decent for starters.


The name speaks for itself. Builderall is a suite of tools that any web builder and digital marketer needs. I was browsing through their site to look at what they have to offer. And was I surprised to see a very long list of tools there. It isn’t actually complete but it almost is and I see why people, most especially those who are just starting on digital marketing, are coming here to get tools.

You no longer need to scan through the WWW to find the tools you need. Usually, when we are clueless of something that we are about to start, we do a thorough research, find tutorials on Youtube and if we still don’t get it, we find courses to have  full guidance on the steps we should make and the tools we should buy. With BuilderAll, you don’t have to go through that phase. They give you everything you need to start – well except for domain. They have subdomains but you’ll need a main domain you need to score outside the platform.

Anyway, you’ll get here landing pages, analytics, sales pages, heat maps, autoresponders, and a lot more which when you buy individually outside will cost you $1000 the least. Builderall’s lowest plan starts at $29.90 and it’s already full of features so imagine how much you saved.

By the way, BuilderAll is now 8 years old. It was created by the entrepreneur Erick Salgado. Since founded, the platform already gone through 3 editions – the latest is the BuilderAll 3.0 implemented in July 2019 – and has managed to support 40,000 digital marketers.

builderall is used by 40,000 marketers and was already able to generate millions of leads for them

Look at that. 50 million leads generated in 8 years for this 40,000 marketers. It just goes to prove that it has been an effective aid for them.

Now, Builderall has tons of offering and it can get a bit confusing. But overall, it has three main products namely:

  • Canvas Funnel Builder – this helps marketers to create and map out sales by simply dragging and dropping elements.
  • Pixel Perfect Builder is one of my favorite tools. Pixel is a way for marketers to create landing pages and websites without scripting and code! How wonderful for people who hate the backend of websites.
  • Mailing Boss is an email autoresponder service which comes very handy when you are already down with so many leads you need to interact with.

And these are just some of the many other tools in the platform. There are 27 more in there which you can leverage in your campaigns.


Yes. Let’s dive right in to the pricing before we look at what you can get out of these rates.

Builderall currently has 2 plan options

Currently, Builderall only has 2 plans so it wouldn’t be too hard for you to choose.

Essential Plan

The Essential Plan is BuilderAll’s basic plan. This package will be great for startups and small-medium scale online businesses. It has all the basic things you need to get your website up on search engines and start making money.

The best part about this plan is the ability to connect to up to 15 domains. It also comes with unli sub-domains which are more than enough for a startup.

There are free SSL certificates too, email auto-responder, shopping cart checkout and it also lets you build your own affiliate system.

The Premium Plan

The Premium Plan comes with more features, having all 29 tools to leverage for your growing business. This is great for affiliate marketers too, marketing agencies, as well as web designers.

Some of the tools that comes with this Premium Plan include SMS and WhatsApp Messaging, Unlimited pages and subdomains, Bandwidth and unlimited visitors, SSL certificates, Ticketing Support System, DDOS Attack Prevention, Drag and Drop Site Builder, eCommerce Magento Installation, Professional Email Marketing and a lot more.

BuilderAll offers Free 7 Day Trial and you’ll get instant access without giving out your credit card details.

BuilderAll digital marketing platform has so many things to offer but here are some of the most useful tools you can leverage for your marketing success:

1. Drag and Drop Site Builder

Sometimes, it gets so difficult to build a website that even developers and designers sometimes have a hard time finishing just one site. How much more when you are a beginner? BuilderAll has a Drag and Drop feature that allows you to build professional-looking website a lot easier.

This tool can also help you create your online store, sales page, landing page, marketing pages, and a lot more that you need in your marketing. But that’s not all, you can create infographics with this tool too as well as social media covers, blog banners and advertising graphics.

2. Responsive Page

Search engines favor responsive pages. If your site is down, it will hurt your SEO ranking. This tool allows you to manage your web pages quickly so you can rank higher when it’s optimized properly.

3. The Floating Video

Floating videos can be advantageous when you have something important you want to relay to your visitors through your video but they want to keep scrolling to read through details on your website. This tool does that easily for you without having to create all those codes.

4. Presentations Builder

If you ‘re looking for a program like Power Point but you want something more than just the basic tools. BuilderAll’s Presentations Builder lets you create professional slideshow presentations you can use for your marketing.

5. Animated Video Tool

Looking to make your website, pages, and campaigns more appealing? An animated video could be a great way to do attract more people. this tool lets you create fully animated videos. But that’s not all that you can do. You can also create GIFs and add text, sound and other effects.

6. Design Studio

The Design Studio lets you be creative on adding photos or videos on a mobile screen, picture frame, TV screen, and any other area. You can also specify where in the screen your video or image will appear.

7. App Creator

Obviously, this tool is for creating, editing and publishing mobile apps for free. This will be a great way to make money or build an app you can use on your own website for free. This is helpful for booking sites like travel agencies, car hires, or taxi services.

8. MailingBoss

This tool lets you create an autoresponder for your email marketing campaigns. It is also a way for you to automatically add new contacts to your list from your lead capture.

9. On Page SEO Tool

It would be nice to be updated of your SEO performance so you know how to strategize to rank higher on search engines. This tool is what you need for that. It examines your website SEO, gives you you score, as well as suggestions on how to improve your SEO performance. All of these important data are given to you when you enter your target keyword.

10. Script Generator

Don’t have much talent on creating email content or script for your webinar, videos, or cold calls? This tool, Script Generator, can do all the work for you. It also helps you build your avatar and engage more with your customers.

11. Canvas Funnel Builder

The new BuilderAll 3.0 features some new tools including the Canvas Funnel Builder. It is used to map out an entire sales funnel without having to buy infographics or charting software and inputting data manually. This will easily do the task by linking the pages you need together.

You can either start with the pre-made templates or create a funnel from scratch. And in just a click on a button, BuilderAll will set it up for you. Later, you can edit the data in the Pixel Perfect Builder.

12. eCommerce

It entered the ecommerce platform game too. BuilderAll can now be used to set up your online store like how you use Shopify and WooCommerce to setup your ecommerce site.

This new tool is a result of BuilderAll’s partnership with Magento, an open-source cart platform.

When you build an online store using BuilderAll, it will ask you to set your own domain of if you have none, then you can just settle with the free subdomain that it offers. Here, you can edit your store’s theme just like any other platforms. It also has the basic features you need to operate an online store.

There’s so much more that you can use on BuilderAll. All of them were designed to bring out the full potential of your website on making money.  You have the option to launch your own affiliate program, the chance to be a publisher and grow your authority, and create websites, webinars, and funnels which you can sell later.


There’s no limitation on who can use Builderall. Looking at its features, anyone who wants to go online from those who want to make money or even those who plan for non-profit sites can use BuilderAll. But here are the advantages to these different internet goers who want to make a presence online:

  • Newbies – BuilderAll is easy to use and its Drag and Drop nature lets you create a good-looking website without even having to learn design and coding. First time digital marketers don’t even need to go through trainings to learn how to make sales funnels or landing pages. Everything is just one click away in this platform.
  • Affiliate Marketers – BuilderAll can be helpful in creating landing pages. I have my preferred web builder called Site Rubix by Wealthy Affiliate which is what I used to build this site. Its affiliate program, however, can be a good program to join to as BuilderAll is a credible product to promote.
  • Web Developers – BuilderAll’s web products look professional even if its price isn’t on the top class level. And that’s the advantage for you. When you can offer your services for a lower price than your competitors, there’s a higher chance that people will choose you over the others.
  • Entrepreneurs – Anyone who has a product to sell should go online. That’s the trend today and will still be the trend in the coming years. BuilderAll is a program you can use to create a good and functional online shop.
  • App Developer – BuilderAll makes app development a lot easier. This also saves you money fom having to buy an app or hire a developer to make you one, most especially when you need a booking system on your website.
  • Email Marketers – Email services can be very expensive when you buy it separately from other marketing tools. If you need to make an email list and send out a newsletter or promo to hundreds of your contacts, BuilderAll already comes with a tool to perform these tasks.


THE Pros

  • Everything you need in digital marketing is placed together in one platform.
  • Hosting which is very expensive is included in the packages.
  • The drag and drop tool for creating landing pages, sales funnel, and website is a great feature and is helpful to those who aren’t well versed in creating such marketing pages.
  • The email marketing tool is complete with automation and tagging.
  • Offers a tool to easily create a webinar which is another way for you to attract customers. Later, you can sell courses too using this webinar tool.
  • There are tons of apps to help you manage and enhance the performance of your website.
  • Reporting and tracking tools
  • The price is so affordable given that it has a lot of useful tools inside the platform.

The Cons

  • The apps can’t compete with mainstream competitors.
  • Free trial period is so short.
  • No live chat support to get quick response for urgent queries.


BuilderAll is relatively affordable. Compared to its competitors, it is certainly on the lowest priced platforms. But don’t worry that you’ll get mediocre apps and tools. Testing the tools, they are adept and will do for your basic needs to get you started on making money online.

I like that it included apps for social media marketing too as it is becoming a hit with billions of people visiting Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter everyday.

So is it worth your money?

I’ll have to say yes.

For newbies this can be one of the best platforms you can invest on. But if you want to focus more on just one marketing funnel as you start, then may I recommend my #1 preferred program called Wealthy Affiliate. It isn’t a platform where you get tools to get you on the World Wide Web but it does have a site builder which is the number one requirement on marketing online. Wealthy Affiliate is more of a training program for those who are interested to learn about affiliate marketing which is a proven way to make money online.

If you want to know more about this program, you will find out more on my Wealthy Affiliate Review. Check it out and if you think it’s interesting, then hit on the Join Me button below!

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