Doterra MLM – Can You Make Money With Essential Oils?

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Today, we’re going to find out about this MLM product that’s sold by over 300 million people globally! How much commission can you make? Can you really make it your primary source of income? Let’s find out!

doTerra mlm opportunity

So many people get easily tricked to join MLMs because of their attractive commission and bonus schemes. Some even promises to pay 4-5 figures when you collected so many downlines under your account. Well, this could be possible when you are among the first 100 members of that network but how about those at the bottom? Do they really ever make a good sum of money online in MLM?

I’m really not a fan of MLM and my logic tells me I’ll need a couple of years before I can earn a decent income by recruiting and selling.

It can rather be a sideline if you really want to pursue a career on MLM, but making it a full time business is something you should think over again. Besides, who buys essential oil every day?

This is unlike my number 1 recommended make money online method where you can market various products so you can get better chances of earning higher commissions. Plus you can choose the best niche to work on which you think is in the trend.

Going back, we’ll discuss in this review what doTerra is, how much it’s worth to make money with them, how much do you earn, and how they work.

Without further ado, here’s my “Doterra MLM Review: Can You Make Money By Selling Essential Oils?


Summary: doTerra is a network marketing program that focuses on selling therapeutic essential oils. Like many other MLM, you earn at doTerra by recruiting people and selling essential oils.

Product Name: doTERRA
Founder: David Stirling, Emily Wright, David Hill, Corey B. Lindley, Gregory P. Cook, Robert J. Young, and Mark A. Wolfert.
Product Type: MLM company based on Essential Oils
Price: Membership at $35 and renewal is $25
Rating: 65/100


Recommendation: doTerra is a legit MLM company with legit products and legit bonus and commission schemes. However, I can’t recommend this to make huge money online. The competition is tight on MLM and you get to sell online one line of products. There’s no flexibility. So you might want to try something else that will help you make more profit like my #1 recommended program.


doTerra in Latin means “gift of the Earth,” which explains why it was named such. It markets essential oils that are made from different natural ingredients like Peppermint, Cedar, Juniper, Frankincense, Lemon, and so much more.

These are the doTERRA ranks you need to climb to

Like I mentioned in the Summary section, doTERRA is another multilevel marketing company founded by several successful marketers who are enjoying all the benefits of network marketing. They get millions per month, thanks to their diligent downlines who may not be aware that they are as good as employed because they work for a boss – their upline. The difference is, when you are employed, you get a salary regularly, but with MLM, you only get an income when you make a sale.

Now, how difficult can that be?

Surely you’ve seen people in MLMs boasting about buying a new, shiny sports car or getting a pay check that has 6 zeroes in it or going on a travel abroad every month. Of course, there are people in doTerra who can afford all these luxuries and they are those at the upline. If you are somewhere down the 500th level or 1000th level of the pyramid, then sorry because you might need to recruit everyone else in the world before you can own those things too.

doTerra is a younger MLM company, established in 2008. It has grown so much that they already have over 3 million wellness advocates (distributors). In gauging legitimacy, this is a good number but when it comes to competition, this is a bad indicator.

doterra now has more than 300 million members

There are benefits of joining, though. If you are healthy conscious and you believe in the power of essential oils, then becoming  a member will get you discounts on your purchase. If you are coming from work and you see that your budget isn’t enough for the week, then sell your products and get a profit instantly. If you are running a spa, then there’s more for you because apart from getting a discount on your oil purchase for your business, you can also offer to sell them to your customers. And if you’re lucky, who knows, you can recruit them too.

What I saw that got me impressed with their products is the fact that they have their own farm where they grow their own ingredients. They process them on their own too so they can monitor the quality of their manufacturing. These are probably the reasons why many people prefer using doTerra over the other brands that are more affordable.

The Products of doTerra fall on 3 different categories:

  • Personal Care line including plant extracts and essential oils
  • Supplements using vegetable, fruit and essential oils mixed in
  • Weight Management including shakes and bars

A lot of doTerra users claim that the products are effective. But of course, a product’s potency always depend on the user – how they use it, their health condition, metabolism, etc.


Essential oils have been used since the ancient times by the Egyptians. Oils were extensively used in the embalming process, as well as in cosmetic and medicinal purposes.

These days, oils are used for so many reasons. Spas use essential oils for massaging and relaxing customers. At home, moms would use their essential oil kit to relieve nausea, headache, colds, cough, reduce anxiety, fragrance the room, help the family sleep better, and so much more.

While our medical world is advancing, it seems like people are appreciating traditional methods more and more. People are just too enthusiastic about the use of essential oils these days.

I already mentioned about the 2 ways of making money in doTerra. The first one, obviously, is by selling their products. The other way is to recruit people and build your own team of downlines. While building a team is a much tedious task, you get more money through bonuses than make commissions.

Selling doTerra Essential Oils

Is it easy to sell essential oils?

Previously, it was estimated that the essential oil industry will grow to $11.67 Billion by 2022. This means more people are most likely to buy essential oils in the next 3 years. If you are to become an advocate, then there is a great chance for you to make hefty cash. But ready your sales skills because it’s going to be tough. There are hundred millions to compete with in doTerra alone. But how about the other MLM companies and small businesses?

The essential oil kits cost between $150 and $2500. They are more expensive than its competitors’ Onepure and Plant Therapy. But the credibility of doTerra helps a lot to attract loyal customers.

doTerra essential oils pricing

When selling doTerra essential oils, you get plenty of help. You won’t be let alone so don’t worry about not making a dollar in a month. You have a lot of selling materials you can use like brochures, flyers, forms, images, and videos. Consider setting up your own eCommerce too where sales can come in. You might be aware already; selling online can be very effective when done right. Take advantage of social media, Google ads, SEO, and other techniques used in digital marketing.

To be a member and start selling, you’ll only need $35 dollars for 12 months. It has an annual renewal fee, though, of $25.

When already an advocate, you’ll get 25% discount from your purchase of the products ordered and that will serve as your profit.

Making Commissions in doTerra

doTerra follows a unilevel of networking. This means that you and the people you recruit must work together to achieve your quota for you to commission.

To qualify for bonus and commission, you have to meet your monthly PV (Personal Volume) where the minimum is 50 in a month. This qualifies you to become a first rank where you can earn 2% from your first line.

To go higher in rank, you need 100PV or more. At level 2, you now get to earn 3% from your first line, and so on. You can refer to the table below for further commission percentage for every rank:

doTerra commissions

Now another way to earn huge bonus is the Fast Start. Like the bonus title suggests, you need to recruit several people in your first 60 days and make them generate sales within that period. In return, you get 5-20 percent commission on every sale they make. This will be paid to you weekly.

Another one is the Power of 3. In recruiting, you can only place 3 people below you. These 3 people will then need to fill up 3 places each making you now a team of 12 people. Then again, they recruit 3 people each. At level 1, you can make as much as $50 commission. At level 2, you can make $250. At level 3, you’ll make $1500, and so on. But always remember, to get the commission, you need to meet the required PV for your level.

But is it easy to recruit people?

Yes, it can be easy since many are hoping to leave their jobs and find other means of making more money. Since MLM is very popular, many people would risk trying it.

However, not all of them can earn money. Less than half of the total members of any MLM company don’t make much money. And I already told you the reason why.

There are millions of people you need to compete with when selling, and you need to recruit so many people before you can earn the equivalent of your salary. So if you are able to recruit some people, don’t expect them to dedicate their whole day. Or if they do, don’t expect them to last a year doing the business with you. They’d go bankrupt before they can see some big commission coming in.

Let me repeat again, essential oil is not something you can sell every day.



  • doTerra has its own farm where it gets its ingredients from so you can be sure that the essential oils are with premium quality, making it easy for you to market them.
  • Although it sells mostly essential oils only, they made a huge variety of the oils and packages, giving you options on what to offer to your customers.
  • They have plenty of materials you can use in selling.
  • Millions of people are selling doTerra products which could probably mean that their oils sell good to customers.
  • Mentioning doTerra comes with huge credibility so people don’t get second thoughts and buy.


  • MLM is not good business for those at the bottom of the pyramid.
  • Some of the kits are too expensive.
  • Recruiting can be difficult with 300,000,000 members already in doTerra, who else is there to recruit?


Like I mentioned, the essential oil industry is yet to grow and is estimated to cost billions in the coming years. doTerra, being an established business, can be a good place to pursue this kind of business. Take into consideration, though, all the challenges I mentioned.

If you are a sales expert, then you can go ahead and try your luck. But if you are just starting on sales just so you can escape employment, then you might want to back out.

While there are many success stories online, there are failures hidden from the public. Of course, who would want to publish the embarrassment of losing thousands of dollars and a job just to pursue networking?

If you wish to earn on commissions, I have a better suggestion. That is doing affiliate marketing.

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