Ebay Partner Affiliate Review 2019: Can It Compare To Amazon Affiliate?

Welcome to my eBay Partner Affiliate Network Review!

Previously, I looked into other affiliate networks like Clickbank, CJ Affiliate, ShareASale, and Amazon Associates to discuss their pros and cons, how they work, and how much commission they give so we can figure out if it’s worth it to join in these networks and who are they for.

Today, we’ll look into another network that you have probably already heard about too. We’ll discuss about eBay Partner Affiliate.

making money with ebay partner affiliate

Welcome to my Smart Start Affiliate blogs! I am Weliton and I am an affiliate marketer for 14 years now. The popularity of affiliate marketing is rapidly growing that even millenials are already starting to find value in this method of making money online. So I am here to help you start your venture too by sharing to you the best courses, tools, programs and networks to help you make your first 4-figure commission.

Today, we’ll look at another affiliate network called eBay Partner Affiliate.

If you are looking for an affiliate marketing network to get quality products to advertise on your blog, this network is something you’d want to consider too. eBay is a multi-billion dollar online auction and shopping website that sells a wide variety of goods worldwide. It offers an extensive range of tools that can boost your campaigns, like interactive ads, a handy link generator, customizable banners, RSS feed generator, access to their API for users who are more technically proficient, and more!

We will discuss all these in this eBay Partner Affiliate Network Review 2019!


Summary: eBay Partner Affiliate Network, like Amazon Associates is a good place to start your affiliate venture. There are a lot of credible retailers in its marketplace and it gives out high commission rate like Clickbank. With high commission offer and high conversion, could this be better than Amazon?

Product Name: eBay Partner Affiliate
Founder: eBay
Product Type: affiliate marketing network
Price: Free sign up
Rating: 85/100
Best For: Newbie affiliate marketers who want to promote quality products to gain the trust of their readers.

Recommendation: I recommend using eBay Partner Associates to affiliates with already established website and are looking for a legit program to join to and where they can be sure to make money by promoting high quality products.


The eBay affiliate program, eBay Partner Network (EPN), is one of the first programs many new bloggers and affiliates learn about it. Anyone with an eBay account in good standing can join the program. The program is self-hosted and uses proprietary affiliate tracking software.

Just like Amazon, eBay offers a large range of products depending on what the world is selling at the moment. Most commonly items sold would include things like clothing, electronics, and other home furnishings/appliances, but the list is limitless. Items can be new or used, and in varying types of condition. Here are the most common high level category of products sold on eBay:

  • Fashion
  • Electronics
  • Collectibles and Art
  • Toys
  • Home and Garden
  • Sporting Goods
  • Motor Goods and Vehicle Accessories
  • Music
  • Gift Cards

Partners earn between 50% and 70% of eBay revenue. The percentage you make depends on the category of items you promote, and some, like Parts & Accessories and Fashion (70%), yield a higher rate than, say, Electronics (50%). Check out our Global Rate Card for more details.

Affiliates can get additional bonuses equal to 100 percent (1x) of their base earnings when qualifying transactions are made by new buyers or reactivated buyers who have not purchased from eBay in the prior 12 months.

eBay’s payout threshold is low. EPN pays commissions once a month for accounts that have earned more than ten units of their home currency, for example, ten dollars in the United States.

And the best news for every affiliate, apart from direct bank deposit, eBay pays via Paypal too!

ebay partner affiliate rate cardCommission Rate

eBay is one of the largest online auction and marketplaces, with over 120 million active users worldwide. In 2012, individual buyers, sellers, and businesses sold over a staggering $75 billion worth of goods on eBay. With these statistics, plus the fact that eBay is a well known and trusted brand all over the world, joining their affiliate marketing network is definitely a no-brainer. Not only do you get access to thousands upon thousands of product listings from various categories, you also benefit from the instant name recognition and trust that the eBay brand brings with it.


Whatever audience your website is targeting, eBay Partner Affiliate Network provides you with a host of incredibly useful tools that can help you enhance your campaigns.

To begin with, the Creatives Generator provides you with a variety of pre-made, colorful graphic and interactive ads to choose from. These are designed to appeal to a wide audience so you can easily attract even more visitors to eBay product pages from your site.

In addition, this affiliate marketing network also gives you the ability to add customizable banners. These flash banners give you relevant, real-time eBay listings based on your search criteria to your website, and you can choose from the provided designs or you can make your own.

You can also filter the search results based on keyword, category, seller, and more. The Link Generator, meanwhile, allows you to create trackable links to any of eBay Partner Affiliate Network’s program pages. Easy and fast to set up, you can integrate links to any web page or application without much hassle.

Moreover, these are geo-targeted so whenever a visitor clicks on an ad, they will get redirected to their local eBay site, which should definitely help if your blog has a lot of visitors coming in from different parts of the globe. You can also take advantage of trackable RSS feeds in order to keep your visitors in the loop by providing dynamic, live eBay listings information based on your search criteria. You can also choose which elements to show, and use CSS in order to customize the style to your liking.

For those who are running a high volume website, eBay Partner Affiliate Network’s Product Feeds feature allow you to download huge amounts of eBay listing data so you can load it directly to your own database. This feature is great for shopping comparison sites, deals sites, large portals, and more. Finally, for more advanced users, eBay Partner Affiliate Network gives you access to their API and leverage their platform so you can develop applications that tap into eBay’s vast marketplace.


There is so much potential to make money with eBay. It’s not a matter of can. It’s a matter of how.

Like I always mention, a good content is your best tool to earn in this kind of MMO business. Your content will be your way to make sales. You have to appeal to your readers. You have to be convincing. So focus on creating quality blogs to start gaining traffic.

A website with all affiliate links and no information to back them up will go nowhere. As an eBay affiliate, there are an infinite number of things you can promote, plus there are other affiliate programs out there too. Website monetization is not rocket science.

Let’s now look at the different ways on how you can advertise the products of eBay:

Link Generator

The link generator tool is extremely useful for most of your needs in terms of directing customers to specific places. In the link generator tool you can direct customer to the eBay home page, or you can enter search results like “iPhone X” or any other text search. You can also direct them to a specific item or a seller’s store. You can then use these links in your website articles or on social media.

The link generator will be your most useful tool in eBay and is extremely easy to use. Once you’ve entered what you need in the options, hit the generate link button and the text will be available to you in either URL, HTML, or Java Script.
Creative Banners: eBay has banners for each of their high level categories ready to go. They come in many different dimensions so you can fit them in all the different sidebars and banner sections of your site. These work really great basic advertisements on your site if you don’t have a specific item to sell. These banners are best for general advertising when it relates to your niche topic.

Custom Banners

You can also create custom banners which you can specify the text, photos, colors, and insert background search criteria that when a customer clicks it, an eBay results page will appear. The custom banners are quite complex to create and require a lot of work, but having banners that match the theme of your website can increase conversions.

Promotions and Sales

eBay also make it really easy to advertise different promotions and sales. You can choose to show generic sale items, or you can make it more specific to what your niche is. It can also be customized to “today’s” deals, or “weekly” deals, etc.

Working with eBay Partner Affiliate program is really easy and they’ve built tools that allow you to quickly start advertising products that your website visitors will love! Another great thing about eBay is that there are zero charges. So whether you generate thousands of dollars in sales or zero dollars, they won’t kick you out


Making money online through eBay Partner Affiliate Network is like any other networks I already reviewed.

Signing up is free. Leave your details, submit your application and wait for eBay to approve it. It usually takes a few days to get approved. If you haven’t heard after 7-10 days, then it’s time to contact eBay to find out where you fell short so you can work on it and have a higher chance when you reapply.

Once approved, you can now create your content and post it on your website.

Here are some of my tips when creating your content for eBay:

1. Find a product that you think appeals to most people at the moment

Research on what people like at the moment and create your content around it.

eBay has 1.2 billion listings, so you can offer your audience links to the things they love in fashion, electronics, collectibles, home goods and more. Some of the biggest and best brands are being sold in this site so you’ll find amazing brands and sellers on eBay offering a wide array of products.

2. Share them on Social Media!

I mentioned this on my ShareASale review. Most shoppers today already go to social media for recommendations. You probably know by now too how influential social media is when it comes to shoppers’ decision making.

Most people, when they buy items, they take a snap and post them on social media with their thoughts on the products. You can find a lot of these on mommy groups on Facebook. These are the best places to target when sharing your content.

Share them on Pinterest and Twitter too and don’t forget Instagram if you are promoting physical products!

3. Get the powerful tools you need.

eBay has a variety of listing tools, from simple link generators that let you add a few choice items to your site to high-volume product feeds that open up your audience to a wealth of relevant products. Explore the tools and know what’s working for you.

You’ll get insights from easy-to-understand reports and analytics geared toward measuring and improving performance.

Once you mastered these, it’s time to get paid!

It feels good to share great eBay items. It feels even better to get paid when they sell.

You’ll earn a percentage of eBay’s revenue whenever you send someone to eBay and they make a purchase within 24-hours even if auctions take up to 10 days to end.

Partners earn between 50% – 70% of eBay revenue. The percentage you earn depends on the category of item purchased – such as electronics or fashion. You can earn additional cash for shoppers who haven’t made a purchase on eBay in the past 12 months.

When do you get paid?

Getting paid is easy and straightforward with EPN. You’ll be paid every month if you have reached the minimum needed for payment ($10). Note: if you are paid via Direct Deposit, it may take your bank a few days to fund your account.

How do you get paid?

eBay tracks purchases and post your earnings the day after the sale occurred. You can view your earnings per click (EPC) on your dashboard.


Many quality products to promote

The biggest advantage the eBay Partner Affiliate Network has over some of the other affiliate marketing networks is the fact that they are part of one of the largest online auction and shopping websites on the planet. This means that, if you join their affiliate and partners program, you have access to thousands upon thousands of product listings from a wide range of categories, which you can advertise on your blog and make money from. Whether your website or blog is about collectibles, décor, appliances, apparel, TVs, audio systems, equipment, or even video games, you can be sure that you will find the right products to plug in to your blog.

Fast Payouts and PAYPAL option

You will absolutely love the fact that eBay Partner Affiliate Network has fast and pretty consistent payments. All payments are processed on the 22ndof each month and they are usually on track, except for holidays where payments will be processed on the next business day. Another plus is that they have PayPal support, which even some of the more popular affiliate marketing networks do not have.

Low Payment Threshold

Another great thing about the eBay Partner Affiliate Network is the fact that they have a pretty low payment threshold. While some of the more popular affiliate marketing networks have payment thresholds that go up to $50, this particular network’s threshold is only $25. What this means is that when you reach or go over your threshold, your commissions become eligible to be sent out to you. So, the lower the threshold, the faster you will be able to reach them and get paid.


Quite Difficult to be Approved

One of the drawbacks regarding this affiliate marketing network is the fact that, compared to other similar networks, it is quite difficult to be approved for the program. This is especially true for those whose websites have yet to take of, or are still starting to take off. This is due to the fact that your website must have sufficient traffic composed of “quality” visitors, and if your website has low traffic volume, you will most likely get rejected.

Does not Have Flat Commission Rates

This is probably debatable, since it can also be a positive in certain circumstances, but it still should be noted that the fact that eBay Partner Network does not have flat commission rates can work against your favor. Basically, what eBay does is it throws the earnings in a pot and divvies it up among affiliates based on the volume of traffic and the quality of the traffic you send their way. In addition, they also have different commission percentages depending on where you live in.


Joining an affiliate program can be a rewarding experience. But it is relatively challenging, as well. Success will not come without a fight, and you have to tackle any obstacle that comes along the way. The first challenge that you will have to deal with is in choosing what affiliate program to join in. There are plenty, and two of the most famous affiliate programs are Amazon and Ebay.

Which of these two programs will you choose?

Of course, you also have a choice to promote both. However, to increase your chances of success it is best to focus your marketing efforts on only one affiliate program first. Once you are successful, perhaps that’s the time you can promote the other program.

There is no better program between the two. Each has its own advantages and shortcomings. It also depends on your current situation, as well as your own personal preferences and expertise. For some, the ideal affiliate program is eBay, while others prefer Amazon. In order to find out which program fits well at your end, it is best to identify the pros and cons of the affiliate programs of eBay and Amazon.

I just listed the pros and cons of eBay Partners above. You can find the pros and cons of Amazon Associates on my Amazon Affiliate Program Review 2019.

Honestly, when it comes to sales conversion, Amazon is still the winner but eBay isn’t far from Amazon’s reputation. A big advantage of eBay over Amazon is its higher commission rate.

If you already got the gist of affiliate marketing, you can probably take advantage of both programs.

eBay or Amazon, either of these two, you have a high chance of making money online through these programs.

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