Fast Profits Online Review – Is it a Scam In Disguise?

Many people are hoping to escape the hard world of employment so they check online what else they can do to finally achieve financial freedom.

Unfortunately, nowadays many programs are just a scam in disguise.

There are a lot of ways on how to make money online. You can sell online, you can promote online, you can trade online, and there are some other tempting offers that promises huge income. If you are not careful, you might end up being scammed.

And we will discuss one shady platform that’s growing in popularity online. So be cautious before you fall into a trap.

Let’s discuss the Fast Profits Online training course today.


Hi! I am Weliton and I am an affiliate marketer. For 14 years, affiliate marketing has been the source of more than 50% of my monthly income and I tell you, if you learn the techniques of creating good content and patience to promote, you’ll also have the high possibility of earning multi-figure profit like I do.

But we’re not going to talk about affiliate marketing today.

Instead, we’ll talk about this fast-growing in fame training course that claims to morph you into a 4-figure per day earner. We’ll bravely uncover all the facts about Fast Profits Online in this Honest Fast Profits Online Review!


Summary: Fast Profits Online is a program that offers training courses which the founder said will help you mke $1,700 PER DAY with MINIMUM EFFORT. Its founder says this is possible with their secret system that revolves around dropshipping.

Product Name: Fast Profits Online
Founder: Michael Carson
Product Type: training course/dropshipping
Price: $37 + upsells
Rating: 30/100
Best For: Beginner online entrepreneurs.


Recommendation: The promises of Fast Profit Online are very ideal that they already look like scams. Although dropshipping is a legit business, the promise of making a newbie online entrepreneur a 4-figure per day earner is quite far-fetched.


To give you the most honest and unbiased review of this so-called Fast Profits Online, I spent days to read what everyone has to say about it. And in my research there are more of those who claim it to be a scam over those who say it’s legit.

In my honest opinion, Fast Profits Online is being misunderstood. People view it in 2 forms – a training course and a make-money-online program. If I look at it as the latter, I’d also say it is a scam. But if you look at it as a training course, then yes it is legit. As crazy as it sounds, Fast Profits Online is both legit and a scam.

Let’s first look at how Fast Profits Online can be legit.


The main product is a training course in PDF  and video forms you can buy from Clickbank. The courses discuss strategies on how you can create a ‘profitable’ eCommerce business that focuses on dropshipping.

You probably already know what eCommerce is. It is the buying and selling of items or services online. Examples of these are Amazon and eBay.

Meanwhile dropshipping is also a legit business and like I mentioned, this is the focus niche of what Fast Profits Online is promoting.

If you haven’t heard about it before, it is a type of business model where you sell products using an online store through platforms like Shopify or WordPress, but you’re not keeping any physical stock of your products. When someone places an order on your store, your partner who is also a wholesaler will fulfill the order on your behalf. This basically saves you from losses when you buy stocks but no one ever buys them.

The downside to this kind of business is that it might take long to fulfill the orders or as the seller, you don’t have a solid evidence whether the items really exist and are of high quality or whether they are already shipped or not.

Anyhow, it is a legit business model that is being used by accomplished business owners and over the years, several people did earn a decent amount of money by way of dropshipping.

However, it took them time, effort and some proper training to achieve the level of success they are enjoying now. This is where Fast Profits Online promotes its secret systems that can allegedly magically generate money for you online.

So, to be fair. Fast Profits Online delivers their product but their promises create doubts among people, most especially those who are already longtime digital marketers and online entrepreneurs.


Who wouldn’t consider it a scam? Have you seen its website? It is very plain and it lacks information about the product or the program, like it is hiding something. In short, it is shady.

fast profit online home page

Looking at the reputable publishers it boasts on its front page, I tried to look for features from these sites about Fast Profits Online, and unfortunately, I found none.

Another claim I read online is that founder Michael Carson isn’t a real person. And so I did an image search, and indeed, these people weren’t lying. Michael Carson is just a representation of the real founder. But why doesn’t he want to reveal himself?

Another thing is that in a video, Carson says he doesn’t believe in affiliate marketing as it requires a lot of efforts, according to him. But when you look at the bottom of his website, you’ll see that he has an affiliate program for Fast Profits Online.

fast pofit online affiliate marketingAll these questions are immediate red flags.

If you think the website isn’t giving you enough information or if it is not being transparent, then you have to think twice too before you invest any money. Although it is asking an initial payment of only $1, if you think the site is suspicious, then do thorough research or do not invest anything at all.

Going back, the creator of this program, says they have tricks to make the process of creating an online store as fast as the passing breeze. All thanks to their supposed “secret system” that can make the whole process simpler.

It’s not like building an ecommerce store is overly difficult, but doing it in just an hour, like Michael claims in his video, I think isn’t ever possible. Even when I use my recommended website developer by Wealthy Affiliates, I can’t finish creating the whole website that fast.

Now let’s go into the other details of what’s happening during and after the course.


Founded just last November 2018, Fast Profits Online managed to catch the attention of many people who want to make money online. First, it’s tagline “THIS WEIRD TRICK REVEALS HOW TO EARN UP TO $1700 EVERY DAY” is very tempting, most especially to those who are just starting to know the world of online businesses.

Carson says he’s been featured on the likes of Forbes and Entrepreneur because his foolproof MMO system has helped so many people. But like I mentioned, I found no features regarding him because he isn’t a real person. Overall, his list of achievements are all hoax.

But like I mentioned, yes, he delivers the courses.


Let’s find out the answer.


Fast Profits Online may be a training course but in reality, it teaches people a system it says it created that is centered around ECommerce.

Carson denounces all other forms of making money online, including affiliate marketing which I already mentioned earlier. So it is very ironic for him to use affiliate marketing to promote his product.

I am not against eCommerce. In fact, I promote products from ecommerce sites like Amazon. It goes hand in hand in the world of making money online.

So like I discussed earlier, Fast Profits Online encourages you to buy its training course where you will be given 3 modules. These modules include:

1. Fast Profits – The Ecommerce Formula – this covers the basics of ecommerce including the benefits of this particular MMO system, how ecommece works online and offline, how to set up and design your ecommerce store, how to use pricing strategies to increase your sales, and how to market your store. Here, you will be given materials like a “cheat-sheet” on ecommerce and valuable resources like where to sell or where to find products.

2. Fast Profits Platinum – explains how to make a more profitable Shopify store. This course covers what products to sell, evaluating competition, studying the market, identifying your customers, becoming a niche expert, setting up your Shopify store and marketing you store.

3. Leverage Profits Trick Course – This course discusses everything about dropshipping including the advantages, crucial tips, ideal customers, perfect products, growing your audience, etc.Fast Profits Online course overview

But the courses are not all. You will be more surprised on the hidden charges and the additional fees you need to pay for when you follow the program designed by Michael Carson.

If you think that it only costs $1, then you are wrong!


Don’t be fooled by the $1 upfront fee so you can gain access to the courses. Even Udemy won’t sell a course this cheap. But I can’t blame you because it clearly says on the home page that you only need $1 to sign up to the courses.

When you reach the payments page, you will see near the bottom of the invoice that you will be charged $37, 7 days after registration.

And the fees don’t end there. When you set up your Shopify through Michael’s course, you will have to pay more!

So basically, when you avail Michael’s course and setup your eCommerce through his shopify link (see he is also acting as an affiliate here) then you need at least $386 and $3626 at most. This is already very pricey for newbies who are just starting their online venture.

So the ugly truth is…

More than you, Michael Carson is making the most money from selling courses and being an affiliate of Shopify.

It isn’t a scam but the whole Fast Profits Online program is, more likely than not, a trick to lure you to his product and his affiliate links.


Apart from the fake owner and hidden charges, here are a lot more red flags that are very obvious on the Fast Profits Online website. These include::

  • Misleading logos. Fast Profits has no connection with companies or websites like Entrepreneur, Forbes or Fast Company. They show the logos to make this product look more legitimate and gain credibility. This is something that you can see in many scam websites.
  • “Limited copies available” is fake. They also want you to think that there’s limited availability to get you to purchase this system as fast as possible. But it’s been 8 months already since it was established but there are still a lot of stocks you’ll see on Clickbank.
  • “Highly private and sensitive video” is not true. The sales video is public because everyone with an Internet connection and smartphone or computer can watch it, so don’t let them fool you when they say it’s private.


Whether it is a scam or not really depends on your perspective. It depends whether you look at it as a product or as a system or program.

For me, as an online marketer for over a decade, I would hesitate at once to invest even a single buck on Fast Profits Online. It’s true that it is marketing a legit MMO system but his way of selling his training course, how his identity and website is so murky, and how he misleads his customers with his promise of making $1700 in just a day without putting in so much effort are what’s making it look like a scam.

The “weird strategy” it talks about on the home page too isn’t proven to work. I’ve been reading customer accounts and I didn’t read any testimonial saying they earned $1700 or more in just one day. There are success stories you might see but checking on the people who are talking in the video, you’ll see that they are all Fiverr actors who do scripted video testimonials for a fee.

There are more legit ways to make money online. Sure, affiliate marketing requires a grueling task of creating good content but here, you’ll deal with legit businesses and real products to promote. Programs give a transparent account of the fees they require. In fact, most of them accept affiliates for free! Training may be  bit costly but every cent will be worth it and there are no hidden charges or founders hiding behind stock images on Shutterstock.

If you are ready to learn how to make money online the legit way, then check out my Wealthy Affiliate Review. And if this review made you convinced that affiliate marketing is the better way to go, then join me in my recommended programs!

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