FLIPPA.COM – Is it the Best Place to Buy and Sell Websites?

Hello and welcome to another review up on Smart Start Affiliate where we’re going to look into Flippa.com.

Have you heard of people recommending to you to sell your website? You might have not known yet but apart from the typical make money online means like setting up an E-commerce, trading stocks online, affiliate marketing, paid surveys, paid reviews, and rewards websites, you can actually sell your website too!

This will require more effort and patience in waiting, but when it’s already time to sell your website, I promise you that you can make a lot of money!

How much waiting do you need?

You might have to wait for a couple of months to a year since you should stabilize traffic to your website before you can sell it at a good price.

A lot of people are looking into buying an already-profitable website so they can go straight into generating income. However, buying one for myself isn’t something I’d really want to do.


I’ll tell you in a bit, so stay tuned.

flippa has been one of the most popular marketplace to buy and sell websites

In the past years of doing online marketing, I’ve seen a lot of people make money from buying or selling websites. Some of them I know personally and I’ve seen them enjoy $100,000 to $500,000 from selling just a single websites. Others who hit the jackpot bought a website that features a very unique business that generates up to $75,000 per month!

Now, how amazing does that sound?

It’s very tempting, I know, but this buy and sell websites business isn’t as easy as it sounds.

Building, creating contents, coding, plugins, promoting, attracting traffic – these aren’t the very easy part of having a website. Sure, you don’t have to be a web building expert to create a good website now that there are so many tools available to help you easily build one, but all the work and costs of maintaining it are the real challenges here.

Will the money you make from selling website worth more than the costs you paid for making one? Will the website you just bought be able to generate high income so you can have a quick ROI?

Let’s find out those all here in my Flippa.com Buy and Sell Websites Review!


Summary: Flippa.com is one of the leading marketplaces for the buy and sell of websites. It carefully monitors all the listings to make sure that nobody gets scammed. The businesses being sold are also quite competitive but with thousands of websites listed, it might take quite some time before you make any sales unless you have  a very unique offering.

Product Name: Flippa
Founder: Mark Harbottle and Matt Mickiewicz
Product Type: Marketplace for Buy and Sell of Websites
Price: Selling and Buying Price Varies
Rating: 50/100

here are thebenefits of using flippa to buy and sell websites

Recommendation: For me, buying a website isn’t always the right option. I’d like it better to start from scratch, at least when there are issues that arise in the future, I will know how to fix them. It could be a huge guessing game to troubleshoot a problem of a site you didn’t make, most especially when you are not really a pro. So overall, I won’t recommend buying websites. When it comes to selling too, this can indeed be a great source of huge profit and I want to do it too but let’s expect for sales to come in after some time.


Flippa.com is a marketplace where you can buy and sell websites. So basically, you have here 2 ways to make money. First is to build a website and sell it at a good price that should be at least double the cost of investment; and second is to flip a website where you’ll buy a website that tackles the niche you want, fix it, and make it more profitable. Buy if you are lucky, you can score one that doesn’t need flipping and go straight away to making money online.

Maybe this is why this marketplace is called Flippa!

At present, Flippa has $1,200,000 buyer funds with over 120,000 active users. Going over their listings, there’s over 5,000 websites up for sale right now.

With the number of people coming to this site to buy and sell websites, it’s safe to say that Flippa is a trustworthy source.



When you come to Flippa to buy and sell websites, you will find a lot of choices from these categories:

these are what you can buy and sell on FlippaThis means that you get more than just a website. You can also score cheaper domains, and you can buy contents and ads you can generate income from too. And there’s more. Apps buy and sell are also available. You know how quickly a game app can generate income right? Just look at the simple floppy bird game. Browse through the listing and you might find something similar that can be a hit too.

you can also sell apps on flippaWhen buying anything from Flippa, you should review the description thoroughly as it is where you can find all the important info about the item for sell.

Take this business for example:

flippa listing sample

Here, you will find the basic description of the website including the name, price, type of website, business niche, profit it generates per month, and the age. But if you want the detailed description, you will need to sign up to the site which is for FREE.

Now, before buying a website, you should always contact the seller as Flippa allows you to connect with them. Take this chance to ask questions and details you couldn’t find from the listing. You can also negotiate the price.


The selling process is the more tedious part. When you think your business is already ready to be sold, then you can go to Flippa to have it listed on their marketplace.

First, you have to sign up as a seller. They will charge you a listing price of $15 per month plus the success fee when you are able to close a deal.

flippa selling fee

How long you’ll pay the $15 fee will depend on how long you it’ll take you before you can sell your website. The competition is very tight here since there are 5,000 websites up for sale. So you need to offer a very attractive offer for buyers to notice your listing.

The process for selling will involve:

1. Value Your Business

Flippa has its own valuation tool which analyzes how much your website should be priced. So you don’t just put any price there. It should be close to reality depending on how much you’ve invested and how much profit is it generating.

2. List and Merchandise

After valuating your website, you are not ready to have it listed on Flippa. Like the photo above, you should write a description of your website, what’s it about, how you grew the website, upload your financial proofs of the income you generate too and prepare an online Information Memorandum.

3. Get matched to buyers

Now that your listing is on Flippa, all you need to do is to wait for a buyer to contact you. Expect them to negotiate the price so be ready to see drops from the price you set. You can schedule a Skype meeting for this, Be sure to have an official terms for the payment too.

4. Complete A sale

Once you come up with an agreeable price and terms, then wait for your payment. And don’t forget that you’ll still pay Flippa its commission or what it calls success fee which costs:

flippa success fee or commission for every sale you make


Buying Tips and Kickstart

Buying websites you can improve or what we call “website flipping” is quite challenging to do. So like I said, before you buy, you have to do a thorough research of what you are about to purchase because one website on Flippa costs as much as $100,000 and you don’t want to waste such a fortune if you later realized you made the wrong decision.

There was one friend who purchased a website from Flippa that’s already generating an income. He saw that the business was unique and the competition isn’t high. He also tried to do a market research around his area and found out that the product would sell. What it is? A potato business!

He lives near restaurants and he has a network of people who has French fries business. So he bought the website right away for $80,000. And in just half a year, he was able to reach $70,000 income per month!

He now supplies fresh potatoes to a lot of restaurants, snack bars, and French fries stalls. He even supplies for parties.

Now that’s all thanks to his vigilant research.

When researching, be sure to do organic SEO research too to see how strong the website is. You should also check Google Analytics to make sure that you are not buying a failing website.

But apart from researching, you should also check yourself on your purpose why you’re buying the website. Is the business really your interest? Do you have the right amount of skill and knowledge to grow it? Are you buying a website because yours is failing?

Now if you find that your intentions are right, you’re now set make arrangements with the seller. Arrange a Skype call or if you are from the same region then you can agree to meet personally. If you need guidance to run the website, then you should also ask for assistance for a month or so.

To kickstart your business, you can list your products and services on popular ecommerce, launch campaigns on social media, and take advantage of SEO techniques.

Building Website and Selling

Like I mentioned, selling a website is the harder part. Of course, you need something awesome that you can sell.

A lot of people have been flipping websites to make huge money online. They build a website, maintain it, grow it, stabilize its profit, and then sell it at a high price. Like I mentioned earlier, you can make a fortune in this buy and sell business.

You don’t have to be a web developer to make it big in this kind of business. There are now a lot of web builders you can use that even newbies can understand. You can use my preferred web builder Site Rubix which is powered by my #1 recommended program.

You can look up for tutorials on Youtube to create a pleasing website and you can also get tips from experts when you join my #1 recommended program.

After that, you’ll have to learn about SEO, Google Analytics, AdSense, social media marketing, and other tools you can use to get traffic on your website.

Keep all the financial records because you’ll need that to convince your buyer that your site is doing great on generating income.

When listing a website for sale on Flippa, you need to put into mind a few things so you can give the right impression to shoppers.

First, complete your profile on Flippa, give a genuine photo and verify your account as this adds to your credibility. When putting a description of the site, be sure to make it brief, and simple. Don’t make the description too technical and don’t make it too boring too.

Include the best features of your website, the benefits the buyer will get, and 3-5 traffic reports that include traffic sources, unique visitors, page views, and map overlay details. Don’t forget to provide genuine revenue report too as these information will be the shoppers’ basis for their decision.

After fixing your profile and listing details, you should now choose 1 of the 3 bidding options that Flippa provides. The options let you set a reserve price, a price you can afford, or to a reasonable buy it now (BIN) price.

As soon as your listing goes live, you can now start receiving bids from interested buyers. Don’t close the deal for the first bidder and be patient to hear what other bidders have to offer.

You have to remember too to be responsive to private messages. Buyers love it when they are being given attention and appreciate it when they get answers to their queries. When you make them feel important, you can even get a higher price.


The Pros

  • Flippa has a solid reputation so buyers trust sellers in this marketplace highly.
  • There are thousands of businesses to choose from.
  • You will see a lot of interesting new businesses that are already making income.
  • You don’t have to go through so much hardship and spend too much time growing your business.
  • It’s a good source of high profit.
  • Everything seems to be legit as Flippa actively monitors listings for anything fraudulent.

The Cons

  • When you’re not a web expert, it might become tricky when you encounter problems in the future.
  • Buying websites can way more expensive when you buy than when you create your own or have a pro build it.
  • You might encounter problems on hosting and the backend of the website in the future and would take time to troubleshoot issues because you were not the one who built it.
  • Making profit might take time as you need to make sure that you are selling something really valuable. Plus coming up with a unique business can be quite difficult. Market research alone can be a grueling task, then you still have to grow the website. So if you plan to quit your job and make money online instead, be sure to find another gig that will give you regular income.


It could be the best given its track record for the past decade, but like I mentioned, it may not be the best idea to buy a website. Sure, it’s tempting to buy a business that’s already generating an income but if you are not a pro and if the niche is really not your interest, then there are chances that it will fail.

So you might want to try from scratch, join a community to guide you through the process, choose a niche that you are really interested in, and grow your website and business while learning.

As for selling, you to be prepared to wait for a long time before you can enjoy a sale. With 5,000 websites listed for sale, the competition can be tough. Plus the process of growing a website that you can sell at a high price is arduous.

But if you are looking for other ways to make money online using your website, you can try affiliate marketing.

What is affiliate marketing? How do you do it? How much does it cost? How much can you earn? All these will be answered when you join my #1 recommended program for FREE! It’s called Wealthy Affiliate.

Check out the courses it offers for free as well as its tools to help you build your online business. Join me there and let’s make multi-figure income per month!

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