Forever Living MLM Review – Can You Really Make Money Here?

Welcome to Smart Start Affiliate and welcome to my Forever Living review.

There’s a lot of hype surrounding Forever Living MLM. Most probably, you’re here to check out what this network is all about. You’re probably hoping too that it is the right place to make money online and that you could make some good commission out of your stints.

This Forever Living MLM Review will discuss all of those important points and in just a little while, I’ll reveal whether it’s really a good opportunity for you or not.

Let’s start!

forever living mlm focuses on selling products based on aloe vera

One of the questions usually asked about Forever Living is if it is a scam or not.

And it’s such  great thing that these days, you can already find out the answer online by just reading reviews and analyzing the market. You wouldn’t want to invest your precious time and money in an opportunity to find out later that it is a scam.

In the past 14 years that  I’ve been doing affiliate marketing, I’ve seen a lot of them – scams that trick people to squeeze money from them.

MLMs have been here even before my preferred make money online niche which is affiliate marketing. Forever Living is one of those that has been established  a long time ago and it already has a lot of members, only proving that there’s something nice in this network that makes it in demand among marketers. This is exactly what we are going to find out today.

How much income will you make? How much do you need to invest? Is it hard to sell?


Summary: Forever Living is a legit MLM business, you can be sure about that. It sells healthy products made of high quality aloe vera from their very own farms. But the issue here is – can you really make money? I already mentioned that it has been around for decades now. This means there are a lot, like millions, of people on top of you, so how are you supposed to make big profit? And with so many newer MLM based on the same products, Forever Living has a low success rate.

Product Name: Forever Living
Founder: Rex Maughan & Carl Jensen
Product Type: Multilevel Marketing Network
Price: Free to get started but the cost of growing your network is too high
Rating: 45/100

Recommendation: Let me get this straight. I don’t recommend any MLM. Although I know several legit MLM companies, I don’t think recruiting everyone and make commission is the best way to make money online.


Forever Living is a Multi-Level Marketing (MLM) company whose products are mainly made of aloe vera. Founders of this company discovered the healing power and health benefits of aloe vera which include:

  • Weight loss
  • Energy boost
  • Faster digestion
  • Effective healing of skin burns

FOREVER LIVING PROFILEIn the 1990s, Forever Living acquired the company called “Aloe Vera of America” and has since built the largest aloe vera farm in Texas and Dominican Republic. Currently, it is considered the largest grower, manufacturer and distributor of aloe vera products in the world.

But they don’t do business based on aloe vera alone. They have other product categories too. Their product line includes:

  • Bee Products
  • Energy Drinks form Aloe Vera
  • Lemon and Lavender Essential Oils
  • Supplements and shakes
  • Personal care like shampoo, soap, and toothpste
  • Accessories -Gifts, bottles, shaker, diffuser, bags, etc.
  • Skincare made of aloe vera
  • Weight Management like Protein bar and protein powder,etc.

They do have a wide range of products. If you are going to read reviews about these products, you’ll find very little negative reviews. Actually some of their F.I.T. products are rated top quality in the weight loss niche. But many wouldn’t take the aloe vera drinks because of the taste. For some other reason, they won’t buy because of the price.

ABOUT FOREVER LIVING MLMBut don’t expect for the products to be 100 percent effective. Like many other weight loss and health products, potency is subjective. Our digestion work differently so what’s effective for others might not be effective for you.

Now, before we jump into the How to Make Money Part, let us first try to understand what MLM is and how people in this network are making money.


People are still confused with MLMs. For those who are not versed in marketing, they think that MLMs are pyramid scams.

The very difference is in pyramid schemes, you make money only by recruiting. These members pay registration and this is where the upperlines take their commission. There are no real products where they can get their income from.

Forever Living isn’t like that because they have tons of real products where members make commission from. But there are elements of pyramid networking because they get higher commission by recruiting others into the system.

Just look at this diagram:

mlm diagram

This is exactly how it works with MLM’s. Those at the upper line or at the top 4-5 levels make the most money but those that are lower than them barely make an income because lesser and lesser people can be recruited and the commission they receive from their recruits is being split.

The further down you are on the pyramid the harder it is going to be to make money. Commissions are always flowing upwards and most of the profit is stuck on the top.

Because of this the success rate with MLM’s is very low.

So, apart from getting commission from your sales,  you need to recruit people under you if you want to have real success in a MLM .

And the reason why I mentioned while back that maintaining your account becomes very costly is because you need to invest for lunch outs or incentives if you want to convince people to join as your downline.

MLM’s have at least 1% success rate!

If you were attracted because of the uplines showing off their sports cars, well that’s because they get so much money from all their downlines. Like I said, commissions are split. You will get commission even from those 100 levels below you.

MLM’s are designed like that. , like I explained in the last secFOREVER LIVING COMMISSIONS CAN AMOUNT TO A BRAND NEW CAR BUT THAT IS IF YOU ARE AT THE UPPER LINEtion, to only be successful for a handful of people; typically the people on the top. Because of this, only 1% ends up making money and the rest LOSE money.

Forever Living might have nice products and they might be the leader in aloe vera products but the odds of making any money with them is basically zero.

Just like any other MLM companies, Forever Living offers 2 ways of making money online. They include:

  1. Selling their products to commissions
  2. Recruiting new members to get commissions, bonuses, and incentives.

But before I go how much commission you can make let’s look at how to register in their system and start making money.

How to Get Started

You’ll be tempted to join right away because Forever Living has ZERO membership fees to get started.  If there’s no one referring you to the network, you can just register on their website and complete your application form. Then you will see recommended product packages for your first purchase. Of course, they will be on a discounted price and then you sell them at their retail prices. That is how you make money from selling.

product package suggestions upon sign up

Finishing the application simply requires you to leave your personal information and submit a copy of the ID of the person who recommended you the business. If you don’t have any sponsor, they’ll assign on for you based on your location and that’s the person who will receive commission from you joining them.

Although it’s free for you to join Forever Living, it’s not free if you want to be “wholesale qualified” and sell their products to make money.

Your free membership will only let you purchase their products at a discounted price.

Here are requirements for becoming an active member and qualify for commission:

  • Purchase 2 Case Credits worth of products (around $280)
  • Get 4 Personal Case Credits per month with a minimum of 1 that should be purchased by you (totalling to monthly expense of at least $140/month)

Compensation Plan

Members are ranked and their bonuses and incentives depend on their rank.

When it comes to making commission, you have 2 main ways to earn it:

1. Use and Share Marketing – The typical method of using products and sharing your experience to influence others to buy products.

2. Compounding Effort – Scale your earnings by sponsoring or recruiting  others.


In their desperation to earn commission, some members try to make false health claims, basically misleading the public. When you check with the FDA, the claims aren’t even true.

Also, there were claims of bad side effects. Some say there experienced stomach pain, cramps, and diarrhea from  aloe vera in its oral latex form. Some others reported their blood glucose levels to drop after taking using orally-ingested aloe vera.

Another thing that I found annoying is that their members are announcing that their network doesn’t do heavy recruitment but in reality, they do the same MLM strategy of making more money by sponsoring new members.

And like I sid, even if you didn’t pay for any registration fee, you will soon have to shell out huge amount of money for taking out prospects you want to recruit.


1. Free to SIGN UP

Like I said, many MLMs require a signup fee which also comes with free products already. But for Forever Living, it’s all for free!

2. Quality Products

Forever Living has its own aloe vera farms, making sure that their products are of quality that meets their standards. They are also able to control their production so they are always able to deliver the number of orders made.

3. 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

All Forever Living products are backed by a 60-day refund period.


So, can you really make money with Forever Living?

Yes you can but don’t expect high earnings!

Like I have been emphasizing throughout the review, you are supposed to make huge bucks only by recruiting. But since it has been around since 1978 and it has so many members already, don’t expect to have an easy time recruiting. Besides, there’s already a lot of other MLM companies that offer newer products that most millenials prefer.

This is why I can’t recommend it to you if you want to earn multi-figure income online.

There’s this program that I recommend. I’m sure, you already know by now that I am referring to affiliate marketing.  Check out Wealthy Affiliate which is my number one recommended program and if you liked it, come back to join me in this program and make 5-6 figure income!

No, Forever Living is NOT a scam.

Anyone who told you it’s a scam are probably those who have failed in the past or those who simply want to sell you other stuff.

From a product perspective, most people seem to be satisfied with the quality of what they receive from Forever Living, although it’s a bit expensive.

However, there are numerous complaints across multiple websites and reviews of Forever Living.

For example, some people are annoyed by those “aloe vera distributors” and some are worried that their family members will be brain-washed to believe that aloe vera is a cure all.

My stand is very clear…

Forever Living is not a scam, nor is it a pyramid scheme.

If you have the right skills and apply the right techniques in recruiting and building downline teams, you can succeed with this business.

However, I don’t recommend this as those who succeed are really the minority of the minority.

That’s the exact same problem for many traditional network marketing businesses out there as well.

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