Four Percent Programs – Is It a Scam or Does it Work?

Hello affiliates and welcome to my Four Percent Programs Review!

In this blog, you will find out a little more about the affiliate training program called Four Percent. Is it legit? If it is legit, can it keep up with other legit course course providers like Wealthy Affiliate or  Affiliate Marketing Mastery?

Let’s move on to find out!

Four Percent claims to be a provider of courses to help you succeed in business and life

More and more people are discovering the income potential in affiliate marketing. And I tell you, the chances of making consistent high profit are higher with affiliate marketing than other ways of making money like trading and putting up your own ecommerce.

For those who are shifting from employment to entrepreneurship, this make money online niche has been the preferred one. And for newbies who have only heard about affiliate marketing but don’t really have an idea on how to do it, they rely greatly on training programs to learn all the basics.

In my 14 years of doing affiliate marketing, I already saw a lot of programs that work as well as those that only intend to scam the newbies. But there are programs too that are legit but I think aren’t really effective because there are better ways you can do affiliate marketing. So which of these three does Four Percent belong to? Is is a scam? Is it legit but doesn’t work? Or is is legit and it it works?

To find out why I can’t really recommend this course, let’s start this Four Percent Programs Review.


Summary: Four Percent Program is a sales funnel and marketing training course rolled in one. It will let you purchase affiliate products from their partners like Aweber, Godaddy, Go Response, and so much more so you can promote them as an affiliate. Legit or not, his suggestion is clearly not the best way to make money online. Later, I will introduce you to my #1 recommended affiliate marketing program.

Product Name: Four Percent Group
Founder: Vick Strizheus
Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Training & Sales Funnel
Price: $1 first 7 days, $49 per month or $497 one-time payment
Rating: 50/100

are the programs in Four Profit really helpful in achieving success in your affiliate marketing journey

Recommendation: I can’t really recommend Four Percent. There are a lot of red flags that should tell you to back off from his program. As for his ideas, for someone who’s just beginning to learn affiliate marketing, you can’t afford to invest money on wrong products. There are a lot of products out there that you can promote on your blogs and make commission from without having to really buy. There are merchants who are willing to give free samples but the best products you can review are those that have free trials. And there are plenty of them so you don’t really need to buy.


While looking into Four Percent Program, I found this video online about the founder and felt instantly sorry for the members who fell for the trick:


If you don’t know yet, Vit is quite popular in the digital MLM industry – but for the wrong reason! He has been involved ins some businesses that no longer exist and one of them was the infamous Empower Network.

While he was working with Empower Network, he got involved in several scams under the brand Big Idea Mastermind. It had several products of its own but then it shut down and later opened up another business he called High Traffic Academy. It was a video training course designed to teach people how to get high converting paid traffic to their affiliate offers. The course was decent, but the price tag was never justified and that to went down the drain.

The alleged reason for his downfall was when he switched people’s Affiliate ID to his own so that he could earn more commissions. Then another issue came up when he supposedly took $30,000 from people.

This is a big turn off when looking into an investment. This also made me think whether this measure of its community or is real or not:

is it true that four profit has 200000+ members?But okay, let’s leave his shady past behind and assume his new venture which is the 4 Percent Program.

Four Percent is a training platform for internet marketing, with a huge focus on getting paid traffic, which is the main reason why I do not recommend it to beginners.

Moreover, the done-for-you sales funnels means that you need to subscribe to those specific email service providers, funnel builders, etc. which allow Vick to earn his commissions first before you can start trying to make money out of it.

You do not have to be so dependable on his products, or impose unnecessary restrictions on yourself in the choice of services and tools for your online business.

The group describes itself as providing a place for entrepreneurs and business owners to receive an online education that will help them build an online business. So here, you get to learn not only how to do affiliate marketing but also gain traffic so you can start earning as soon as you launch and this is also applicable on other online businesses like online selling.

The 4 Percent Group opened its doors around the middle of 2016 and initially, it was a sales funnel to another MLM program called Tecademics. 



The Four Percent Challenge

After sign up, you will have instant access to one of their core products called The Four Percent Challenge. This is broken down into three levels including $10K, $100K and $1M.

Then you will only have access to the first level, once you have earned $10K, level 2 will be unlocked, and once you have earned $100k, level 3 will be unlocked. It has set the goal for you, $10K, $100K and &1M. Inside the challenge, Vick will go through the process to help you reach these goals.

Each day you have to take a metaphorical pill, Success Pill, basically those success pills are different sessions inside each challenge.

You can only watch one session per day, after you finish watching today’s training, you need to mark it as complete, and the next session will be opened next day.

Products in Four Percent

There are a lot of free courses inside the members area and there are paid products too. Most of the topics indeed talk about growing your presence online like SEO, building traffic, PPC – most of which are paid strategies too. Buying traffic, for me, can be helpful at first. When you are starting, let’s admit it, you can’t compete with those who are already on the top spot of search engine ranks. You need some help to let people know that there’s a new player online and that is you.

But not all the time.

There are ways you can climb up the ladder too without having to pay. If you are in affiliate marketing, a unique, high quality, reach content, then an SEO and a supportive community are all the things you need to rank and make commission.

I will discuss more of paid traffic below.

free four pecent products

Now, in these programs, we can somehow say Vic probably changed and is trying to set his record straight by doing clean business this time. Some speakers are known marketers like Les Brown and Forbes Riley.

Let’s take a peep at some of these trainings:

Internet Traffic Mastery – $1997

This module will teach you how to generate traffic through paid channels. The course is very costly given that you will only finish it for only 12 hours. The topics may be comprehensive but $1997 is just too much for 12 hours course.

If you believe that paid traffic is really something you need, there are blogs and Youtube tutorials or some cheap webinars that teach the same.

E-Stage – $497

This features Four Percent’s custom-made WordPress theme. There are web builders that are free and some are less expensive and they offer more features than what you can find in this E-Stage

For my recommended site builder, you can visit my Site Rubix Review.

E- Stage Academy – $297

This is a course on creating WordPress websites, it has over 40 hours of video tutorials, but honestly speaking, when most of the stuff on WordPress is free on YouTube or cost way less on platforms like Udemy, there is no point to purchase a course like this.

Focus on Paid Traffic

In any business, even brick and mortar ones, traffic is its lifeline. Without traffic, there will be no sales, and no earnings.

There are many possible ways to get traffic, categorised into paid traffic and free traffic. Four Percent’s training programs have a strong focus on paid traffic, because that is the faster way to get results.

But for beginners, I strongly advise not to go for paid traffic. You can take the best internet marketing courses on the planet, you would not fully understand a platform until you really try to run some advertising campaigns on it.

Paid traffic is a steep learning curve, where you pay while you learn. Because it takes trials, split-testing, analysing the results, tweaking some parameters, testing it again, more fine-tuning, and so on. Before you know it, you have already spent thousands and thousands of dollars. Your bill will be higher than what you earn and you definitely don’t want that.

Paid traffic is not for beginners, not for the faint-hearted, not for those without excess cash, not for the risk-averse. It will be a huge upfront investment, which you may or may not be able to recover.

Hence for every beginner, my advice is to go for free traffic. After you start generating a steady income, you may then decide that you can afford to use a few grand to dabble in advertising, to learn the ropes and scale up your business.

Joining Four Percent Program is quite demanding. According to this group, there are certain tools you need to make money online. And when you join, you have to purchase them all so you can take on the challenge. These include:

  • Get Response costs $15 per month but comes with 30 days free trial. This is an email autoresponder you can use for your email marketing.
  • Click Magic is  $12 per month and it comes with 14 days free trial. This is a custom link tracking you can use to measure the progress of your campaigns or blogs.
  • Click Funnels will ask you to spend $97 per month nd it comes with 14 days free trial. This is a custom landing page you can use on your website where your leads leave their details when they subscribe to your services.
  • Name Cheap costs $8.88 during the first year of use and $10.98 on the following years. Here, you re buying your own domain.
  • Private E-mail is worth $9.88 per year and it allows you to create your custom emails following your own domain to make your email look more professional and legit.
  • E-Stage which we already discussed is where you build your central hub.
  • Bluehost: costs $3.95 per month and as it name suggests, this is where you get your hosting services.
  • Internet Traffic Mastery which we also already discussed is all about availing paid traffic. this is basically a training course.

So basically, you pay more than $49 per month for being a member of Four Percent. You will have to pay at least $1000-$1600 per month and this is too much for a newbie to handle.

It is not beginner friendly and even for me who’s already over a decade in the make money online world, I still won’t invest this much on a program.

Multiple Streams of Income

Four Percent also has its affiliate opportunity. The only good thing here is that all of its partner companies will pay you commission too for every referral you make. The percentage of commission differ from each company, but most companies will pay you greater than 50% commission.

The Four Percent Challenge is where you create the most money. This is designed to promote Four Percent so it is still an affiliate program.

For me, there are a lot other affiliate programs where you can learn valuable lessons on making money online while earning money.

I already mentioned about my #1 recommended program and that is Wealthy Affiliate. In this network, they teach you up-to-date techniques on affiliate marketing and introduce its own tools which are free to be used by members. You’ll get the web builder Site Rubix and the keyword generator Jaaxy  which I am letting you experience below:

Wealthy Affiliate is a suite of everything you need to succeed in affiliate marketing, that’s why after over a decade of making money online, I still joined Wealthy Affiliate because of the potential to earn multi-figure income using their techniques. If you are curious what they are, you can check Wealthy Affiliate below!


The Pros

1. 30 day money back guarantee

This basic refund policy is in place, for people who are dissatisfied with the products.

2. Reach source of trainings and tools

There’s a bounty of trainings you can choose from. But newbies can use some guide on which course should be taken.

The Cons

1. Paid programs are too expensive

They are really over the top. You can actually get many other equally good quality training out there on the internet, by forking out just a small fraction of what they are charging here.

2. They teach mainly paid traffic

This is a very high risk method, not suitable for beginners who have not started to make any money online yet.


After studying the Four Percent Program, I cannot recommend it most especially for newbies. It is overpriced. It’s paid traffic is not something I am a fan of too.

There are better ways to learn and practice affiliate marketing and I’d recommend checking Wealthy Affiliate. If you want other means of making money online like selling, then there are other sources of cheaper training you can find online. Udemy is  great source of trainings. Youtube is another place to find free tutorials.

There are many ways to kickstart your venture online and it doesn’t have to be bank breaking.

Join me at Wealthy Affiliate and let me be your personal guide to the affiliate marketing journey.

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