GoDaddy: Reliable Web Hosting Provider for Affiliate Sites?

Here’s another review every online marketers out there should read. This is my GoDaddy Hosting Review and I am Weliton. Welcome to Smart Start Affiliate!

Did you know that your website’s loading time has a big impact on your SEO? Site visitors tend to lose their interest on the first 5-10 seconds that a website wouldn’t load. They then quit and hop on to the next website that gives faster response than yours.

And do you know who’s responsible for your website’s loading speed? Your web hosting.

So to attract huge traffic on your website, you should shift to a fast hosting service provider.

Do you think GoDaddy can be that?

We’ll find out in this GoDaddy Web Hosting Provider Review.

godaddy is a popular hosting service provider used by millions of entrepreneurs

In building a business online, choosing the right web hosting provider is one of the important tasks you shouldn’t ignore. It will serve as the oxygen for your business to breathe and survive. Afterall, doing online business means you need to ensure your presence on the World Wide Web. And to do that, you need reliable hosting.

Among the web hosting service providers in the market, GoDaddy seems to be among the most credible ones. Many are using one of their hosting plans and some even avail other website solutions like domains and web builders.

I bet you are curious too why so many are using GoDaddy. So let’s find out here what’s in it that many trust their services. Are their plans right for your hosting needs? Are they reliable enough for you to avail a plan too? Do they give the most agreeable rate?

Let’s start with this Godaddy Web Hosting Review to find out!


Summary: GoDaddy is almost complete with all the web services you might ever need to run a good online business. Hosting is its main offering with five different types you can choose from. Apart from that it has an array of other services like web builder and domain registrar. But tin this review, we will focus on its web hosting services.

Product Name: GoDaddy
Founder: Bob Parsons
Product Type: Web Hosting Service
Price: Plans start at $2.99
Rating: 75/100

godaddy is a fast web hosting provider

Recommendation: While GoDaddy gives your website an excellent uptime and speed, fast response times, and plans are quite affordable, they have a slow support, there’s no automatic backup, migration service and they don’t offer money back guarantee. They also have so many upsells for you to enjoy better features and services. If you just look around, there are better web hosting service providers out there that offers more benefits. My #1 recommended program even offers this and more for FREE! But overall, I recommend using this hosting service over other providers out there.


Godaddy has several hosting plans to meet every need and budget of hosting service shoppers

GoDaddy is a web hosting service provider that’s consistently ranked among the top 10 hosting providers in the past decade. It has been founded by Bob Parsons in 1997 and has since grown to provide other web needs like a builder, domain, etc.

GoDaddy has a speed of 517ms and many who tested the reliability of the website claims 99.97% uptime. Other features include 100GB storage, free domain for the first year, free email domain, and an unmetered bandwidth.

As for the plans, you get to choose from Shared Server, WordPress Server, Reseller Server, VPS, and Dedicated Servers.


Godaddy offers 6 web hosting plans

To cater to the different needs of website owners, GoDaddy has set up different web hosting server types which include:

1. Shared Web Hosting

If you think hosting can be expensive for a newbie in digital marketing, then you should start with a shared web hosting service. As its name implies, this plan lets you share space with other websites, making the total cost split among these business.

As it’s cheaper, it’s a good place to start until you make enough money and afford to pay for your own space on the World Wide Web.

2. VPS Web Hosting

Virtual Private Server is lets you have your own private space on a shared server. But you get more support here compared to the shared web hosting service.

3. Dedicated Web Hosting

When you’ve grown bigger and already see millions of visitors per month on your website, then it’s time to get a server you can use only for your own. This will be provided to you by a dedicated web hosting. It lets you take advantage of the server’s full potential and power.

4. Business Hosting

As it already implies, this is meant to support enterprises who require powerful hosting service and space that’s separated from other subscribers.

5. WordPress Web Hosting

If you are running a WordPress for your blog, this WordPress web hosting is the right service to avail. This includes thousands of themes, backups, automatic updates, plugins, and CMS to let you create posts that your visitors will love.

6. Reseller Web Hosting

You know you can also make money with the services offered by Godaddy through its Reseller Web Hosting. It lets you set your own price for the Godaddy products. This provides you too with some free tools you can use to help you manage your own clients. And what’s best? You can sell on your own brand name.

The plans for renting GoDaddy’s servers for this business are $8.99/month for Basic plan and $14.99/month for the Pro subscription. These plans already come with a 24/7 support for your customers.

There are 4 general hosting options for all these hosting types offered by Godaddy. Here’s a quick overview:

Godaddy also has 6 plan tiers

1. Economy Plan $2.99/month

This includes hosting for one website. The service is renewable at $7.99/month. This plan gives you 100 GB storage, unmetered bandwidth, free domain and business email for the first year of subscription.

2. Deluxe Plan $4.99/month

This gives support to unlimited websites and renews at $10.99/month. Features include everything you can get from the Economy plan plus added features like unlimited storage and subdomains.

3. Ultimate Plan $5.99/month

The plan gives you everything that the Deluxe plan offers plus a processing power and memory that are twice the Deluxe, free SSL certificate, unlimited databases, and premium DNS. This is renewable at $16.99/month.

4. Maximum Plan $12.99/month

This plan renews at $29.99/month. You’ll get access to all the things that the Ultimate plan offers plus  free SSL certificate of the entire term, and two times the power, memory, and “maximum site traffic” of what a basic hosting looks like.

Apart from these, you get a free domain on the first year upon sign up. After that, it can be very costly. There are also a lot of upsells like security, site migration, SSL certificates, backups, and so much more.



1. Affordable Plans

For the first year of subscription, Godaddy gives you affordable options while sending you attractive features. The Economy plan at $2.99 already gives you the basic things you need for your startup business online. The RAM isn’t the best but the shared environment it provides is quite decent.

Tests using the hosting also showed an average of 99.9 percent uptime, which is very crucial most especially when you are on online selling where you need to engage with your customers. This will help you establish your credibility too.

2. Free Tools

Apart from the free domain that comes with the plans, you also get other tools for free like free web builder. It might be basic but it’s good to know that there’s something more it offers that can be useful to you when the time comes you decide to build another website.

Godaddy’s GoCentral has the web builder that allows you to make websites in just minutes. But I have my preferred web builder called Site Rubix which can do more than the basic things that GoDaddy offers.

3. Pretty Credible

Godaddy has been doing business for over 2 decades now and is serving over 19 million customers everyday to date. This are clear indicators that Godaddy is credible and is trusted by many website owners. It offers fast and reliable connection, making these millions of people  choose them as their web hosting provider. And for someone shopping for  web hosting service provider, this is certainly one of the biggest factors to consider.

godaddy web hosting achievements


1. Basic Really Means Basic

GoDaddy’s Economy Plan is indeed affordable but while I said that it has the basics to support a small business, it can’t be quite enough to support an ecommerce site with blogs. Most beginners don’t know how to optimize images and end up uploading media files that are too big in size. Hence, 100 Gb  can be really small so it won’t be too long until you need to upgrade to another plan with higher memory allocation.

2. No Money Back Guarantee

GoDaddy has a lot of features it is missing. Some of these are automatic backups and free SSL certificates which are supposedly important features of a website. The sad part, you can’t get a refund if you ever find yourself unhappy.

3. No Migration Service

Site migration is very important feature when you are moving your business to a new website. For example, you are changing domains and have to create a new website; site migration is a feature you use to redirect your old web pages to the new one so that your ranking on search engines won’t be affected.

4. Expensive Renewal Fees

GoDaddy’s plans are very affordable when you are just starting. The renewal rates are, however, very expensive where fees can shoot to as much as 100% more than the initial rate. For beginners, the introductory rates are affordable but there are those who take over a year before they can actually see profit generated from their income. Hence, the sudden rise of the fees can be burdensome.


Godaddy is a good hosting provider you can rely on. It offers good uptime rate, high speed and reliable connectivity which are what all affiliates need to run their business.

The fact that it is missing some important features, though, is a downside. You will need to pay extra if you want to get these missing features. Whereas my recommended web hosting provider already has everything you need in one place and for FREE.

This web hosting service is in my #1 recommended program called Wealthy Affiliate.

In both free and premium membership, web hosting comes as a free service inside Wealthy Affiliate. You even get a free SSL! Uptime and response time are very fast and your connection is reliable. It uses double host so in case one goes down, your website won’t. Its security features are very strong that it prevented over 29 million hacking attempts on members’ websites last year.

And the best part? Wealthy Affiliate’s hosting service has 24-hours backup so you can recover what you lost if you ever mess up with your website.

So what are you waiting for? Do you have a website you need to be hosted? Or aren’t you satisfied with your current hosting provider? Shift to Wealthy Affiliate and get free hosting while making money online through affiliate marketing.

Read about Wealthy Affiliate on my review and join me by clicking on the link below!

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