Inbox Blueprint Email Marketing Course Review

Just in: Inbox Blueprint Email Marketing Course Review!

I know you’ve been waiting to find out whether Inbox Blueprint is worth your time and investment or not.

So we’re bringing it to you today.

We’ll look into the offerings of Inbox Blueprint, what you’ll get from them, and if they are effective at helping your improve your marketing strategies.

inbox blueprint is a provider of email marketing coursese plus some other bonus features

Hi! I am Weliton and I have been an affiliate marketer for 14 years! There are a lot of strategies I mastered a long the way and there are programs that I found useful to affiliates. This could be one!

If you need to level-up your email marketing or if you want to test this type of marketing, then this review is perfect for you.

In the past years and even in this present time, email marketing is still one of the most lucrative and desired strategies of those who are making money online. Almost everyone needs to have an email. Those who are creating social media accounts, those who want to shop online, those who need to confirm their identity, those who are studying, and those who are looking for a job or already have a job – all these people need an email.

In fact, over 4 billion people already have email ads. That’s a lot of people. Hence, email will likely to remain to be one of the main marketing channels of businesses.

So don’t you think it’s the perfect time to join the bandwagon?

But how? How do you start?

With education, of course.

And if you try to search for the best email marketing courses out there, you will likely see Anik Singal and Inbox Blueprint on the results.

But what is Inbox Blueprint, to begin with? Is it worth the price? Why does everyone recommend it?

Let’s find out in this Inbox Blueprint Email Marketing Course Review.


Summary: Inbox Blueprint is your one-stop-shop for email marketing. It provides courses to orient you on everything you need to know about this type of promoting your business and gives you extra features and tools as bonuses. It can be pricey but the money you pay for could be worth it. Why? you’ll find out below.

Product Name: Inbox Blueprint
Founder: Anik Singal
Product Type: email marketing course
Price: $1497
Rating: 80/100
Best For: Online marketers with a website and with basic knowledge on techniques of making money online.

there are now over 6500 students learning email marketing techniques on Inbox Blueprint

Recommendation: I will recommend this email marketing program but not for everyone. Like I mentioned, I think it is best for those who already started their journey on online marketing and are just looking for additional ways to promtoe their business.


Inbox Blueprint is a program, specifically intended to deliver email marketing courses. The modules inside the program claim to teach you the importance of email marketing, how to build an email list of subscribers, show you how to create an opt-in page as well as how to drive traffic to that opt-in page.

For starters, an opt-in page will be your number one tool to drive your web visitors in your email marketing. It is here where you give away something in return to a person’s email address. Once a site visitor subscribes to your opt-in page, you can either send him to a page where you thank him for subscribing or directly send him to a page to buy something. We call the latter an affiliate page.

Inbox Blueprint was founded by Anik Singal. He personally does the teaching on how to generate extra income by promoting affiliate offers in your niche to your email list.

So whether you are a business owner or an affiliate, you can take advantage of email marketing to effectively and quickly grow your business.

And Inbox Blueprint program serves as your step-by-step instructions on how email marketing campaigns work. It teaches you the exact procedure to create an opt-in page and drive traffic to it.

The current version of Inbox Blueprint is 2.0. It has the basic ideas centered on email marketing which were introduced in the first version, except the fact that IB 2.0 includes the Launchpad technology! There are updated training videos, webinars, and training sessions too in the new version.


CEO Anik believes that if you start at the beginning and take a roadmap through to the end, then you are ensured of success. Hence, he structured Blueprint with a step by step course that’s broken down into eight modules and there are bonus tools and trainings after that.

The 8 modules contain video tutorials, PDFs, worksheets, and of course, access to the Launchpad software, which I will discuss later.

Upon purchase, you will login to the member’s area and watch the welcome videos by Anik Singal, Lurn transformational coach Jeremy Bellotti, and Lurn Team Director of Education Dave Lovelace.

Like I mentioned, Inbox Blueprint 2.0 course has been divided into several sections spread into:

  • An eight-part video and PDF course.
  • The LaunchPad software which includes over 30 fully automated niches, over 4,000 opt-in templates, over 20,500 brandable content for emails or PDF’s, and integration with Sendlane autoresponder.
  • Lurn VIP membership for 1 year which gives you access to 2 new pieces of training each month, 24/7 access to their community of experts and students, and webinars.
  • Traffic Academy which gives training in the top 8 traffic strategies from guest blogging to Google advertising, as well as more strategies added regularity.
  • Six Week Fast Start Program where you can watch a business being built step by step, and where you will be lead to your first 1000 subscribers.
  • In this Inbox Blueprint Email Marketing Course Review, we will focus on the 8-Part Course, which I think is the most essential feature of Inbox Blueprint.

The Module

everything you need to learn about email marketing is in this email marketing course by Inbox Blueprint1. Addiction Meter

In this first module, you will learn everything about picking niches. Anik will discuss how picking the wrong niche will lead you to business failure. He will also discuss here how to build a list and market products. Finally, he will show you some of the most profitable niches that pay out the highest commissions.

There are exercises within the course to help you learn how to pick your “hot” niche, through proper research with YouTube, Google, Amazon, ClickBank, and You will then be directed to sites like ClickBank to select your product to promote, as well as be introduced to several other money making methods such as CPA (cost per action) or CPL (cost per lead).

2. The Bait

The bait is the free item but with value that you offer in your opt-in page. You give this in exchange for someone’s email. This can make or break your campaign, so you need to learn the anatomy of a successful page. Things like the page design, copyrighting, when to use a single vs a double opt-in, what data to collect, and creating a high converting PDF gift.

3. The TYP (Thank You Page) Method

This is one of the most important areas that email marketers tend to ignore. The thank you page is the step that builds true relationship with your audience. This shows them you appreciate them for giving you their trust by signing up with you.

In here, you’ll learn the secrets on how to structure this page correctly. Once it’s written out, you’ll learn how to apply it on ClickBank or your any other affiliate program.

This page itself can start earning you revenue as soon as you get subscribers. They will help you choose a great TYP offer and show you how much you could actually earn with this page. Anik will also discuss a transitional page, which is optional to use.

4. The Email Machine

Module four is all about autoresponders and how they automate your business. You’ll learn how to set them up, how to track statistics, as well as the type of messages you can send to your subscribers such as content, promotional, newsletters, etc.

The Inbox Blueprint team will recommend several autoresponders you can use like Aweber and GetResponse. Of course, you already have the Launchpad, which you can access only when you subscribe to Sendlane. Your first month is free but if you want to continue later on, then it will come with a monthly fee.

5. Email List Relationship

To create income from your email list, you need to develop a relationship with your readers. And this is what this module is all about. It teaches you how to engage with your readers so that they’ll want to read your email till the end.

You’ll learn about providing quality content and subject lines. Inbox Blueprint will also tell you the right timing to promote items as well as the reasons why and some strategies in promoting too. And finally, how to avoid any spam filters and the promotions tab.

This how-to module is probably one of the most important ones in the course. Learning to know your subscribers, what to write, and how to write to them, will make you much more money.

6. Payday Secrets

Module six will give you additional strategies on how to create multiple streams of income. Whether it’s finding more affiliate programs, creating and promoting your own products or webinars, or promoting event-based marketing, you will learn how to monetize your list and sustain your business.

7. Easy Traffic

Without traffic, all your hard work is useless. This module shows you the different ways of sending traffic to your offer. This includes free and paid strategies.

The free strategies include guest blogging, forum, and blog commenting, Twitter and Yahoo Answers. On the other hand, the paid strategies include Solo Ads, Facebook Ads, and Google Training.

His recommendation is to use Solo Ads to accelerate your list. He will teach you how to negotiate with solo ad vendors, using his own techniques. Expect to pay an additional cost to acquire solo ads, and several hours per day performing traffic gaining strategies.

8. Unlimited Success

In the last module, you’ll get an overview of everything you’ve covered so far, and what metrics to watch. Inbox Blueprint will share with you his secret to increasing deliverability and open rates, getting better conversions, and what to do when things don’t work out.

Some Additional Resources

Above the courses and the Launchpad, you will enjoy bonus features, including:

1. Lurn VIP 12 month membership

Within this period of free membership, you’ll get:

  • Training directly from Anik Singal, which includes live Q&A. The trainings cover topics like Facebook ads, e-commerce, email marketing, SEO, etc.
  • Free access to their private Facebook community for support and motivation
  • Access to coaches

2. Traffic Academy

Here, you’ll learn to master 8 traffic strategies with more being added regularly. It includes both free and paid traffic. Furthermore, you’ll hear Anik sharing his personal knowledge he said he acquired from the world’s traffic experts.

3. 6 Week Fast Start Program

You’ll get a 6-week program of over the shoulder training for your first 1,000 subscribers. Watch them build a business too using the Inbox Blueprint model, right in front of you.

Inbox Blueprint serves as a one-stop course for email marketing. I like its automated software, LaunchPad, which takes care of the entire email marketing campaign. This makes the whole process almost a no-brainer.

Launchpad is a software that helps create opt-in pages, free reports, autoresponder emails, and select an affiliate offer to run your campaign. What more should you spend sleepless nights on with this software?


  • The overall cost of the program is a bit pricey for a beginner. It requires a significant investment before getting any ROI.
  • Launchpad has integrated Sendlane as the autoresponder hence, if you wish to use Launchpad, you are required to use Sendlane. The downside of this is the cost of Sendlane could be higher monthly than the one you’re currently using.
  • The Launchpad templates are used over and over again, making it common. For readers, the email then becomes less appealing. Furthermore, this duplicate content could hurt your business.
  • If you enter the program with no previous email list, the cost of solo ads can get expensive.
  • There are no free trials for those who are trying to shop for the best email marketing course to take or for newbies in the world of making money online.


Personally, I think this platform is for someone who wants another way to grow their business. However, it requires work to achieve success.

Inbox Blueprint claims its program is designed entirely for newbies in digital marketing, but I think it will be more effective for those who already have a basic understanding of online marketing techniques and those who already have a running website or business. Of course, how can you exercise creating thank you pages or opt-ins if you don’t have a website.

The ideal candidate would already have an online business with the desire to build an email marketing campaign or start additional businesses with email marketing alone.

Everyone will need to invest in other things that are essential for growing business. So once you start the course, you’ll need to purchase a domain name (approx. $15/year), an autoresponder account (which they can provide through Sendlane, free for 30 days and afterward $25/month for up to 1000 contacts, $49/month to 2500, $89/month for 5000, etc.), and paid traffic (where you can spend up to $175 for 250 unique clicks).

While the courses are great, there are still no guarantees that you will succeed with the Inbox Blueprint program. The execution is up to you. Like I said, you have to put in some efforts too to see results. Success won’t be served right in front of you.

Overall, it can pave way to success, but won’t be your ticket to success.

Do you want to know about my other recommended programs, tools, networks, and strategies that are sure effective for affiliates? Then join me at Wealthy Affiliate!

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