Investors Underground Day Trading Course & Chat Room Review 2019

Investors Underground claims that it remains to be the #1 and most legit trading community today. However, when you do further research, you’ll find lots of complaints and positive reviews. So which is which? Is it legit or is it a scam? Does it work or does it not? Is it really worth your time and money?

These are the things we are going to delve deeper into in this Investors Underground Review!

This is the Investors Underground Landing Page

Anyone who searches for the best online trading course to take in 2019, chances are Investors Underground will be among the top recommendations.

The course has been established by a veteran online trader with decades of experience so it’s no wonder why a lot of people are tempted to enroll to the program.

I’ve done trading too and earned decent cash. But until I learned affiliate marketing, I was able to make bigger income that’s beyond my imagination. And don’t worry, I will discuss how I did it later in this blog.

But before that, let’s find out if trading can be a good way to make money online and if this Investors Underground can equip you with all the tools you need to succeed in the world of online business.

Let’s find out…

Investors Underground Overview

Summary: Investors Underground is a legit business with 10 moderators who handle the day trading chat room and over a dozen key members who help people win in the trading game. Courses, day chat support, detailed stock watchlist, trade recaps and video lessons are what you get when you sign up with Investors Underground.

Product Name: Investors Underground
Founder: Nathan Michaud
Product Type: Stock Trading Chat Room, Stock Watch Lists, Video Lesson Library, Day Trading Courses
Price: Membership starts at $197/month for the Standard subscription and $297/month for the Elite subscription.
Rating: 80/100
Best For: Newbies in the online trading industry who need to undergo comprehensive educational courses and want to have continuous trading mentoring and active support group while they buy and sell stocks online.

Is it worth it to soed $1497 on Investors Underground membership?

Recommended: For a trading course with plus factors of chat support, one-on-one mentoring, weekly live webinars and trading recaps, Investors Underground might be worth the try.

What is Investors Underground?

These are the trading experts who form the Investors Underground moderators

Investors Underground is mostly an online trading community that connects members to experienced traders for some help when they start buying and selling stocks on trading platforms. The idea behind this program is to provide professional guidance to newbies who need tips on day trading.

The program has a lot of video lessons where members can learn from. These are not limited to the training courses as there are webinars and weekly video recaps to help members to better understand trading and the behavior of the stock market.

Another feature to love is the day trading chat room which is probably the biggest trading support there is. Investors Underground moderators go online with the members to give them real-time tips depending on the current status of stock market.

Members also get to enjoy a watchlist of stocks to trade the next day.

Founder Nathan Michaud founded IU in 2008. Since then, the program earned thousands of members who actively support beginners in the field. Today, there are 9 other longstanding traders who stand beside Nate, making their day trading chat room filled with more useful tips.

For a business backed up by a finance graduate from the University of New Hampshire with over a decade of experience on online trading, Investors Underground surely will give you the confidence to start trading right away.

And to let you know how many people are coming to Investors Underground for trading support, here is a map with the current population of IU traders across the globe:

These are the thousands of Investors Underground members all over the world

Investors Underground - How Does It Work?

Just like what I have been repeating earlier, there are quite a lot of reasons why Investors Underground became pretty popular among new and expert traders. For one, it makes sure that its members get all the knowledge, the eyes, the reports and the advise they need to win in their day to day trading activities.

The program has an almost complete package of services any trader would need.

To help you decide whether IU is for you, here’s an overview of everything it offers:

These are the thing's you'll get from Investors Underground

Day Trading Chatrooms

One of the reasons why traders love Investors Underground is its trading chat rooms. It is arguably the most effective way to upgrade you trading network. Since IU is one of the most sought-to trading programs in the market, you will see all levels of traders in their chat rooms. You will meet newbies and experts and you will find mentors too like Nate and his team of moderators.

This offers each newbie trader to gain new and valuable insights from their peers who already have years of experience in playing trades. And in any niche, this has always been an effective way of helping beginners succeed too.

Here are the things that you can expect from their trading chatrooms:

Investors Underground Chat Room

1 – Momentum Chatroom

The Momentum Chatroom serves as the main chatroom of IU traders and it is accessible from 9 a.m. until 4 p.m. of every trading day. It is the most active chatroom on the site as thousands of users come here to discuss serious matters about trading. Since this is the biggest chatroom there are some strict policies and unique characteristics you can observe in this space like:

  • No off topic chats are allowed in this chatroom. Every single chat posted in this space need to add value to the whole network otherwise you will get muted.
  • There are more moderators in this chatroom who share alerts about the trade behavior and their chats are posted in a different font so members can easily determine them.
  • For newbies, this can be overwhelming since there are trading jargons that they may be clueless of. Newbies should then familiarize themselves with these jargons so they can catch up on the conversation. IU is, however, already setting up a “getting started” page for beginners.

2 – Swing Trading Chatroom

This one is a formal chatroom too, like the Momentum Chatroom. Their main difference, though, is that this space is focused on Swing Trades unlike the Momentum where general trades can be discussed. This is also held for more than just a day.

3 – OTC Chatroom

This chatroom is quite unpopular to members and only a few of them come here for updates. Most of the times, there are no members logging in this chat room. This is how you can say that the members of Investors Underground are serious about making money online and would rather spend the whole day at the Momentum and Swing Trades Chatrooms.

All three chatrooms are well-maintained and moderators are being assigned in each room to assist members. What makes it stand out from other trading networks is that this group’s mentality is yielded to succeeding in trading. Another notable advantage of IU day trade chatrooms is that you can get a number of trade ideas by just logging in to these chatrooms. In fact, there is a possibility that these chatrooms can be more capable of replacing the most conventional stock screening tools because they are more interactive.

Educational Resources

Although Investors Underground is more popular because of its day trade chat rooms, the program also offers high-quality learning media that are accessible for all members.

Once you subscribe to IU, you will get full access to a wide range of educational resources which are very helpful in your trading career. These resources include:

1 – Stock Watch Lists

Watching the stocks alone can be boring, tiring, uninteresting or a lot of times, very difficult. But when you have others helping you keep an eye on the stocks, you’ll get motivated and you’ll greatly benefit from the extra help you get from more expert members. This is exactly what the stock watch list is all about.

Members can get help on watching the movement of stocks through the stock watch list. IU sees to it that it properly distributes each list so members can easily compare several stocks. It can even serve as a foolproof guide for those who are making decision on the trade.

2 – Video Lesson Library

Like any other businesses, trading is yet another never-ending learning process. Stocks change everyday and so does the trend so there’s always a lot to learn. Investors Underground’s another role to its members is to provide them with video resources that tackle the most common trading issues they may face in the real world and recommendations on how to resolve them.

Every week, 2-3 videos are  being released, and the ones that have already been are kept in the archives section if there’s anyone who want to go back to watch them.

3 – Comprehensive Day Trading Courses

Of course, there are trainings that were created by Nate and his team to equip their members with the fundamental knowledge they need to start with trading. There are extensive courses prepared to improve trading skills too. Some of the subjects you can learn here are chart patterns, money management, brokers, and other important aspects of stock trading– e-courses, blog posts, and other AV media are also part of this.

4 – Stock Trading Webinars

And since the learning should never stop, IU holds a weekly live webinar to cover a wide range of trading topics like short selling and low floats stocks. Q and A portions are also available where members can inquire about trading and this is apart from the chatrooms.

5 – 1-on-1 Mentoring

The IU Elite members get an access to an exclusive mentoring session with seasoned traders of of decades of trading experience a more personalized support.

The perks of 1-on-1 mentoring that IU Elite members enjoy

Investors Underground also offers DVD courses which can be availed by non-members which include:

  • Tandem Trader Day Trading DVD Course – 12 hours of video lesson that provides lessons on Tick-By-Tick Commentary on REAL Trades and Consistently Profitable Day Trading Setups.
  • Text Trading DVD Course – 8 hours of video lessons that will teach you all the basic things you need to learn about trading.
Investors Underground DVD Courses

As for those who want to be a member, here are some of the bundles that Investors Underground created for better value:

Investors Underground membership bundles

As for those who are planning to test the water first before giving their full investment on Investors Underground, they have these monthly membership rates:

Investors Underground - Pros and Cons of Joining

The Pros

  • Transparent trading platform – Investors Underground has a very transparent trading platform which announces every successful single trade without leaving out the losing ones. The approach is also straightforward and honest.
  • Tested program – IU has over $3.1 million verified Broker profits which clearly shows that this network has a good grasp of trading trends.
  • Reliable Member Support – The support in the chatrooms replies to chats right away. You can get indispensable advice from millionaire traders who serve as moderators and key members in the chatrooms.
  • Wide Range of Video Lessons – Members are given access to a huge video library where members can learn the basics and even the weekly trading reports if they want to figure out the movement of stocks.
  • Watch lists – There are daily pre-market and night watch lists that are given to members so they will get an idea on how stock trading happens.
  • Positive chatrooms – Potential winning trades are being discussed in chatrooms so watch out for them as you can get tips from these for your gameplan.

The Cons

  • Pricey – The Investors Underground membership rates are quite costly most especially for those who are just beginning. The monthly subscription has a lowest rate of $197 and the Elite members should pay a hundred bucks higher at $297 a month. This isn’t something inexperienced traders can afford at first although there are great benefits given to members. You can buy the DVD courses, for the meantime, and trade on your own until you get enough funds to register as a member. For a better and cheaper offer, read my review about Wealthy Affiliate here!
  • Crowded Chatroom – Although I mentioned that the response rate of moderators in every chatroom is very good, it is sometimes overwhelming and distracting to watch the chatroom getting flooded by information. It might also take a while before you meet all the members and determine who among them gives the best trading advice.

Investors Underground - What I Found Out That Might Be Likeable

There’s one phrase for this:


Investors Underground has some of the most trading talent when compared to other services. This isn’t a “guru” service where everyone follows the leader. Education and self sufficiency are promoted.

There’s a lot of people to learn from and lots of opportunities for mentorship. At Investors Underground, mentorship consists of personalized support. If you have questions during the day, you can send a private message to Nate or one of the other moderators in the chat room. I was surprised at how helpful Nate was when I had specific questions about my trades.

There are two things to keep in mind before sending any message. First, the moderators are traders and they are actually trading. It may take them some time to get back to you. Second, make sure you ask the right questions. You’ll get the best answers if your questions are well thought out. Broad questions (i.e. is this stock a buy?) and questions that can be Googled (i.e. what is VWAP?) are discouraged. Like any good mentorship, it’s only effective if the mentee is willing to put in the work.

If you’re looking for further support, there’s an entire chat room called “The Trader’s Lounge” for off-topic chatter and support. You can use this room to ask questions or discuss trade ideas during the trading day. Sometimes Nate will go live (mic and screenshare) during the day to answer questions.

If you have questions outside of market hours, you can get them answered during members webinars. There are a few webinars each month for continued learning and personalized attention.

Who Is Investors Underground For?

Newbie or Expert, Investors Underground is good for you.

While it is possible to trade on your own these days given that there are a bounty of free Youtube tutorials online, it can still be challenge. Not everything you need is published online too. There are golds that you can’t mine online and you can only get when you invest a couple of cash.

There are books you can buy at a cheaper price and there are more affordable courses on Udemy too, but you cannot get from these all the added support and guidance you’ll receive from Investors Underground when you sign up as a member of their community.

Remember,  without proper guidance, there’s always the risk of wasting effort, money and time. This happens a lot, especially when what you’re doing is not working at all. The truth is, you can never predict the movement of the stocks and there is no clear formula for this unlike the other ways of making money online like affiliate marketing which has precise criteria on how to succeed.

So if you’ll ask again who it is for?

It is for those who have the time and patience to learn the concepts of trading and familiarize oneself with the ever changing trading trends. It is for those who want to be guided by mentors. It is for those who can pay memberships fees. It is for those who are brave enough to take risks.

Once you start trading, you should know that you can’t always win. You will lose stocks today but you’ll win some tomorrow. You can’t really tell. But with experts at your back, you will be guided on your decision making. The moderators and key members can help you pinpoint the best time to sell stocks and the best time to buy. All these you can’t enjoy when you go as a lone ranger.

Investors Underground Membership - Is It Worth It?

You might be asking yourself now, Is IU a scam? Is the price worth it?

The answer is simple: NO, it is not a scam. it is actually one of the most reliable trading programs out there.

About the price, that depends. If you have enough money to start trading and can afford the membership, I’d say yes it is. It’s definitely more costly compared to others like Wealthy Affiliate but for good reasons and those reasons are more and better membership perks. But I recommend the Elite IU membership subscription only to those who have been into trading for quite a while now since they already have a clear idea on what their career on trading will be. They are the more willing ones to invest further because they already profited from trading.

As for beginners, starting with the DVDs will be a good place to learn trading. Test the water on your own if you can and when you earn your first dollar from it, at least you’ll know that trading will work for you.

As for those who want sure passive income, you might want to consider affiliate marketing instead.

I have been doing affiliate marketing since 2005. Fast forward to 2019, I am now making multi-figure passive income from this business and I want to share to you how I did it. There is one program I recently discovered that helped me widen the scope of my online marketing further and you can read all about it on my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

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