Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool Review 2019: Is It Competent?

Welcome to my Jaaxy Review!

One of the biggest factors that dictate the success of your content in ranking on the SERP is picking the right keyword. But sometimes, finding these keywords can be a grueling task.

Thank goodness we already have all the tools we need served right in front in this new generation.

But can Jaaxy keep up with the other tools that came before it? Let’s find out in my  Review 2019!

I jaaxy for you too?

Keyword research can be very time-consuming. But you have no choice but to go through the process if you want your content to rank on search engines and be seen by more shoppers for you to make more money online.

When you are developing your content, targeting the right keywords by getting some monthly searches can be insanely hard when you do it manually. Knowing your competition on that keyword is the same.

All these can be completed easily and quickly through a keyword research tools like Google Keyword Planner, SEMrush, Buzzsumo, Ahrefs and dozen others. All these I already tried in the past 14 years that I have been working as an affiliate marketer.

Many deliver the results that I want but there’s this new keyword tool that I tried last year when I joined Wealthy Affiliate. And for those who have an idea on what this program is then you guessed it right!

It’s Jaaxy!

For those who are not yet familiar with this keyword research tool, let me introduce you to Jaaxy. We’ll discuss all the ins and outs of this tool as well as its advantages and disadvantages over the other tools. I have some ugly truths listed too.

So read until the end so you’ll know if this is the right time for you to make the switch!


Summary: Jaaxy is a keyword research tool that created by the owners of Wealthy Affiliate to assist not just its members but also those who are non members but are looking for an adept tool to help them target the right keywords.

Product Name: Jaaxy Keyword Research Tool
Founder: Kyle and Carson
Product Type: Keyword Research Tool
Price: Free for Trial Period/ $49 for Pro Subscription/ $99 for Enterprise Subscription/ Free for Wealthy Affiliate members
Rating: 95/100
Best For: All affiliate marketers – newbies and experts – who needs new and competent keyword research tool.

Is Jaaxy for you?

Recommendation: I absolutely recommend using Jaaxy. There are indeed a lot of tools that came before it that are already tried and tested. This newer tool though came strong with its straightforward interface. It is great for beginners who are still trying to find their way to succeed in affiliate marketing. It is good for experts too who want  faster and simpler tool for keyword research.


I have been making money online for 14+ years and it was just last year that I found Wealthy Affiliate. I registered for one good reason – it is a good program with good network of successful affiliates who can help me become more successful. I discussed more about this on my Wealthy Affiliate Review if you want to know more.

Later after doing Wealthy Affiliate for a month, I’ve been introduced to its very own designed affiliate marketing tools. All these tools were created based on the most common issues and troubles that affiliate face in their everyday stint of making money online. So you’ll know it’s good because these tools are SOLUTIONS or IMPROVEMENTS  of the tools that existed before them.

Jaaxy is one!

So what is Jaaxy, really?

Jaaxy is a premium keyword tool built with both beginner and expert affiliate marketers in mind.

I think this tool is greater for newbies, though, because it removes the fluff that other keyword research tools shower them with. Jaaxy is pretty straightforward and beginners can understand the results easily because it is simple. It delivers only the useful and actionable data. With Jaaxy, you’ll know from the start exactly what keyword to target, and whether you can or can’t rank.

Jaaxy is good for expert affiliate marketers too because Jaaxy’s specialty is finding great and totally untapped niches where you can quickly set up a shop and start making money.

These are the trademark abilities of Jaaxy.

Wealthy Affiliate’s Kyle and Carson built Jaaxy as a keyword tool for all the Wealthy Affiliate members. The tool can, however, be used by other affiliate marketers too.

Actually, Jaaxy is not just a simple keyword. It is a whole suite of tools needed for successful online marketing. This comes in a bundle with your Wealthy Affiliate premium membership. So it’s basically free, which is great!

For non-members, you might have to get it for a relatively small subscription fee. The Starters Pack or Trial is free for 30 days then you have the option to upgrade to Pro for $49/month and Enterprise for $99.

Try it for yourself, search for anything below using Jaaxy: 



Jaaxy Research tool works by scraping all search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo to mine all keywords these platforms know about.  Then they take the data, run it through Jaaxy’s native algorithm and present you with a slew of useful keywords.


You just have to input a sample keyword you like to work on then Jaaxy will give you valuable information about the keyword like:

  • Keyword’s competition
  • Why other sites rank using the keyword and how to replicate their success

…and so much more.

Let’s look closer at how Jaaxy will assist you in keyword research.

Jaaxy has been adept as asking the search engines, most especially Google, to hand users the users the most lucrative keywords that they can rank for. The results that Jaaxy gives are:

Let’s take affiliate marketing course as an example for this discussion.

This is how Jaaxy keyword research looks like.


This number shows you the average number of people that search in Google,Bing and Yahoo for that exact phrase.


This number is the estimate of how much traffic you’ll get when you reach the first page of Google. But remember, not all spots on the first page are equal.

QSR- Quoted Search Results

This metric tells you the exact number of sites that are targeting the exact phrase you’re going after. This is crucial info for you because, out of millions of sites about green tea, only those that aim for the exact phrase are your TRUE competition.

If you are arguing me with the update brought about by Google Hummingbird and how that it made it so that sites can rank for topics in general, and not just for specific keywords, let me tell you this:

This is indeed true and happens all the time, but it only applies when Google can’t find a decent relevant result to show to the user. And since Google is a machine, the most relevant result is the one that targets the exact keyword.

This is what separates Jaaxy from other keyword tools- no fluff, just the meat of usefulness and the true competition you need to beat to a pulp.

KQI Keyword Quality Indicator

This is a cheat that can save you time. If you see the KQI results on the screenshot, you’ll see GREAT and NORMAL. This basically summarizes the result. It tells you whether the keyword is worth going after or not.

For any keyword you feed into it, Jaaxy uses its native algorithm to determine whether the keyword is rankable and it tells you in a way that’s easy to understand.

  • Green– great! New sites can rank
  • Orange– normal/good! Aged sites with not a lot of authority can still rank
  • Red– bad! Only huge authority beasts can rank (avoid these time wasters)


This number tells you how good the keyword is.

And that “good” is based on:

  • the traffic the keyphrase gets
  • the quality of sites that already rank for it

So if you see a higher number (90+) that means that you found a gem, a phrase that gets a ton of targeted traffic, yet the SERP’s is weak and ripe for the taking.


This is where Jaaxy shines. The domain result is perfect for finding untapped niches. Jaaxy finds them by discovering perfect exact-match domain names. These rank extremely well in Google, providing that the content is up to snuff.

For example, I searched what domain is good for targeting the keyword affiliate marketing course. It gave me this result:

Domain search resultSo, a website with exact match domain is ruling this mini niche, making thousands of dollars per month.

Related keywords

On the far right, Jaaxy offers you a list of highly related keyword you can either sprinkle in your main article or use them as topics themselves.

Note: What you’ll do largely depends on the keyword’s SEO score. If it has a large search volume but little competition- go for it, build an article around it

If traffic numbers are low, sprinkle them in your article where it makes sense, so you rank passively in the future.

Now let’s look at what you’ll get from each subscription type on Jaaxy.

Jaaxy membership rates

Jaaxy has three membership/subscription tiers:

  • Free (Starter)
  • Pro
  • Enterprise

Here are the differences:

Free Plan

  • You get 30 searches, to test the waters and see how Jaaxy works, and whether it’s a good fit for you.
  • You also get access to all of Jaaxy’s features, not just keyword research. This includes Alphabet Soup, Keyword Research, Affiliate Programs, Search Analysis and so much more.

This trial only lasts for 30 days.

Pro Plan ($49/month)

Pro plan has everything you need to run your online business. It is perfect for beginners, those just starting out, and for those who run just one website and don’t need loads of fancy data.

Enterprise Plan (Price: $99/month)

Enterprise is for power users. Successful marketers who need speed, efficiency and who want to automate and scale keyword research as much as possible.

It has everything Pro offers but pushed to extremes. You’ll get these for extra treat with Enterprise plan:

  • more data
  • Faster
  • Automatic loading (so you don’t have to waste time clicking around)

My honest recommendation- You don’t need Jaaxy Enterprise. It’s just a bit faster than Pro and doesn’t’ bring anything radically new to the table. You’ll be well off with Jaaxy Pro.

However, I recommend you sign up for Jaaxy Starter membership first. It’s free and gives you 30 search to play around with. This will help you decide, later on, on which plan you’ll upgrade to.

You have nothing to lose and you might just find the keyword tool you’ve been looking for.

I  already stressed enough that Jaaxy is a competent keyword research tool.  It makes the job easier with the simple results it shows users.  But apart from that, there’s one more reason I love Jaaxy as a tool for affiliate marketers who want to make money online:

It has an affiliate program!

Yes, they do.

When you open an account with them, even a free one, you get your own affiliate code, which you can then use to promote it to others.

And since Jaaxy is genuine stuff, it’s not that hard to make a sale.

This is how Clickbank works


No affiliate marketing tool is perfect. Like everything else in this world, Jaaxy has flaws too that needs improvement.

SERP source hidden

You can’t really see the SERPS. Yes, you get the data about who’s ranking in real time but you don’t get data about SERP features.

  • Adds
  • carousels
  • image packs
  • featured snippets

These all steal clicks from organic listings, and in extreme cases- make the keyword worthless.

Geo-keywords not available

It is impossible to see keyword data for a specific area or country. The data is always on a global scale. So Jaaxy is not good for local SEO.

Murky backlink data

It is unclear whether Jaaxy counts the number of links directed back to the page you’re analyzing, or the entire site.

You probably heard the SEO saying “Google doesn’t rank sites- it ranks pages”? Jaaxy doesn’t really show you the backlink data of your site.


Yes, Jaaxy is a GOOD and LEGIT keyword tool that’s been around for more than a decade. In fact, thousands of affiliate marketers are using the tool. It is a trusted keyword research tool that’s in competition with the other tools like Google Keyword Planner.

How’s it good?

First of all- it’s not perfect and it has its share of flaws.

However, if you wish to research a new niche’s potential or to uncover a new wholly untapped or simply to brainstorm low competition keywords- Jaaxy is your best bet.

It’s arguably unmatched in the whole keyword-research industry and you’d have great difficulty to find a more robust/useful tool.


Choosing Jaaxy for your keyword research is totally up to you. But here are questions that can help you decide.

Are you a marketer struggling to get meaningful traffic to your site?

Then Jaaxy is for you.

Do you already own a niche website, but now you realize it’s too competitive and you can’t compete?

Then Jaaxy is for you.

Are you someone looking for a keyword tool with accurate metrics, but you also don’t want to get a headache every time you see the report. Are you tired of the fluffy reports built to confuse you?

Then Jaaxy is for you.

But if you’re an already an ultra-successful online marketer or someone with dozens of successful niche websites, then you might find Jaaxy not enough for you.

That is because, while an excellent keyword tool, it doesn’t have the complete details that you can score from other bigger keyword research tools. These are also keyword tools, but also entire suite of tools Jaaxy doesn’t have.

So if you think Jaaxy is enough for your needs then start your free trial today!


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Great and informative review! Jaaxy really helps you to get keywords that are efficient and will ultimately improve your site.

Thanks Bruce. So far Jaaxy is without any doubt the best tool for bloggers to get better ranking on search engine.

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