Long Tail Pro – Best Keyword Research Tool for Affiliates?

Good day and welcome to another review we’re doing to help affiliate marketers out there. Well not just affiliate marketers but anyone with a niche website.

This is the Long Tail Pro Review!

Long Tail Pro is a simple keyword research tool that's easy to use and understand

Keyword has been an important part of any successful website. The keywords you use are the ones that help the netizens find you. But keyword research isn’t always an easy task. You can’t target just any word and expect to improve your visibility. It’s no longer enough too to use single words for your keyword.

As you might already know since you also do your own research and shopping online, people usually have specific queries when they consult Google. For instance, a mom looking for a ball gown for her high school daughter would search something like this on Google:

this is a sample of specific query mos online shoppers make

It’ll now give you millions of suggestions but the top results would direct you to answers from your very specific query. For this specific search, it gave us shops around the area specified and all other shops near Florida.

targeted keywords will give you targeted resutls

Now let’s take a look at the results when you search for “ball gown” only:

general queries lead shoppers to vague results so they always go for specific queries

The first result still points to the most popular ball gown shop online but the rest are suggested shops from farther locations from Florida like Los Angeles and France. And these are definitely not what you are looking for.

Overall, people want specific answers to their specific queries. And for you to rank on Google, you need to know the specific questions they ask on Google.

The traditional and free way of finding this out is to try to imagine that you are the shopper of your product or service. Try to imagine what they would search on Google to find your product. This takes a long time to master. And if you ever come up with a long tail, knowing its strength, popularity, competition, sales it makes, traffic, and monthly search would be a big guessing game.

Fortunately, a lot of tools have been created to help you find long tail keywords quickly and easily. And if you use it right, you can get plenty of organic traffic that’ll help you rank on Google.

Among the most used SEO tools today are Ahrefs, Google Planner, and SEMRush. But there are other competitive players too like my recommended keyword generator tool Jaaxy. And now, there’s another one that’s growing in popularity among bloggers these days and it’s called Long Tail Pro.

Today, we’re going to look into the ins and out of Long Tail Pro. Is it the right keyword research tool to use? Is it as costly as others? Is it complicated to use and understand too?

Let’s find out!


Summary: Long Tail Pro is an SEO tool that’s more focused on finding keywords, especially long tail keywords, although it does have other functions like analyzing the backlink profile of any website. Its interface is simple, and easy to understand and navigate. Finally, its pricing per month is way lower than Ahrefs or SEMrush

Product Name: Long Tail Pro
Founder: Spencer Haws
Product Type: Keyword Research Tool
Price: $25/month for Starter Plan
Rating: 75/100

long tail pro is a keyword research tool used by a lot of online marketers

Recommendation: Yes, I’ll recommend this over Ahrefs and SEMrush for the reason that it is simple and easy to understand. We are not all SEO experts so a complicated analytics hub with graphs and tools that are painful to the eyes are not what we need. We need results that are direct to the point and need no guessing. And this is where Long Tail Pro keyword research tool comes strong. Its results and UI is almost similar with my recommended keyword research tool called Jaaxy.


Long Tail Pro isn’t just a mere keyword research tool, although its main function is to help you find competitive keywords to target. It has other things in store too like tracking backlinks, ranking, and domain authority.

The designer of this tool, Spencer Haws, said he originally designed Long Tail Pro to help you find low competition keywords with high traffic. He aims to make you rank on search engines using keywords that aren’t dense yet but gets so much traffic from researchers.

And it’s easy to use. You just have to input your seek keyword in Long Tail Pro and it will show hundreds of related keywords. You will also get some kind of analytics showing the search volume, number of words, keyword competitiveness, rank value, and advertiser bid of that specific keyword that you are targeting.

Here’s a quick look at a sample search and results generated by Long Tail Pro:

this is how search result in long tail pro looks like

Now as you can see, the results it shows are all in long tail form. Meaning, the keyword consists of 3 or more words. It answers specific questions of researchers like who to ask about affiliate marketing or what affiliate marketers promote, and so on. The results on Long Tail Pro will give you seed keyword+modifier.

There are times when location-specific long tail keywords give better results so you can check out that too by inputting the seed keyword + location.


Using Long Tail Pro is very easy. You simply need to determine your seed keyword which maybe your product or service and input it on the tool.

For example, if you’re going to write a review about mobile phones, you will just have to place mobile phone on Long Tail Pro and it will give you hundreds of suggestions of long tail keywords you can target. If you need something more specific like Samsung mobile phones, then input it on the tool and it will again generate longer keywords based on what you gave.

If you don’t have any idea on what seed keyword to target, you can simply look at your competitors or Amazon, or forums and find out what keywords they’re using. Using our mobile phone example, you can just go to Amazon and place mobile phone on the search field. It will give you suggestions for your search and those suggestions are what people are using on their content.

It works the same way when you are searching on Google. Input a word and it will give you suggestions to complete your query. Look at this as an example:

google tries to complete your query with the top keywords used by netizens

You can use these suggestions on Long Tail Pro to general more specific and more competitive keywords.

Here’s another source:

another source to find the best keywords to work on is the "searches related to" section of a google search result

Now, that you made search on Long Tail Pro, you will see the Avg. KC score, Bid, Rank Value, Words, and Volume of every result. Now, the results are straightforward so it will be really easy for you to pinpoint which long tail keywords are best for you to use.

You have to take note, though, of the KC Score, Volume, and Competition. They are very important in determining whether a keyword is good to target or not.

Here you need to remember these formulas:

KC Score < 35

Competition = Medium

Volume > 100 searches

KC (keyword competitiveness) Score dictates whether your keyword is difficult to target or not. The KC score will look into how authoritative your competitors are. It will also score the keyword according to the number of links using the keyword.

Scores under 30 usually tells you that they keyword is easy to target. More than it has either medium or difficult competitiveness.

Now here’s the takeaway…

You don’t want to target a keyword that has high search volume but very difficult to compete in. Imagine joining a swimming competition where there are thousands of other people fighting to win the title. It’s the same in keyword competition.

You have to go where there are lesser competitors but the title is so great and the prize is too big that you need to do your best.

Overall, the rule is to use keywords that are easy to medium; with KC scores 35 and below.

Competitor Analysis

Like I mentioned a while back, if you do not know what keywords to target, you can look at what your competitors are using.

To make this task easier, you can simply click on the keyword you want to target on the Long Tail Pro results page and it will take you to the Competition Analysis page.

long tail pro competition analysis

This will give you your top competitors using the keyword you wish to target. There are so much points it analyzes your competitor for but you might only need to focus on the external backlinks, average keyword competitiveness, trust flow, citation flow, competitor title and URL.

Another feature you can enjoy on Long Tail Pro is the Rank Tracker.


In this page, you’ll get a simple chart and graph showing the performance of your keywords like this:

long tail keyword research tool competition analysis page

You can easily know if your keyword is doing well if the graph is going up. The chart, on the other hand, tells you how many of your keywords are ranking 1-3 or 4-10 or 11-20, and so on, on search engines.

Long Tail Pro automatically checks the ranks of your keywords on Google every 24 hours. You can also change the settings to know your ranking performance on other countries or other search engines like Yahoo or Bing.


Long Tail Pro isn’t as expensive as its competitors. Monthly subscription starts at $25 where you get to enjoy:

  • 800 keywords per day
  • 800 KC calculations per day
  • 800 SERP lookups per day
  • 30 Tracked Keywords
  • Unlimited Tracked Domains
  • Daily Rank Updates
  • 1 Simultaneous login

Other plans are priced as follows:

long tail pro monthly subscription pricing


I mentioned a while back that Long Tail Pro is almost similar as my recommended keyword research tool like Jaaxy. But when it comes to simplicity, Jaaxy is winner. Meaning, even newbies won’t get a hard time in figuring out the results. Plus the pricing of Jaaxy is based on the monthly subscription of my #1 recommended affiliate marketing program called Wealthy Affiliate.

So it’s not just Jaaxy that you get in the $49 fee you need to pay monthly. You get other things like free courses, community, site builder, opportunity to promote as an affiliate, and so on. Look at this image:

this is what jaaxy keyword research tool result looks like

Here, you get more than just the long tail keyword, you also get other related keywords on the side which you can just click to see its longer forms and their scores.

What I like best is the Alphabet soup where it gives you modifiers from a-z, meaning thousands of keyword suggestion for every seed keyword you analyze on Jaaxy.

jaaxy alphabet soup

Jaaxy has other things in store too which are also present in Long Tail Pro like Site Rank and Track Rankings.

Overall, Long Tail Pro’s advantage over Jaaxy is its lower pricing. Upgrading to Pro, though, is another story.



  • Multiple search is allowed in Long Tail Pro, making the work faster. You can search up to 5 seed keywords at a time.
  • KC Score is accurate and it is a good identifier whether a long tail keyword is good to target or not.
  • The competition analysis is a great place to see what your competitors are using and doing with their long tail keywords.


  • Comparing it to my recommended keyword research tool, you only get to enjoy keyword research tool for the price you pay. Ahrefs and SEMrush too offers other analytics features along with keyword research in their plans.
  • It will be nicer if it added other related keywords so you won’t be stuck with just what you know
  • The limit of long tail keyword it shows can still be higher.


Definitely not but it’s one of the better tools to use. If you are a newbie, the pricing of this tool is an advantage. The simplicity is also what you need so you can understand the results.

But for SEO experts, this tool may not be enough for them as they want to get to the root of the competition, hence using more extensive tools like Ahrefs and SEMrush.

But if you are just a simple affiliate marketer who wants to get more value for your money, then you can try Jaaxy. Here’s a widget you can try to experience how it works:

As I mentioned earlier, Jaaxy is just a part of my #1 recommended affiliate marketing program. If you want to learn more about what you can get on your $49, then read my Wealthy Affiliate Review.

And if you are ready to learn more about keywords, site building, and affiliate marketing, then join me at Wealthy Affiliate by clicking on the link below.

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