Market Health Affiliate Review – Is it Legit or Scam?

Welcome to this Market Health Affiliate Review!

If you are looking to become an affiliate marketer, you should look for niches that you are interested in and with a lot of legit networks and programs where you can get offers that you can promote.

If you research about the best-selling niches online, you’ll definitely see health and beauty anywhere in the top 3 spots. No. In fact, Beauty remains to be at number 1 spot while Health and Weight loss nabs the 2nd spot.

So it will be perfect to start in these niches. Besides, with so many “vain” people out there, you’ll surely be able to sell 1 or more per day.

So imagine the commission you’ll make.

Tempted already?

Know more about Market Health Affiliate in this exciting review!

Market health affiliate offers all these features to its members

The health and beauty industry is very saturated. For shoppers it means more difficult time to choose the perfect item, but for us affiliates, this means more chances of making money.

Market Health Affiliate is one of the most trusted networks in this niche. More than Clickbank, many affiliates prefer to promote offers from Market Health Affiliate because of the legit and popular products in its portfolio. The commission is also high ranging from 50-60%.

So what more can an affiliate ask?

Today, in this Market Health Affiliate Review, we will find out more about the network and how you can make money through this channel. So stay tuned and let’s start talking about this great business.


Summary: Market Health Affiliate is a legit affiliate network that promotes mainly beauty and health products. It has been around for 2 decades and many marketers are registering to the network for 2 reasons: the wealth of offers and the high commission.

Product Name: Market Health
Product Type: Health & Beauty Affiliate Network
Price: FREE
Rating: 85/100
Best For: Everyone searching for network that offers high commission and sells legit products. It is perfect for those who are into health and beauty niches too.

There are a lot of good reasons to join Market Health Affiliate and one of my favorite is the high commission.

Recommendation: Of course I recommend this 100 percent legit network most especially to those who want to make a lot of money online.


Like I mentioned already, Market Health Affiliate is an affiliate network that promotes the world’s leading beauty and health products and services that are all over the net. Basically, it is a collection of the best offers so it will be easier for you to find what you want to promote on your website.

It is free to join market health affiliate and they are willing to pay you more if you are able to make 20 sales per dayThe Market Health Affiliate Network is a global leader in the health and beauty industry offering a wide variety of business opportunities for our affiliates and merchants.

The network was established since 1998 but it was just lately that a huge mass of people started shopping for health products through online shops. With the help of technology – mobile phones and fast internet, members of the Market Health Affiliate has grown so big. Following this, it has already become the leader in health and beauty marketing industry.

Affiliates will benefit a lot from this network since the offers are seemingly limitless.


Like any other affiliate programs and networks, the first thing you should do is to sign up as a member in the Market Health Affiliate website. It is free to register. After you receive a confirmation email, your account will be automatically activated and you can start accessing your dashboard.

You will find offers from the Options bar. You will see the programs inside the network which are already categorized per country. Currently, Market Health Affiliate boasts over 200 offers per country.

you will find offers from different countriesNow from this list, you can choose one or more and see the details on how to promote the product. You will then get your tracking link, banners, landing page, custom tracking and other important tools to help you in your affiliate marketing.

Like how you do in other programs, you simply have to copy the affiliate link and position them smartly on your website. So you can place them in your banners, CTAs, and of course, your content.

Be sure to create quality content so you can rank online. Most shoppers will click on contents that are on the first page of SERP, so you need to aim to rank on search engines.

The things you need?

1. A working website

If you have been doing affiliate marketing on a different niche in the past, it is not wise to mix a new niche with it. So it will be best to set up anew that’s dedicated for marketing Market Health Affiliate products only.

I have a couple of suggestions on my blog on which web builder to use. But my most recommended web builder is Site Rubix, powered by Wealthy Affiliate.

2. Topics

Of course, you need a topic to blog. You can do anything related to health and beauty where you can mention and insert your affiliate links. You can discuss how to keep your skin moisturized even if you work at night or how can you stay slim when you want to eat tons and tons of meat.

Doing evergreen blogs will also help your content to stay on top of the SERP even after 4 years since the blog was first published.

3. Readers/Shoppers

To make sales, you need to have readers who will buy from you. And I already told you that shoppers usually click on blogs that are on the first to fifth ranks on the SERP. Very few would check results on the second page.

Find out what shoppers need and be sure to write quality contents around that “need.” Quality contents should have the answers to the questions that shoppers may have as they search online. So it’s okay to write long blogs for as long as the points of discussion are relevant to the topic you chose.

Free Resources and Tools to Help you in Your Affiliate Marketing

I already mentioned about free tools inside the Market Health Affiliate that help members make a commission. Some other networks and programs don’t provide these tools so you are lucky to get bonuses along with your free sign up.

For every referral, you get 50-60% commission. It is not far from Clickbank’s 70% and your major advantage is the quality of the products you market. Another difference is that Clickbank usually offers digital products – ebooks or subscriptions to healthy programs.

But for Market Health Affiliate, you will be promoting physical products.

Payout can be twice a month which usually falls on the first and 16th day of every month. The minimum amount you can withdraw is $20.

There are different ways you can withdraw your commissions every 1st and 16th of the monthAnother thing to celebrate about being a Market Health Affiliate member is the recurring income.

What does this mean? It means once you sell to a customer and this customer buys again in the future, you will get the same rate of commission. And this is a real passive income where you made an effort only once but you still benefit from your stint for a long time. This is why customer loyalty is important for affiliates too.

How do you achieve it? Again, through quality content.

Make your content like the customer is already experiencing the product when they are reading your blog. This is the most effective way of convincing them to buy through your link.


The Pros

There are so many advantages of joining this affiliate network, including:

  • The best thing about joining Market Health Affiliate is that you can demand for a higher pay if you are making 20 sales per day. But be ready with the negotiation because while this is possible, you need to request it first and wait for the approval.
  • Unlike eBay and Amazon, Market Health Affiliate offers 30 days cookies for all of their products and offers. Meaning, there’s more chances for you to earn more.
  • Market Health Affiliate offers one of the best commission rates in the world of affiliate marketing. Commission starts at 50% for sale made.
  • Payout happens fortnightly. You will receive your commission every first and 16th day of the month.
  • It is quite easy to promote products in the Market Health Affiliate Network because some of the products already come with banners. Affiliates can just copy the banners and paste them on the website and start waiting for sales to happen.
  • Market Health Affiliate makes it easier for affiliates to make sales by sending them coupons they can use to attract customers.
  • The network provides a campaign management system to help its affiliates track their marketing success.
  • And finally, the gold in this network, the recurring income which I already discussed earlier. You can make money over and over with the same customer buying from the same link.

The Cons

  • Market Health Affiliate only sells their products and won’t let any other merchant in. Some affiliates are discouraged by this fact because even if they have hundreds of offers, there are other products outside that are more preferred by shoppers that are not in their portfolio.
  • Commissions are based on Cost Per Action (CPA), Cost Per Sale (CPS) or Cost Per Lead (CPL) which make it difficult to make recurring sales. So while they support recurring income, it’ll actually be a challenge to make repeat sales.


While it seems like 200+ products is already many, you are wrong. The health and beauty markets are constantly inventing products and some of them are not in the Market Health Affiliate network.

If you compare these 200 products to Amazon’s thousands of selection, some shoppers would still prefer to browse through the bigger selection since they can get better options.

Also, they sell their products alone which I already told you earlier that there are products outside their portfolio that are better than theirs.


Definitely not!

There were complaints I read telling they were not paid for the sales they made for the network, but there are no proofs that they were not paid. Besides, there are so many testimonials that say it is legit and that they made a lot of money since joining the network.

Another admirable thing that makes the network legit is that you will still get your commission even if the customer returns the item.

Also, the products are displayed online. The actual products posted online are proofs that the items exist, making it easier for affiliates to promote the products.


Now that we learned what this network is all about and that it is not a scam, let’s see who’s it for.

Market Health Affiliate Network is best for affiliate marketers who are interested in the health and beauty niche. Actually, I’ll recommend this to those who have been using, if not their products, similar items as theirs since they have the best understanding of what they are blogging about.

The commission is to crave for and so does the 30-day cookie duration.

You will really have a high chance of earning money in this Market Health Affiliate.

If you think you are not yet equipped with the tools you need to start promoting for Market Health Affiliate, then start completing your requirements by getting my preferred tools like:

  • Jaaxy – keyword research tool that’s important for finding out the right keyword to target so you will rank on Google
  • Site Rubix – one of the best web builders
  • Ahrefs – analytics tool to see if your website is performing well or not
  • And so much more you can check on My Preferred Tools here at Smart Start Affiliate.

And if you want to learn more about affiliate marketing before signing up with Market Health Affiliate, then learn the basics and some advanced techniques at Wealthy Affiliate. Join me in our network today!

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