Hello and welcome to this Paribus Cash Bash Shopping Online App Review!

Do you love online shopping like crazy? Well, many are addicted to it because of the many great deals and promos online. Plus it is so convenient to shop from your phone and just have to wait for your items to be delivered to your front door.

But today, many apps have made online shopping more pleasing than you imagined. How about shopping but still earning some of your money back?

Yes there’s such already!

Have you heard of cash back on shopping?

It works like this: you went shopping from an ecommerce and you scored a power bank for $80. After 15 days, the price of the item you bought went down to $58 – a difference of $22! It’s such a waste, but not anymore. Now you checked your receipt and there’s a note on cash back in 30 days. This is how you can refund that $22 mark down from the vendor!

And to help you be reminded of items on your shopping list with available cash back and to help you to collect the refund too, cash back apps were made.

It’s similar to the previous app that I reviewed – Ibotta.

This time, I will share with you an overview of the Paribus app. Will it help you save money? Is it a way to make money online? Is it just urging you to spend more?

We’ll find out here today in this Paribus Cash Back Shopping Online App Review!

paribus cash back shopping online app helps shoppers find out if there are available opportunities for refund

Many online shoppers are on Paribus because of the number of merchants it is monitoring. While it is not actually intended to help you make money online, it will help you save money as you shop online.

It is legit but not everyone in the world can use it.

Let’s start getting to know more about Paribus cash back shopping online app.


Summary: Paribus is a cash back app you can install on your Android or iOS phones. It will alert you whenever a cash back opportunity is available. You can collect the cash back through the app too. It’s easy to use and understand.

Product Name: Paribus
Founder: CapitalOne
Product Type: Cash back app
Price: FREE
Rating: 75/100
Best For: People who are always shopping online so they can save money from refund.

Paribus monitors merchants for price drops, late deliveries and returns

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I’m sure you already experienced the scenario I presented earlier. You shop today and then the next day, you’ll learn that it was put on sale. Are they mocking you? Don’t worry; you can demand your share on the sale that you missed too!

Most of the time, you miss sale and mark down offers because you didn’t know. This is where Paribus becomes your loyal best friend.

Paribus is a mobile app acquired by CapitalOne in 2016. It aims to help keep shoppers on track whenever there’s a price drop from the merchants they are monitoring. And when this happens, you can check you receipt whether you are eligible for cash back.

Who gives cash backs?

There are retailers who offer price guarantee. This means that if the price of the items they sell suddenly drops within a certain period from your purchase (say 1-30 days), they can give you refund that amounts to the difference.

The process usually goes:

  1. Determining the price change
  2. Reaching out to the merchant and show your receipt
  3. Wait for the merchant to approve your refund

Sounds like a tedious process? Don’t worry. Paribus will do all the work for you.

This cash back shopping online app can monitor your receipt for the items you recently purchased and will notify you whenever there’s a price drop. It will also do the other processes of requesting the refund from the merchant and sending the cash back to you.

Late Delivery

But it’s not only from price drops that you can earn money. Paribus also monitors the delivery status of your orders. There are several merchants who offer compensation for their delayed shipment.

The app tracks your emails about and acts once a shipment is detected late. However, you should keep in mind that this service is not eligible for every company. Also, you need to have paid the item in full for the guaranteed shipping.


Paribus quietly browses through the receipts of shopping transactions you do online. The app compares the price on your receipt with the current prices of the merchant you bought from.

If the app detects a price drop or a missed coupon, then you will be notified. But it doesn’t stop there. Paribus will reach out to the company you bought from and will help you process the refund. You will then see a summary of refunds obtained every end of the month.

It is so simple to use Paribus app to find opportunities for refundsPermissions Needed

But in order for Paribus to do its job, you need to give it an access to some of your information. This includes access to your email account. While it sounds scary, you can just create an email intended for your online shopping activities. This way, it won’t go over your other personal mails.

You can find all the privacy and support details on the Paribus support page.

But what you might want to now right now, right here in this review is does it store your password? Does it sell your information? Why should it be able to send and delete your emails?

Well, here are the answers:

First, Paribus won’t copy and store your password. If you ever choose to open an account with Paribus using your Google credentials, it will put your username and password in an encrypted format.

Second, it will never sell your data.

And finally, on their Privacy Rules, they state that they never read your personal emails. They are only scanned for keywords containing the word “shipping.” Since most receipts from online transactions are being sent to your email, it is important for them to gain access and see which emails they should monitor. Besides, the subject of emails speaking about shipping will have the word “shipping,” so it knows right away what emails it can access and do not.

Supported Retailers

Paribus monitors several merchantsParibus has grown so much that it now has 30 partner retailers. If you shop from these stores, the app will be able to help you get refunds.

The list of monitored retailers has fluctuated some over the years. That’s because Paribus is not in control of the actual policies for stores. They must abide by the rules of the price protection policy for each company it works with.

The merchants monitored by Paribus and what the app monitors them for:

  1. Amazon – it used to allow Paribus to contact them for price guarantee and late delivery. But the update banned Paribus from contacting them directly. However, you can still use Paribus to notify you of refunds and late delivery but you will have to contact Amazon on your own.
  2. Bloomingdale’s – price drop and missed coupons within 10 days upon purchase
  3. Macy’s – price drop and missed coupons within 10 days upon purchase
  4. Best Buy – price adjustments for price drops and missed coupons within 14 days upon purchase. But like Amazon, you need to process and claim the refund on your own.
  5. Newegg –price drops for products with the Price Match Guarantee badge within 14 calendar days
  6. Staples – price drops and missed coupons within 14 days upon purchase
  7. Target – price adjustments for price drops and missed coupons within 14 days upon purchase. But like Amazon, you need to process and claim the refund on your own.
  8. Bonobos – price drops and missed coupons within 14 days upon purchase, if the item and size is still in stock
  9. Crew – price drops and missed coupons within 7 days upon purchase only on full-priced goods
  10. Zappos – price drops within 10 days after purchase
  11. Nordstrom -price drops within 14 days after purchase
  12. Banana Republic – price drops within 14 days after purchase of full-priced products
  13. Gap – price drops within 14 days after purchase of full-priced products
  14. Old Navy – price drops within 14 days after purchase of full-priced products
  15. Athleta – price drops within 14 days after purchase of full-priced products
  16. Walmart – price adjustments available for up to 90 days after purchase. No refunds for purchase made on Black Friday and Cyber Monday
  17. Kohl’s – price drops and missed coupons within 14 days upon purchase
  18. Office Depot – price drops and missed coupons within 14 days upon purchase
  19. Neiman Marcus – price drops within 14 days after purchase of full-priced products, Online Clearance items or special promotional items are not eligible
  20. Saks Fifth Avenue – price drops within 7 days after purchase
  21. Costco – price drops and missed coupons within 30 days upon purchase
  22. Home Depot – price drops within 90 days of after purchase
  23. Sears – price drops within 30 days of your order. But, no adjustments are granted between Thanksgiving Day and the Wednesday after Thanksgiving
  24. Crate & Barrel – no explicit policy
  25. Bed Bath & Beyond – no explicit policy
  26. REI – price drops and missed coupons within 14 days upon purchase
  27. L. Bean – no explicit policy
  28. Anthropologie – price drops within 14 days after shipment
  29. Loft – price drops and missed coupons within 7 days upon purchase only on full-priced goods. Special promotions are not eligible
  30. Wayfair – – price drops and missed coupons within 7 days upon purchase, if the item is still in stock

Overall, policies can vary depending on the merchant. So you need to check too on their conditions to see if you are indeed eligible for refund.


Signing up is easy. You just need to download the app, which is 100% free, provide permissions and then you are set to go.

You don’t need to provide a credit card to setup an account. You only need a valid email address to apply. You can only sign up though using Gmail, Yahoo! And Outlook.

These three services provide token-based authentication, so you don’t need to provide your email password. It helps keep everything more secure.


Like I mentioned, Paribus will monitor your receipt as well as price drops on the merchants listed above. When it detects a price drop of $3.00 or more, it will file a claim where eligible. Of course, it will notify you of the possible refund.

But there is no guarantee that the companies will approve the refund request. Any refunds obtained will be applied by the merchant to the card you used for payment. Hence, the payment method will vary from merchant to merchant. It usually takes 3-7 days to claim the cash back.



  • You’ll have a digital calendar-like app that reminds you every time there’s an opportunity for refund.
  • You can get a few cash back from your purchase which means you got some savings
  • There’s no need for you to manually review receipts and compare it with the merchant price everyday which is a bit of a hassle if you are busy.


  • You need to grant the app an access to your email
  • There is no guarantee that you’ll be approved for refund even if you are eligible to have the cash back.
  • It is partnered with only a few merchants unlike other apps which monitors over a hundred stores.


Definitely SAFE to try!

The first thing you have to note about Paribus every time you’d doubt about its legitimacy is that it is owned by Capital One, which offers credit cards and online bank accounts.

Another thing is that your email data is stored in an encrypted format (using AES 128 encryption)so you don’t have to worry too much that you’re details will be leaked. There are also multiple security mechanisms in place to protect your information

There are privacy concerns about granting so much access to your emails. One way that you can minimize this is by opening a new email address. You can simply forward all your receipts to it.

Then the only emails that will be involved will be receipts.


Paribus can be a good app to use when you are always relying on shopping online. However, only residents of the United States and Puerto Rico can sign up. Additionally, you have to be at least 18 years old to be eligible to make a valid email address you can use to confirm your Paribus account.

If you are comfortable about sharing your email, then this is okay to use but if not, then you can try another cash back apps that don’t need to go through your email. You can also do my suggestion earlier which is to create a separate email intended only for your shopping online.

Finally, if you rarely shop at the supported stores, creating an account might not be a good idea. You may never see any results from it.

However, if you shop frequently at the stores listed, Paribus can be a good way to help you claim the refunds you are eligible for.

Overall, this is not a way for you to make money online but it is a way to help you save as you spend money online.

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