Rapid Profit System – Legit & Fast Way to Make $336 Per Day?

What’s new in my blog? The Rapid System Profit Review!

A lot of people have been asking me about this affiliate marketing course program. “Is it true that we can make $336 per day after taking the program?” “Does it really work?” “Is it legit?”

These are just some of the questions that I get from my readers who are seeking for an affordable and legit way to learn affiliate marketing.

I launched Smart Start Affiliate on a mission to discover the golden money making opportunities available online. Having reviewed a couple of different programs and products, I can tell you that I’ve already seen a lot of brilliant and rubbish courses.

So today, you’ll find out whether I can recommend Rapid Profit System to aspiring entrepreneurs like yourself or not.

Rapid Profit System promises to help you mke $336 per day

There’s an easy way to make money online. That is through Affiliate Marketing!

Many are trying to know the secret to successfully achieving 5-6 figure commissions online.  And you can with proper training and guidance!

Rapid Profit System claims to be time tested affiliate marketing profit that its founders have been using for years to top leaderboards. They said they can help people make $336 per day like they do.

I first came across this program back in 2015 when I wasn’t with the community that I am with now. I looked into it to see how it my affiliate income will sky rocket with their products. Unfortunately, the program is more for newbies and not for experienced entrepreneurs like me. So I continued searching and found my #1 recommended program, which I’ll tell you about later in this blog.

But if you are looking for a good deal in affiliate marketing that’s simple, short, straightforward, this program will be sufficient.

Let’s find out why.


Summary: Rapid Profit System is a solid affiliate marketing program that offers course and a few bonuses which is 100% legit. The contents are well put together for newbies to comprehend. But for the part of making $336 per day, this is something you should work on. It is not a gift given to you as soon as you finish the course.

Product Name: Rapid Profit System
Founder: Omar and Melinda Martin
Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Course
Price: $19.95 + upsells
Rating: 75/100
Best For: Beginners who have very little understanding of affiliate marketing and would want to learn more or find out more about this make money online niche.

It is legit so why not. You can take the course if you are a beginner in online marketing. But be cautious because you might spend more on paid traffic that they are suggesting. I have my #1 recommended affiliate marketing program, which you can check at the bottom button of this page. But first, let’s look at why I think this program is great but can’t recommend this 100% to all affiliates.


Rapid Profit System is an affiliate marketing course and program that was created by entrepreneur couple Omar and Melinda Martin from Higher Level Strategies Inc.

Omar and melinda are the founders of Rapid Profit SystemThis product is seen on JVZoo along with the couple’s other popular products like Internet Marketing Clinic and My Unfair Advantage.

The program claims to help you make $336 per day even as a complete beginner. And by this promise, do you really think it’s possible?

Affiliate marketing surely has the ability to let you earn hundreds of bucks per day. But it takes a while to do so. Why? First, you need to establish relationship with your audience by putting up a website with traffic. And for you to earn traffic, you have to tell Google that you have tons of smart blogs that will be useful to online marketers. Once your site ranks on Google and become a trusted source for shoppers, then yes, you can even earn more than $336 per day!

So do you really think a newbie can achieve this just after going through the program?

I bet not.

But don’t get me wrong. This isn’t a scam. Many received their courses and made money along the way but not the amount that the couple promised that newbies can make.

Can you really earn this much without skills nd website, whatsoever?Affiliate marketing is proven and legitimate way to make money online so at the very least I can assure you that the affiliate marketing method being taught is not a scam.

The program really provides valuable lessons that beginners should know to kick start their affiliate marketing business. Paid traffic is one of the secrets used by this program to boost your rank online. So even if you are a beginner, there’s a chance of making money on your day 1.


So what exactly can you get from Rapid Profit System?

You only need to buy the course for $19.95 and you will be given 3 phases of training with each phase having 5 video tutorials each to guide you on how to implement the strategies recommended by Rapid Profit System.

Here’s an overview of the phases:

the rapid profit system productsPhase 1 – Your Ideal Market

Phase 1 discusses the aspects of finding a profitable niche. There are tons of niches to choose from in affiliate marketing. Some of the most popular are beauty, health, weight loss, trading, etc. The first step to successful affiliate marketing is choosing the right niche. This can tell you how quickly you’ll profit but be careful too that you won’t choose a very saturated niche.

Beauty niche is already overcrowded with thousands of affiliates competing for the #1 spot on Google. And if you don’t have the talent to do a great blog, then you should step down to other niches where you can get a higher chance to rank.

Other topics covered in this phase are:

  • Tips on locating potential customers
  • Tips on attracting more buyers of the products you promote
  • Planning promotions
  • Things you should avoid when running campaigns

Overall, Phase 1 covers the fundamentals of starting an affiliate marketing website.

Phase 2 – Your Affiliate Funnel

Phase 2 discusses the importance of sales funnel in your affiliate marketing venture and how you should use it in order to profit as much as you can. If you don’t know what  sales funnel is, then you are likely losing customers.

Sales funnel is a consumer-focused marketing model that serves as a guide for marketers to know how they can make shoppers buy goods from them. The structure includes:

  • Awareness – the customer should be aware of the existence of a product or service
  • Interest – actively expressing an interest in a product group
  • Desire – aspiring to a particular brand or product
  • Action – taking the next step towards purchasing the chosen product

With these, you can come up with strategies on how to get customers coming to your website.

Other areas covered in this phase are:

  • Steps to building your email list
  • How to maximize your return on investment
  • How to offer bonuses to your potential buyers
  • How to implement targeted follow up emails

One of the tools you can utilize in your sales funnel is a high quality landing page. This could either help you convert to sales or create cold leads.

Phase 3 – Your Traffic Campaign

The third phase covers elements of marketing campaigns. It will also discuss how you can distribute your landing page on different platforms by using Facebook ads, Google ads and other ad networks. This is what I mentioned a while back. RPS focuses on paid traffic. Sometimes, people using RPS have to invest more money than they make income so be very smart when using this strategy.

This phase discusses how to find “motivated buyers” using an email list and paid ads.

Other topics covered in phase 3:

  • Generating traffic with Facebook
  • Email marketing techniques
  • Attracting large audiences for your offer

Along with the front end RPS course, you’ll also be given a bunch of bonuses that come along with it, they include the following:

You will also get:

free from rapid profit system

  • Free giveaways for your visitors to convince them to buy
  • List of resources where you can access PLR (Private Label Rights) material which you can offer as bonus to your audience
  • Funnel building, list building, and advertising courses
  • Template to create quality landing pages to use in your sales funnel

Rapid Profit System also has a couple upsells which include:

Upsell #1 RPS – OP2 Bonus Template

  • Professionally designed and “READY TO EDIT” template for creating Optimize Press Bonus Page.
  • Believed to help you make hundreds of thousands of dollars in affiliate sales.

Upsell #2 RPS – Crush Campaign PDF

  • Contains follow-up email series to create higher conversions in your campaigns.
  • Claimed to be a proven and tested technique to win some of the biggest cash prices to date.
  • Claimed to When you learn the secrets to the Launch Crush Factor, you’ll be amazed at how fast it gets you results!

upsell items from rapid profit system

The program is reasonably priced at $ 19.95. But like I mentioned, many people are willing to pay this amount because of the promise that they can make $336 as soon as they join the program and execute the strategies recommended by RPS.

But like I also mentioned, Rapid Profit System will encourage you to use paid ads to increase your traffic. Still, it’s not guaranteed that all the visitors you get from this traffic will buy from you. What if you have good traffic but your blog didn’t satisfy them? Then you lose the $100 or $200 or $300 you invested.

I’ve been doing affiliate marketing since 2004 and I’ve never seen anyone make $336 –PER DAY AT THAT – on their first month of doing the business. You need time to grow your audience and build trust with shoppers.

So it is up to you to answer the question: “Can I really make $336 right after I joined the program?”


Although, I think that earning $336 for a beginner is farfetched, this is a legit program.

Here are other good things about this program.

The Pros

  1. Lessons are valuable for your journey to successful affiliate marketing.
  2. The training videos are easy to understand and are beginner friendly.
  3. Great value for money.
  4. The products are real and the founders went through what they claim they when through, hence this is a honest testimonial of how they achieved success.

The Cons

For the cons, I already discussed that their suggestion of using paid ads can turn out to be more expensive than the profit you’ll gain, most especially on the first months. Earning as much is $336 per day as a beginner with no clues isn’t also possible, in my honest opinion.

Furthermore, tools that are important in building websites – as I assume that if you are a newbie, you’ll definitely start this program without website – so it will still turn out to be costly to start your venture.

But there’s a program I use that will teach you techniques that gives lifetime results. Yes, it will take a little time to master the whole thing, some would even take a few months to gain audience. But the very secret to successful affiliate marketing is quality content. My #1 recommended program –do you want to know it?

We’re almost there!


Definitely not! The products are real and you get them as soon as you pay. The course is solid for its price. Looking into the topics, they will do for teaching newbies, like they claim.


Like I said, Rapid Profit System is legit! But the part where you make $336 per day, I think it’s overpromising. Although the price is reasonable for its contents, it could have been nice to be really helpful to beginners and provide them with a few more tools they can use to start their website.

Now, I want to tell you about my #1 recommended affiliate marketing training program. Wealthy Affiliate is rich in training lessons that will help you all the way to success. But it’s not focused only to helping you learn the basics. It has tools you can utilize like Site Rubix web builder and Jaaxy keyword research tool. These tools are very important so you can rank up on search engines. And when you rank up? That means more chances of gaining customers.

But there’s more. You also get a supportive network who you can consult with every now and then to know if you are on the right track. It also has an affiliate program so after your course, you can go straight ahead to making money online.

Sounds exciting?

Join me in the Wealthy Affiliate program and let’s start making lots and lots of money! Join me by clicking on my link below!

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