Ready Made Websites for Sale at Human Proof Designs Review

Welcome to my in-depth Human Proof Designs Review, where we will look together whether read-made websites for sale are the best options for your affiliate marketing or not.

For many newbies, rather than going through the tedious process of creating a website from scratch, they are now turning to shopping pre-made and running website. For them, this is a great way to score high-revenue websites to increase their profits. Human Proof Designs (HPD) is one of the popular sources of these websites.

And in this post, we’ll find out why people are shopping at Human Proof Designs.

Human Proof Designs sells ready made websites plus other more products to help you gain a website that's already ready to earn

Human Proof Designs can bridge the gap from where you are to where you want to be when it comes to building a website for your online business. Whether you are to focus on blogging, or affiliate marketing, or SEO building, HPD has something for you.

Being an affiliate marketer for 14 years, I found out that one of the important factors in achieving success is a good website. It needs to be up and running and it is important too for it to be properly optimized.

All these you can find in just one place – the Human Proof Designs.

And in this blog, we’ll find out what else you can buy at HPD apart from sites, how it can help you make more money online, and the types of ready made websites for sale at their shop.


Summary: Human Proof Designs is a legit shopping place for websites. They have sites that you can use to kickstart your journey to a full-time making money online gig. If you have the budget for it then you can shop a site that won’t ever disappoint.

Product Name: Human Proof Designs
Founder: Dom Wells
Product Type: Ready made affiliate marketing websites
Price: $798-$1497
Rating: 85/100
Best For: Those who are starting and want the easy route to starting an online business, especially affiliate marketing.

more and more people are buying ready made websites from human proof designs

Recommendation: I definitely recommend buying from Human Proof Designs if you ever came to the decision of buying a website instead of creating one.

Apart from those who want to start right away on making money online, those who are clueless on web-creation can check in at Human Proof Designs to scour the website they need. There are thousands of website to choose from so whatever their niche may be, they will surely find one that will fit their needs.


Human Proof Designs was founded by Dom Wells. A few years back he said he was wondering what people who are new to online business need in order to reach their goals.

Then it came to him that a service that builds ready made websites from scratch, target keywords, and optimized for search engine results is what they need to help them start making money online.

He said:

“The downside to creating your first affiliate marketing site from the ground up is that you feel incredibly frustrated and can end up with a terrible website the first time, and many have tried to learn how to properly create sites.

The advantage of using us is that we already know how to create efficient and profitable sites.

We know which topics work, we know how to set up add-ons and how to use keywords. We know how to write articles that are for sale, we know how to use social media.”

Indeed, it gets frustrating when you start your first website. I also once wasted so much time having to learn through trial and error method. Surely, there are advantages on learning how to do website on your own. One is you can easily fix simple errors when they occur and can save money for little troubles.

But at times, it would be a big advantage to opt for ready made websites for sale. You can save time, but best of all, you can build the confidence, knowing that you have a properly working website. You’ll know for certain that your investment won’t go to waste.


Human Proof Designs has four major offerings:

  1. Niche-targeted ready made websites for sale
  2. Content for sale
  3. Keyword targeted article packs.
  4. SEO packs.

These services are meant to work together to build a keyword targeted website that brings in traffic from Google and makes you sales.

In fact, it’s possible for you to build a business without even having to lift a finger, besides telling them what you want; they’ll do everything else for you.

Just invest the cash.


There are 4 types of website creation services offered by Human Proof Designs:

Ready-Made Niche Sites

ready made websites are Human Proof Designs' best sellersThese are websites that have already been completed by HPD.

The idea is to buy one of these, and then add in your affiliate links, to turn them into niche websites.

When you buy one of these websites, all the files will be transferred to you and your preferred host. This saves you a lot of time because you can avoid building the foundation for the website.

The most popular type of website that Human Proof Designs creates is Amazon product review websites.

Custom-Made Niche Sites

You can tell Human Proof Designs the niche you want to work on in this Custom Niche WebsitesThe custom-made websites are made entirely by scratch and usually take a couple of weeks to create.

These sites are built for you from scratch and are usually the best option for marketers. The websites include an about page, privacy policy page, homepage, and some other content.

You might want to consider buying these sites because you’ll be able to tell HPD exactly what you want and they’ll take it from there, building an incredibly website for you in a short time.

Aged Sites

Aged websites are sites that are already well-establishedIt’s already a known fact that website age plays an important role in search engine optimization.

In short, the older the website, the better the chances ranking in search results. Human Proof Designs offers a new service where you can buy aged websites that have been online for a while now.

This service is very useful because most of the content on the site is already listed on Google.

I think it’s a perfect way to get a head-start.

Authority Sites

Authority Sites offer the highest rate of returnDom Wells and his team just announced the launch of HPD’s authority sites.

While the higher investment might not be for everyone, they also offer the highest rate of return.

Unlike ready-made, custom and aged niche sites, you need to apply for an authority site.


Finding a decent writer can be a challenge. It can be quite difficult to find a good writer who will agree with a low starting pay. You can’t sacrifice getting a newbie too since it might end up being more expensive and more work for you.

Also, when you are starting out, it might be difficult for you to find time to write all the necessary content yourself.

Human Proof Design’s content packs are ready- written articles and they are not spun or re-written. They are complete unique, keyword targeted, informative, and well-written.

Every article is composed with features that are ideal for search engine optimization like number of words.


HPD will run a massive search on your niche and pick the top 8 keywords that have the most potential for traffic. Online business should always start with keyword research, research to see if a niche is profitable and if there is potential for traffic and sales. But for newbies, who don’t have much knowledge on SEO, this can be complicated.

But Human Proof Designs already made it easy for you!

HPD will run a massive search on your niche and pick the top 8 keywords that have the most potential for traffic. These are long-tail keywords which can help you rank on Google!

Later on when you learn more about keywording, you can try my preferred keyword research tool powered by Wealthy Affiliate. It’s called Jaaxy. You can try it below for FREE! It made keyword research simpler.

IV – SEO Services By Human Proof Design Work

Human Proof Designs will work to implement a personalized SEO approach that will deliver the maximum value your budget canHPD gives you 3 options for their SEO (search engine optimization) pack.

In the Bronze Plan, HPD only offers speed optimization and White Hat backlinks. In the Silver and Gold packages, HPD offers everything that is described in detail below.

Once you’ve chosen your plan, Human Proof Designs will work to implement a personalized SEO approach that will deliver the maximum value your budget can.

Some things your SEO package will contain:

  • Keyword research
  • Suggestions for the content
  • audit and cleaning
  • Optimizations on the page
  • The speed of the site
  • content recommendations
  • Off-page optimization
  • Manual, white hat to gain strong backlinks.
  • Social signals

Human Proof Designs know that SEO is essential to generate organic and sustainable traffic to your website.

The factors involved in SEO seem overwhelming: words that you put on your website, descriptions of your pictures, and the way others connect them.

There is so much to do that understanding how to do it can be challenging.

These SEO packages are executed using the same processes that HPD use to organize our own websites. It classifies and builds our own websites and manage third-party websites so you get the same hands on the service.


  • A complete solution for building an affiliate website empire.
  • Your complete solution for building an affiliate website empire.
  • Sites, niches, articles, SEO, and keywords are pre-made
  • Detailed information about the product and the supplier
  • Intelligent, Innovative Dashboards


  • A Bit Expensive

The first thing that most people would consider bad about HPD is the price for the websites that they build and sell.

Another thing might be that they don’t provide hosting services themselves, although they will help you with recommendations for reputable hosting providers.

Other than these two items, it’s really difficult to find any major complaints about the quality of the websites that they build or the training that they provide.

Some people might consider them a bit too high to afford, but in reality they are well priced for what you pay for. You can get your moneys’ worth and there are three different prices available to suit your budget. It all comes down to what your needs are and what is in your budget, just like it is in any other business.

As with many other things in our lives, cheaper doesn’t always mean better. Human Proof Designs make sure they are providing high quality website designed to help you succeed in a very competitive online market.


The services and ready made websites for sale at Human Proof Designs make it possible for anyone to start an online business. Having some experience in building websites and affiliate marketing does help if you choose to buy one of these websites, but the training that Dom and his team provide gives even a beginner a definite head start in their pursuit of a successful online business.

But remember, these websites are not instant roads to wealth. You also need to put in your own “sweat equity” by working on the site, maintaining it, and promoting it as well.

If you can’t put in the time required to do all these, then this is probably not for you, or you should expect to take longer to be successful at it.

Finally, Human Proof Designs is a totally legitimate company, providing high quality, ready made websites for sale, and offers extra services like premium training resources and customer support that give better value for the money spent on the websites.

I definitely recommend Human Proof Designs to those who are searching for website for sale and are willing to take their online business goals to a more productive level.

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