ReviewStream Review – How to Get Paid for Your Opinion

Hi and thank you for joining us again here at Smart Start Affiliate for another review. Today, we will look into another simple way to make money online. So, welcome to this ReviewStream Get Paid For Your Opinion Review!

Do you love shopping online and leaving reviews about your purchase to help other shoppers make a wise decision? If your answer is yes, then might as well make money from the product reviews you leave for some extra cash.

Product reviews play a very important role on shopping, most especially on the online world. Since buyers can’t examine the products physically, they rely on comprehensive reviews to give them a clear idea on the quality of the product. But it’s not just the shoppers that benefit from these reviews. Apart from attracting more buyers of their products, manufacturers also take these opinions as their references for improvement.

For those reasons, many companies are willing to pay for the reviews you post.

And one of the many places you can leave these reviews is ReviewStream.

Want to know more about this get paid for your opinion website? Read on and discover how, exactly, can you make money on ReviewStream.

the reviewstream website has an old-fashioned look that makes it difficult for most to appreciate the reviews

Reviews serve as merchants’ source of “legit check.” This is their way to prove their credibility and attract more online goers to shop from them. ReviewStream’s role is to set up a common place where shoppers can find reviews on almost any product so they can make an informed decision before they buy. And for those who leave their opinion on this site, they get paid.

But is getting paid for your opinion enough to change your life? Will it be a bountiful source of income to replace your current job? Is it a legit platform?

Let’s now find out in this ReviewStream Get Paid For Your Opinion Review.


Summary: ReviewStream is a website where people who want to get paid for their opinion and shoppers who want to check the quality of an item they intend to buy online both go to. The site aims to help shoppers make a more informed decision before shopping so they encourage people who already tried the products to leave a review. The more comprehensive the review you write, the higher the pay you get.

Product Name: ReviewStream
Product Type: Paid Reviews Platform
Price: FREE
Rating: 40/100


Recommendation: After making a thorough research on how this site pays people for reviewing products, I came up with a conclusion that it is really not the best site to get paid for your opinion. Their computation for payment is a bit confusing and you won’t really make a handsome pay here, which you will know why later.


Maybe by now you already have a good idea on what this website is all about. ReviewStream serves as a “middle man” between merchants and reviewers. Since they value people’s opinion, they are willing to pay for an insightful and unique product or service review.

The site lists thousands of products where content writers can leave a review. However, you have to take note that it only accepts consumer reviews. This means, you need to have had a personal experience with the product so that you can come up with a unique review. So there will be times when you need to purchase the product and use it for some time to get come up with a good insight about it.

Currently, there are over 100,000 products you can review on Reviewstream

While this sounds more of a disadvantage on your part since you need to invest on buying products to make money, you can opt to review the ones that you already have. For instance, the Tangled Movie on Review Stream. Who hasn’t watched this popular Disney film? Almost everyone with a kid at home has seen this movie once or twice or thrice. Since you already have an idea about it, you can tell the shoppers about your experience while watching the movie, and like this review, you can leave your recommendation for other shoppers who are searching for home movies to buy for their kids.

Another thing you can do to skip the part of having to buy a product to review is to search for free trials online. Let’s take the Adobe Photoshop as an example.

Adobe Photoshop has a lot of free trials spread online.  You can download it and try it for a few days and then cancel your subscription and uninstall the software from your computer. This way, you can come up with a valuable content that’s based on your “true story” of using the product without having to spend a single cent!

Now, since your true experience is what you’ll share, you can write about your disappointment too if you ever find yourself dissatisfied with the purchase. You can talk about their customer service, packaging, delivery, quality of the product, etc.

Now in addition to getting paid for your content, you can earn a little bonus when a user agrees or votes for your review.


To start getting paid for your opinion, you will only have to find a product you want to review and click on the WRITE YOUR REVIEW icon. When you do, you will be asked for you basic details like your full name, address, and email address so that your account will be created. After that, you can already start writing your review and later submit it for the company to check.

you can start reviewing prroducts by clicking on the write review button at the upper left side of the page

Another way is to click the SELL CONTENT option and then you will be asked which type of content you’d like to sell to the company.

There are dozens of categories you can write about, from airplanes to health, hotels, baby care, and web hosting. The products and topics are unlimited so you can find several you can review in a day.

there are now over 100,000 products to review on ReviewStreamYou can also choose the template of review you’re going to write which include:

you will be given 6 templates to guide you on creating your review

When submitting your content, you can also include photos which make your review more valuable. ReviewStream will then go over your content and notify you whether it is accepted or rejected.

Now once you passed through the assessment process, ReviewStream will let you know how much you will be paid for the content you made. You should let them know whether you accept the offer or not before they can post your review on the site.

Meanwhile, if your review is rejected, you will receive an email stating why it has been denied. They will also give you some suggestions on how you can improve your content and resubmit it if you wish to.


At first, it sounded like you can do a simple and informal review, but apparently, ReviewStream has its own publishing standards your content needs to meet for you to be paid. Put in mind that a more detailed review will get higher rates. There’s also a chance to earn more by creating content for in-demand products.

Also take note that each category has their corresponding rates. You can be paid from $5-$18, depending on the factors I just mentioned.

So, basically, your main way of making money on ReviewStream is by selling your content.

Now this is the part where it gets confusing. When you sell content, you can either be paid in full or in bulk rate. The payout gets more confusing which I will discuss later.

The second way to make money on this site is when you get likes for your review. Each like will reward you with extra $.10 credit on your account.

And the third and final way of making money on ReviewStream is by answering questions. Each question you answer will be paid $.20.

Now on the part of making a payout request, first, you need to know that RreviewStream only pays through PayPal. For you to get a payout, you need to have a balance on your account. For instance, if you were paid full $10 for a review, you need to have $100 balance on your account before you can make a payout.

But if you sold content on bulk, say, at $2.50 per review, you need only $22.50 on your account to make a payout.

Overall, you first need to make 11 reviews before you can make a payout for only one review. Sounds confusing? I know but that’s how it works at ReviewStream.




Review Stream is a legit platform that has been around since 2005. Plus, it really sends payouts to those who leave their reviews for products or services that are on the site which are indicators that this site can be trusted.

2. More than One Way To Make Money

You won’t only get paid for you opinion on this site but you can also make additional money through other means like getting likes for your review and by answering questions or surveys.

3. Free to join

There are no registration fees or screening so you can go straight to creating reviews.

4. Huge Array of Products and Services

Like I mentioned, there are more than 100k products and services on the site that you can review. This means unlimited chances to make money online.

5. Mobile App Version

ReviewStream also comes in a mobile app version so you can get paid for your opinion anytime and anywhere.

The Cons

1. Confusing Payout Scheme

The payout is a bit ambiguous. They don’t offer a definite rate and there’s no way to find out how much a product is worth before you’ll write your review.

2. High Payout Threshold

The threshold is 10 times the payment of one review. Plus, in every 11 reviews you make, you only get to withdraw the payment of 1 review. This is the discouraging part.

3. High Chance of Getting Rejected

ReviewStream has a criteria it follows to determine whether your review deserves to be posted on the site or not. It has to be grammatically correct and unique for it to be accepted and paid. It also has to feel like a consumer review because they want the reviews posted on the site to sound natural than scripted.

4. Only One Payment Option

You can only be paid via PayPal. There’s no bank deposit option which is the preferred payment method of most since it is more convenient than payment gateways.


Definitely NOT!

While it is legit and has been around for over a decade now, it isn’t the best way to get paid for your opinion. The payout is tricky, the website is basic, and you can’t be sure if your work will be accepted and be paid or not.

If you want to make money by writing reviews, then I have a better suggestion. Why not check out affiliate marketing?

Hi I am Weliton and I have been writing reviews too since 2004. But instead of being paid per content I create, I get commission for every sale I make out the contents I make. Hence, I get an unlimited chance to earn money from a single review! It’s very unlike this ReviewStream where your earnings stop from getting a payout from a review you wrote and then that’s it.

Sounds like a better way to get paid for your opinion, right?

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