SEMrush Review 2019: Is It Good Enough As SEO Tool?

Are you looking for the right SEO tool to use in your affiliate marketing?

Analytics, Keyword Research, Site Audit, Fixing Errors and so much more – these are the things that a good SEO tool should have.

And I know you’re here to find out whether SEMrush can give all these to you. Can it be as good as Ahrefs?

So without further ado, let’s start with this SEMrush review 2019!

SEMrush home page

Hi! I am Weliton and as an affiliate marketer, and I believe that in my 14 years of learning SEO techniques to improve my content quality, I can already pinpoint the good tools to use in SEO and affiliate marketing

And if you happen to read my previous blogs you’d know by now how much I like Jaaxy for keyword research. But I have to admit that there are other good tools out there too that I can use not just for searching the right keywords to target but also to do other important functions that can help me become more successful as an affiliate.

So is SEMrush a good tool to use?

Stay tuned and I’ll discuss all these in this SEMrush Review 2019.


Summary: SEMrush is a good tool to use on your SEO and affiliate marketing. It is quite pricey but the work it does makes it a worthy investment.

Product Name: SEMrush
Founder: Oleg Shchegolev and Dmitry Melnikov
Product Type: online visibility and marketing analytics software
Price: $99.95 for PRO, $199.95 for GURU, $399.95 fir BUSINESS
Rating: 85/100
Best For: All levels of affiliate marketers and SEO specialists.


Recommendation: I definitely recommend SEMrush. It is quite pricey but the work it does make it worthy of your investment. So if you are searching for an adept SEO tool to use, SEMrush can be worth the try.


SEMRush is a robust all-in-one search engine optimization, competitor analysis, keyword research, and marketing suite of tools which are very useful for digital marketing experts. It has been founded in 2008 but it just keeps getting better.

From building a professional website to guest blogging to hanging out with the best people on digital marketing events, this competitor analysis can be the most powerful way to outsmart your competitors and gain massive organic search visibility.

Once you’ve mastered competitor analysis and you implement the insights you get from spying on your top competitors, you’ll drive traffic to your website and boost your sales. It’s that simple.

Targeted traffic is still the lifeblood of your online business.

The end product of keyword research, link building, social media engagement, and influencer marketing is to drive the right people to your website.


Because when you succeed at it, you’ll smile to the bank.As you can imagine, most businesses and website owners are trying to spy on their competitors manually. Of course, the manual has its place. But it’s time-consuming and boring.

On the flip side, smart online marketers use SEMRush.

SEMRush can be used to tackle several tasks such as:

  • Position Tracking
  • Keyword Research
  • Backlink Analysis
  • Website Audit
  • PPC Research
  • Content Planning
  • Social Media Monitoring

Furthermore, SEMRush is arguably the most extensive SEO competition intelligence solution you will ever find on the internet. There are lots of other SEO tools out there that perform similar tasks, but SEMRush is leading the pack.


SEMRUSH TOOLS1. Competition Analysis

SEMRush enables you to quickly find your competitors and conduct a thorough analysis of their SEO strength and weakness and use these information to strategically compete with them.

To know how to win over your competition, you have to analyze their content and stealing their keyword.

The “Domain Analytics” will be your partner in crime in this. It is so powerful that it gives you your top 100 competitors, shows you how much traffic they get per month and also see which keywords the pages are ranking for.

Clicking on any of the links will give us an overview of this exact web page rather than the entire website. On the overview screen, you’ll be able to see:

  • The number of backlinks pointing to it
  • Total number of organic search traffic the site generates
  • Exactly which keywords this specific webpage is ranking for
  • All the ranking positions.

2. Effective Link Building

SEMrush makes link building easier an easier task. You’ll see all the backlinks that your competitors have, where they got each link, and when they got it.

Rather than guessing your competitor’s strength, you can access their backlink data and leverage it to knock them off the organic listing.

This backlink data will not just save you lots of time and efforts, it’ll guarantee your success, too.

You want to enter your competitors’ URLs into the search box. The overview screen will give us some useful data such as:

  • The total number of backlinks the website has at the moment
  • The total number of referring domains
  • Which of the backlinks are dofollow versus nofollow

Looking at referring domains will tell you just how diverse the backlink profile of your competitor is.

Lets have an example. What if your competitor only has about ten referring domains but they have a total of 300 backlinks?

What this means is that lots of those backlinks are not holding as much weight due to the fact that they’re getting a lot from the same source. Therefore, diversity is key when it comes to link building.

Furthermore, we can analyze the type of domain TLD their backlinks are coming from by scrolling down a bit. So for instance, are they .edu, .gov, .com, .org, .net, and so on.

This is a very useful information to have as the .gov, and .edu domains typically hold a little more value than the other TLDs.

In other words, they can offer a little more boost to your search rankings more than the other Top Level Domains extensions.

3. Advanced Keyword Research

SEMRush keyword research tool is insanely comprehensive, unlike most other keyword research tools out there. With SEMRush, you’re not only able to perform basic keyword research, you’ll equally be able to figure out which keywords your competitors are ranking high for and their overall strength.

Next, let’s take a look at the “keyword difficulty” feature which you can find under the “Keyword Analytics” section.

Once you’ve got your keyword list, you can simply copy and paste it in the space provided. This new feature will help you to compare, side-by-side, all the different keywords on your list.

After inputting your keyword list, you’ll see the “difficulty score” for each of the keywords, the number of search results, and the search volume. After this, you can sort the keywords by the different columns.

SEMRush makes it insanely easy to monitor and track the changes in keyword ranking from month to month.

In the Organic Research section beneath the Position Changes, you can check out new keywords, the pages the keywords are ranking for, as well as any lost rankings.

That’s not all, you can also use the “Related Keywords” feature to identify new keywords in your niche that you never knew existed.

4. Complete Website Audit

SEMRush lets you to effectively perform an SEO audit of your website and easily figure out where improvements are required. The Site Audit functionality on SEMrush helps you do a diagnostic check of your website in order to identify and fix on-page SEO and technical SEO issues with your site.

Once you do web audit, SEMrush will display a report that will show the overall SEO health of your site in percentage and highlight errors and warnings that may be hurting your SEO. Errors highlighted in red are the most critical SEO problems your site is facing at the moment and the ones you should start fixing right away.

5. Social Media Marketing

SEMrush is quite heavy on research in all its marketing channels. And social media is not any different.

The principal tool here is the Social Media Tracker, which is basically used to inform social media marketing strategies. It spies on your competitors to help you identify what they are up to, the type of content they are using to target prospects, their posting frequencies, and the corresponding best practices.

Then, as you’ve possibly guessed, you’ll be able to determine your rivals’ posts with the best engagement levels.

Now, throw in hashtag tracking across Google+, Twitter, and Facebook, and you’ll be on your way to a well-informed social media marketing strategy.

When you have everything ready, you can take advantage of the Social Media Poster to distribute your posts.

6. PPC Advertising Insight

PPC advertising can be very challenging, annoying, and frustrating. Especially when you’re not targeting the right keywords.

By now, you probably know that organic results drive 70-80% of the search traffic. But, there’s still 20-30% of search engine users to worry about. Besides, 65% of the few who are ready to buy end up clicking on paid ads.

Unfortunately, it’s not that straightforward. To effectively capitalize on those ready buyers, you need some level of finesse. And that’s what SEMrush seeks to achieve with its paid ad functionalities.

For starters, you get an ad builder to help you draft catchy advertisements for your products. It combines a dynamic keyword insertion feature and advanced editing tools to create relevant ads.

And to save you time, it scouts around for the most effective rival ads, lifts them as templates, and ultimately allows you to tweak them for your ads.

The whole process is considerably simple and straightforward, I’ve got to admit. Thanks to a clean interface loaded with multiple options, plus a preview feature that comes in handy before publishing.

Then just as the site audit tool which identifies SEO issues, SEMrush also offers the PPC Keyword Tool for your ads. It’s essentially what you use when you realize that your PPC keywords are seemingly forcing your ads to rival each other.

If you’d like to dominate search rankings in your niche and find out what your competitors are up to, you’ve got to be willing to invest a decent amount of money on a good, reliable SEO tool.

Despite increasing the price of all the plans in January 2017, SEMrush is still competitively priced, with the basic plan costing about the same as the ones provided by Ahrefs, Moz, and Raven Tools (maybe even a tad cheaper).

SEMrush offers three monthly pricing plans.

1. Pro– $99.95/Month

Who’s it for: beginners and bloggers


  • 5 scheduled PDF reports
  • Standard features
  • Crawls through 100,000 web pages
  • Tracks up to 500 keywords
  • 5 projects
  • 3,000 daily reports
  • 10,000 results per report

2. Guru– $199.95/Month

Who’s it for: Ideal for small business owners and solopreneurs


  • Branded PDF reports
  • All Pro features
  • Standard features
  • Historical data
  • 20 scheduled PDF reports
  • Crawls through 300,000 web pages
  • Tracks up to 1500 keywords
  • 50 projects
  • 5,000 daily reports
  • 30,000 results per report

3. Business– $399.95/Month

Who’s it for: Ideal for marketing agencies and marketing teams in big companies


  • Product listing ads
  • All Guru features
  • Standard features
  • Historical data
  • Branded PDF reports
  • 50 scheduled PDF reports
  • Crawls through 1,000,000 web pages
  • Tracks up to 5,000 keywords
  • 200 projects
  • 10,000 daily reports
  • 50,000 results per report

All three are recurring subscriptions.

In addition to these plans, there is also a custom plan and a plan for enterprise clients.

Enterprise provides adjustable features to enterprises with large-scale needs, at a negotiable cost.

  • Unlimited site crawling
  • Standard features
  • On-site training
  • Custom keyword databases
  • Custom limits


Easier to Use Than Other Analytics Tool

SEMrush is easy to use with a clean user interface. Nevertheless, it may take some time for you to familiarize yourself with the interface, but once you do, it’ll give you so much benefits. However, it’s loaded with features, so it can be a bit overwhelming at times.

SEMrush has a wealth of resources which you can dig into to get a step-by-step guide to mastering the tool.

If it seems overwhelming, there are webinars help you keep updated with all the new features and functionalities.

Customer Support

Customer support can make or break a company’s reputation. Needless to say, it’s one of the most important factors involved in a company’s success. This is especially true in case of services such as SEMrush where there is bound to be questions and queries from a highly active SEO community.

SEMrush provides support mainly through their comprehensive knowledge base and email. They also organize webinars on a regular basis where they unveil new features and provide some actionable tips to improve your SEO and PPC.



SEMrush is an advanced tool for sure, not for newbies with little knowledge. However their support and tutorials, like I mentioned, are great. More customization and styling options for the report tool could’ve been useful since we use SEMrush as a main report generator.

On the backlink side of things, a more strategic way of reaching out to potentially high-value domains can be a plus. Other than that, SEMrush is looking pretty good.


Before we conclude it all, it’s only fair to review the primary drawbacks.

First off, it’s pretty evident that SEMrush is not very affordable, particularly for small-scale users. However, if we conversely considered the comparative cost of adopting several different tools for each of these functions, SEMrush would seem to be reasonably priced.

While combining all these functions in one package might feel like a great idea overall, you’ve got to admit that it complicates the entire marketing structure. Let’s face it. It takes time to learn all the tricks on SEMrush. It is like Ahrefs. At first, it seems like only high-level marketers would be able to grasp everything right off the bat. But once you practised using it and has gotten the gist of it, using it will be pretty easy and you’ll love that it has all the features it has.

Speaking of which, some marketers have raised issues on data inconsistencies. However, this affects only a negligible number of users.

Overall, SEMrush is suitable for freelancers, agencies, business owners, and enterprises.

In need of a simpler tool that’s not too demanding, cheaper in price, and really easy to use? Then check out Wealthy Affiliate’s Jaaxy.

Join the network and enjoy Jaaxy for free!


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