Review 2019: Should you Just Join the Trend?

For all of those who are looking into entering the affiliate world, you just found your platform!

A lot of affiliate marketers are flocking to the bigger affiliate networks where most experienced affiliates are.

But should you just trust ShareASale because everyone else does?

I’ll discuss all the basics here in this Review to help you get the right answer to this important question.


ShareASale is one of the biggest and oldest affiliate networks there is today. It competes with big names in the affiliate marketing industry including Clickbank, CJ Affiliate and Amazon Associates among many others.

With so many networks already existing, what is it that makes ShareASale different and why should you choose it?

I have been in this make money online business for over a decade now and I’ve tried almost every network to see what works. Lucky you who’s just starting, you don’t have to go through the same experimentation just to find what works for you.

With our reviews, you can at least have advance warnings and avoid wasting some precious time.

So stay tuned as we learn about this 19-year old Affiliate Network in this Review 2019.


Summary: ShareASale is a great place to join affiliate programs. There are a lot of reputable brands selling in this network so you’ll attract buyers who are brand-conscious. There are so many fashion products here which you can very easily sell on social media.

Product Name: ShareASale
Founder: Brian Littleton
Product Type: affiliate marketing network
Price: Free
Rating: 80/100
Best For: Good for both newbie and experienced affiliate marketers. Best for those who are in the fashion niche.

Shareasale sign up

Recommendation: I definitely recommend this network. It is established and reputable and 100 percent legit. If you are into social media marketing. Joining this network will benefit you a lot. There are hundreds of good brands here that you can promote.


The ShareASale affiliate network is a great place to find thousands of potential affiliate programs to monetize your website or blog. It works the same way as its predecessor CJ Affiliate which we discussed in a previous blog too. And like CJ Affiliate, ShareASale has grown bigger and better through the years and many online marketers still register with this network despite its strong competitors like Clickbank and Amazon.

Brian Littleton was the person behind the success of ShareASale. His creation has connected thousands of merchants and affiliates alike, ensuring mutual profitability while preserving the spirit and core values of the affiliate marketing industry.

Since it was established in 2000, ShareASale Network has helped shape the industry into what it is today. So talk about being a respected pioneer. Won’t you join a network that has done so much in affiliate marketing as a whole?

Brian is a three-time winner of the Affiliate Summit Pinnacle Award for Affiliate Marketing Advocate of the Year, and has served as the President of the Board of Directors for the Performance Marketing Association. But in n January 2017, the ShareASale Network was acquired by the global Affiliate Marketing network Awin.

Right now, ShareASale already has almost 4,000 merchants advertising in the network and over 700,000 affiliates promoting the brands.


ShareASale is one of the most sought after affiliate networks by both newbies and experienced affiliates. It has a fun and friendly interface and has so many awesome affiliate programs housed within it. If you want to check out the different affiliate programs, start by going to

In my opinion, one of the many reasons why a lot of people are coming to ShareASale is because of the interesting niches that affiliates can work on. Millenials can enjoy marketing with ShareASale because one of its top products are in the fashion niche. You know the way of most influencers today on how they promote brands? They act as models, post their photos online and they convert a lot of sales.

This is the biggest advantage of ShareASale. It talks to people of the new era who use the power of social media for promoting. And you know how much people are hanging out on social media, most especially Instagram.

The products are far more interesting than the products you see on Clickbank which are mostly digital items. But ShareAsale has other categories too including:

  • Home and Garden
  • Wedding
  • Family and Kids
  • Food and Drinks
  • Education
  • Health
  • Sports

…and so much more!

Ultimately, ShareASale arbitrates the relationship between Merchants and Affiliates. As an affiliate, you only need either website or social media account where you can promote items.

It essentially does all of the administrative dirty work so that the two sides can work together- figuring out things like affiliate link creation, how to pay affiliates based on different Merchant commission structures, how affiliates can discover merchants and their products, how to deal with returns, Merchant Program performance reporting & tax reporting.

Signing Up

HOW TO SIGN UP IN SHAREASALE.COMSigning up is easy. You just need to click on the Affiliate Sign Up at the top part of the home page of Shareasale and from there, you just follow these steps:

  • Create your user name and password that you prefer.
  • Give your website information.
  • Give your contact information.
  • This step is for your payment information which you can choose to enter now or wait.

One tip I can share with you is that when you first join ShareASale, be judicious about the programs you apply to. My advice is to only join programs, to start, that you know you can send traffic to tomorrow.

If you sign up, apply to a bunch of programs without a ready traffic source, you could eventually be dropped out a program.

Another thing you need to know when signing up, your email and website need to be linked together. If they don’t have the same domain or if you are using generic email like gmail, then you will need to validate how your email is associated with the website you provided.

No website? No worries!

If you are a newbie and you don’t have a website yet or you don’t know how to build a website, then you can use my preferred web builder, SiteRubix. This is an easy to use web builder powered by Wealthy Affiliate.

SITERUBIX IS WEALTHY AFFILIATE'S SITE BUILDERChoose a domain name that will suit your niche so that shoppers can easily recognize what you promote. You can also use Jaaxy to check if your domain name has a hot keyword or not.

Finding Affiliate Programs

As soon as you gain access to ShareASale, then your set to start looking for companies you can promote.

To search for affiliate programs in ShareASale, click on the “Merchants” tab at the top and select “Search for Merchants” from the drop-down menu. You will then be taken to the Find Merchants Section and you will be given the most featured categories and featured merchants.

If you already know of a merchant that you want to apply for then you can simply search them in the Keyword Search box.

Otherwise, select each of the categories that relate to the topic of your website and the results will appear automatically.

When you are searching for merchants, you will see an overview of the program details including:

  • Per Sale:This shows the average commission rate of the program. This can be listed either as a percentage or a dollar amount.
  • Power Rank:This shows you the rank of the merchant in terms of vendors’ earnings. If your vendor is one of the top 0-999 vendors, you’ll see their exact number ranking. If it doesn’t fall within the top 1,000 then you’ll just see 1000+.
  • EPC: Earnings Per Click is the average earnings per 100 customers who click that affiliate’s link.
  • Keywords: The keywords show you what typical products/customer types are likely to purchase from this merchant.

Clicking on the merchant name will show you more information about the merchant. You will also find additional stats to help you in your decision. There are merchants who offer different commission rates for certain product types so to know about the exact rate, you can just click on the Commission Rates tab.

If you want to work with the top 100 brands in the ShareASale Network, just visit the “Power Rank” section which lists them from the #1 on down.

Some of the popular brands you’ll find are:

  • Reebok
  • Gymboree
  • NFL Shop
  • Claire’s

Apart from choosing the programs that really interests you, you can also pick merchants with a huge selection of products so you’ll have more chances of making money online. Start with one program. Having so many programs in just one site will make you look like you will look like you don’t know how to make decisions.

Also look for companies with at least least $10-20 EPC, otherwise, you won’t be making much money from customers.

Joining Programs

Joining programs is very easy. You just need to click on the “Join Program” button, agree with the program agreement, and then you get the option to tell the merchant how you plan to advertise and promote their products on your site.

Your application will then be subject for approval. It usually takes 1-2 days to receive an answer. If it takes longer, you may have been declined. You can always contact the merchant, though, to confirm.

How To Find Your Links

Once you’ve applied for programs and have been accepted, they will now show under your merchant’s list.

Now, to start using the affiliate links/tools on your website so you can start earning money, click on the “Get Links” button on the right side of each merchant. You can choose between text links and banners for your links.

To use either of these on your website, you’ll need to click the “Get Code” button. You can then paste this code in the HTML section of your website or content to use them.

Tracking Link

When using the Custom Link Tool, you’ll notice that right below the affiliate link generated is an optional “Tracking Value” field. You can use this to add a special tracking code to that link.

Tracking codes are important so you’ll know where your sales are coming from. As your website starts to increase in traffic you’ll start wanting to know where the income is being generated from. Without these custom tracking codes you won’t be able to determine that.

When you know what articles earn more than others, you’ll know where to invest more of your time and energy into certain affiliate campaigns.

Promoting and Making Money

After all the steps of preparing to be an affiliate of a merchant you selected, the next task is to…


Your very tool here is quality content. Take advantage of your social media accounts. Products, most especially fashion items, are hot on social media. You can easily make a sale when you promote your content on social media.

Join groups related to the product and share your content with the members. Take advantage of IG and FB stories too. Once they see good-looking items, they’ll surely click to see what’s it all about.

This is basic and like I mentioned, your tool to making money is your content. Of course, you need to go through the basics of finding hot keywords where you’ll build your content around.

The important things you need to remember when making money with ShareASale are:

Minimum Payout/Threshold: $50

Payment Method: Direct bank deposit, Payoneer, Wired Deposit, Mailed Check

Payment Schedule: Every 20th of the Month

Commission Types: CPC, CPS, CPA, CPL


Reputable Merchants/Big Brands

ShareASale has a huge range of product categories to choose from, which means virtually any type of business can work with them. Not to mention the fact that ShareASale has over 1,000 exclusive partners. Most of them are popular brands like Reebok! This makes ShareASale a necessity to all mid to large-sized publishers.

Automatic Monthly Payments

Getting paid is super convenient through ShareASale. Publishers can expect payments to be made every 20th of the month. But keep in mind that you won’t be paid until sales amount to $50 or more.

Lots of Affiliate Programs

Like I’ve been mentioning a lot earlier, ShareASale has over 3,900 merchants spanning a wide range of categories and most of them are popular and they appeal to the new generation. Whether you are writing about home and garden tips, fashion, business, arts, music, food and drink, or even weddings, you have a lot of interesting niches you can blog about.


No Notifications About Program Shut Down

There are times when a merchant business shuts down but ShareASale won’t notify you. You keep on promoting but the next thing you know, the brand you re promoting already closed a month ago. Your earnings may suddenly stop working without you ever knowing because no notifications were sent out.

Sometimes, Commission Can be Very Low

The $10 commission I mentioned a while back is real and this amount is quite low compared to other networks who can offer commissions as high as 70% of the product price!


It’s practically for every level of affiliates!

ShareASale is considered to be more convenient to work on than ClickBank because it offers a wide range of merchants as compared to this website. This program is also a superior option compared to other newer networks.

ShareASale is quite a great option compared to most of the other websites because it offers various benefits for both the affiliate as well as the merchants. It also provides impressive Customer Care support as compared to other websites.

Finally, ShareASale network is the perfect website for anyone who wishes to excel in the field of affiliate marketing. This website is specially designed keeping the masses in mind. As such anybody can Sign up and can start up his or her affiliate marketing business quite conveniently.

Want to be equipped with the right knowledge on affiliate marketing before you join ShareASale? Join me at Wealthy Affiliate today!

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