Sumo Email List Builder – How It Boosts Your Marketing Plans

Welcome to my Sumo Email List Builder Review!

Previously here at Smart Start Affiliate, I’ve been looking into products online that claim to help you grow your business either by traffic or generating leads through email marketing. We discussed My Lead System, Market Hero, and Inbox Blueprint under the lead generation and email marketing categories and we’re OKAY with them. But are we going to come up with the same conclusion with Sumo email list builder?

Let’s Find out as we start our Sumo Email List Builder Review!

sumo claims it can easily turn your visitors into leads for your email marketing

I’ve said it before and I’m telling you again, email marketing isn’t dead yet. A lot of businesses are still using this technique as a part of their marketing funnel. But one crucial step before you embark on your email crusade is getting your list of leads full!

And this is what Sumo is all about.

Sumo gathers email ads of prospects visiting your website by placing several popups of your offer that shoppers couldn’t resist to click. As soon as they click on the ad, an email capture form will appear where they have to leave their basic contact information before they can go to your promo details.

Some are annoyed with these kinds of popups thinking they are tools for phishing. But if your website gives them a strong impression that you are credible, and your offer is unique and what they need, then they’d go on clicking on your ad without any second thoughts.

A lot of big brands are using this technique and it’s just so effective that every promo they release would sell out.

So it goes without saying, growing your email list should be one of your priorities when building your business. And lucky you, Sumo is supported by almost all the in-demand email service providers like Mailchimp, Hubspot, Aweber, Zapier, and so much more!

And it’s more than just a popup email list creator. Sumo is a lot of tools rolled into one. You also have analytics tools, CTA buttons, and so much more to help you in your tasks.

But the question now is…how much?

We’ll find out here in this Sumo Email List Builder Review!


Summary: SUMO supports online businesses on their email marketing by building an email list through popups placed on different parts of the website. It also has other tools available for growing a business like analytics and social media share buttons.

Product Name: Sumo
Founder: Noah Kagan
Product Type: Email list builder
Price: $39.9
Rating: 80/100

Sumo is a trusted service provider for growing roi to up to 2 times of your usual profit

Recommendation: I recommend Sumo for effectively building your email list and it’s for everyone who’s making money online through their website.


Sumo is a suite of tools whose main purpose is to help you grow your leads, conversions, and sales. It was founded just 4 years ago by Noah Kagan but it has already grown so big that it’s now supporting over 800,000 businesses! It’s services include email marketing growth, social growth, and analytics.

Among the things that Sumo does for your online business, the 4 features you’ll appreciate the most are its timed popups for building your email list, ecommerce integrations to win back customers who abandoned their cart, analytics tool to let you monitor your ROI from every sale, and tools to manage your email marketing automatically.

The main goal of Sumo is to help you increase your subscribers whom you can reach on your set schedule through their emails. This is how you personally get in touch with them to let them know about your latest offers or new products/services.

While many would say that email marketing is obsolete, huge companies like Uber, Marriott International, Apollo Education, and so much more. And just look at how popular they are and how many loyal customers they have.

Personalized emails give clients the impression that you value them for letting them know about your offerings, plus it’s their best way to stay updated about you. You have to take advantage of this interest because in the first place, they won’t give you their emails if they aren’t hooked enough on your products. So these leads are “gold” to your business.

Now, Sumo has a dozen tools to help you fulfill your goals. They include:

sumo tools

sumo tools set b

  • Email list builder
  • Smart Bar
  • Scroll Box
  • Welcome Mat
  • Contact Form
  • Live Chat Support
  • Content Analysis
  • Google Analytics
  • Image Sharer
  • Heat Maps
  • Share Buttons
  • Highlighter

But in this review, we will only discuss the key features that will help you grow your email list, which leads us to…


As we are looking into getting more leads through your website, these tools are what I found would be really helpful in accelerating your growth:

1. List Builder

Sumo is more popularly known as a tool for growing email list. So among its tools, this is the most useful for its customers.

Sumo’s list builder tools is simple and easy to use. Depending on how creative, unique and attractive your offer is, this tool can help you a lot in capturig emails of your site visitors and turning them into your lifelong, loyal customer.

Apart from getting email ads, the Sumo list builder tool also provides CTA setup and social share buttons.

Your pop-up can be triggered by different factors too. It can be launched after certain clicks, span of time spent on your website, and exiting your site via Sumo Smart Mode. You can fully customize how your popup looks like from button color, to background, text font, etc, it’s so easy to come up with a professional-looking email capture with Sumo.

Furthermore, you can set different popups according to your site visitors. If a visitor was redirected from your social media account, then a popup to engage this specific group will be used. If the guest saw you from a Google ad, then they will see a different kind of popup.

2. Welcome Mat

A lot of websites are using this technique. It’s simply a whole page display of CTA where visitors are asked to leave a few details before they can access the main website. F

Some will feel “interrogated” before they can gain value from your website and would leave instead of giving their details. So you have to plan your objective well in this CTA so it doesn’t always have to be a page that asks for email ads.

You can also redirect them to your popular blog saying “Are you looking for the best affiliate marketing blog to gain valuable information from? Then Click here to be redirected.”

If they don’t, then leave another option below that says “Looking for other things? Click here.”

By doing this, at least they know what to expect from your site while staying curious about the “other things” that you said you have on your website.

Sumo lets you fully customize the welcome mat. You can use GIFs and videos too to fully engage your site visitors.

3. Smart Bar

The smart bar is a small bar at the top of your website where you give a short overview or trigerring question to your visitor so they will leave their email ad on the bar.

You can either ask them here to check your blog, your shop, join your email list for free updates, or to promote your new special offer. Like the first 2 tools, the Smart bar can be customized too. You can let make it appear as soon as they get to your site, after they scrolled down 50% of your home page or after 20 seconds of staying on your website. This is also a way for you to gauge how interested a site visitor is about your offerings which is an information you can use in building your email marketing content

4. Scroll Box

There are some people who doesn’t want to appear demanding to their site visitors so they use the scroll box tool.

The trigger here is the scrolling down of the guest through your website. You can make the popup appear when they scrolled down to 50% of your home page. Like I mentioned, you can gauge here whether a visitor is really interested on your offers or not.

5. Contact Form

As the name suggests, this popup urges the site visitors to contact you for questions about your products or services. But before they do, they have to leave their email ad.

Now, you can opt to set an auto-responder for every email ad left on this box. It’s a perfect opportunity to hook them to your offers by coming up with a smart introduction offer like a coupon or discount code for their first purchase.

Other Tools

  • Social Share – sharing your content and link to your guests’ social media accounts made easy. This will help you boost your site’s traffic and popularity.
  • Image Sharer – Another way to get traffic is to let your website visitors share your image on social media, especially Pinterest. Don’t miss this as it is an easy way to gain traffic.
  • Highlighter – As it implies, this lets your visitor highlight a part of your content and share it on social media where the shared content is already quoted and comes with your link.
  • Google Analytics – To monitor the sales you make out of your efforts, Google Analytics plugin is already added to your site by Sumo.
  • Contact Analytics – Determine where readers start losing interest on your content with this tool. It gives you a report on which part of your blog readers exit. This way, you’ll know what areas you need to improve on your next content.
  • Heat Maps – This tool pinpoints that parts of your website that are getting frequent visits or most clicks.
  • Live Chat – This is a feature you can add on your site where you can start a chat with your site visitor. You better be always online though so you can quickly attend to their concerns before they lose interest and leave your website.

Going back on our question earlier, we’ll now try to answer “how much will it cost you to enjoy the Sumo tools and services?”

The answer is not so much.

sumo pro only costs $39 per month which you can later cancel when you already built your email list

Sumo lets you try its services and tools for free for 14 days. In this free trial, you can enjoy most of the features useful for growing your business, except that you can’t have the advanced features, A/B tests, and the Sumo branding on your popups.

Later, you can avail the SUMO PRO plan which is only $39/month. You can also opt to pay a lump sum of $468 for a whole year subscription and save $120 compared to paying the fee monthly.

Is it affordable? For the features you get, yes it is affordable. This will be a great service for affiliate marketers to use on their website, most especially those who are planning to grow their traffic through email marketing.


The Pros

  • Sumo tools are easy to setup on most websites.
  • The templates with Sump Pro subscription add to your chance of getting high conversions.
  • 30-day money back guarantee if you ever find yourself unsatisfied.
  • Take advantage of the free trial to setup free popups, social sharing, and other useful features.

The Cons

  • While Sumo Pro already looks affordable, there are still other more affordable providers out there – although not as good as Sumo.
  • There are some websites that doesn’t integrate with Sumo like Wix.
  • Trial period is quite short that before you can see small results, the time is already up.


I do recommend getting Sumo as it is a great way to leverage your marketing funnel. The features and tools re great and it isn’t just nailed to helping you grow your email list but also goes an extra mile to help you improve your web traffic as a whole.

The analytics tools we discussed are also great to see if you are on the right track or you should change some old strategies that aren’t bringing in any profit to your site.

But while I recommend its use, there are also web builders that have some of these features most especially when you are on premium subscriptions. If you just search, you will see free plugins you can install on your website for creating CTAs. Although most of these free plugins are very basic.

So overall, availing Sumo Pro can be a good thing for online businesses. Affiliate marketers will benefit from these too as you can use email marketing, too, to promote your content.

If you haven’t started creating your online business yet, you can start by looking into ways of making money online. Affiliate marketing is my most recommended business as it is easy to learn. You can get a lot of tips and learn strategies from my #1 recommended program called Wealthy Affiliate to become a seasoned affiliate who makes 6-7 figure income per month.

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