Sweatcoin App Review 2019: Is Sweatcoin a Scam?

Today we’ll talk about one of the most popular make money online app – The Sweatcoin App!

For the past weeks, I have been reviewing different ways of making money online, most especially through affiliate marketing. We also looked at some dropshipping platforms if you think you’ll do better at selling. Finally, we looked into some tools like Site Rubix and Jaaxy you can use to help you create a professional website and cement your presence online.

But today, our topic will be fresh and exciting.

Let’s start!

sweatcoin app lets you earn rewards by walking

Hi! I am Weliton and I’ve been making money online as an affiliate marketer for 14 years already. But instead of reviewing affiliate marketing tools and programs today, let’s look at something new.

I’m sure you already heard about the apps that help you get fit and earn money.

Wait, what? Get fit to make money?

Is this even possible?

It sounds ideal, I know. But yes. There are legit apps that urge you to be sexier while your wallet becomes stuffier!

But don’t expect to make tons of dollars.

And to prove to you that these apps are legit, I tried one of the popular apps downloaded by a lot of people across the globe – the Sweatcoin App.

In this review, we’ll try to see how much you can convert your steps into cash. We’ll also see how else you can earn through the app.

Is it worth it to download and try? Is it worth your time and “sweat?”

Let’s find out!


Summary: The Sweatcoin app is a fitness and rewards app that gives you attractive offers in exchange of walking. Basically you earn the app’s currency sweatcoin by walking which you can use later to buy items on the offers section. It can be items sold online or dollars that you can withdraw through Paypal.

Product Name: Sweatcoin
Founder: Oleg Fomenko
Product Type: Fitness and rewards app
Price: FREE
Rating: 85/100
Best For: People who want to enjoy their time doing fitness activities.


Recommendation: Since it’s legit, I do recommend it. I found Sweatcoin app a fun way to exercise everyday. The exciting offers can really motivate one to walk everyday to earn the required sweatcoin to buy the offer. It really allows you to buy dollars too with sweatcoin. 100% legit.


The Sweatcoin app was designed to motivate people to start walking again and live a healthier lifestyle. How? By rewarding them, of course, for doing so.

The app serves as a step counter and gives you a corresponding payment for walking. The currency it uses is called “sweatcoin” which you can later use to redeem rewards.

By that, you should take note that you don’t actually earn money here, although you can later buy dollars on the offers section. We’ll discuss later how you’ll be able to buy dollars with sweatcoins and how much you can buy with your sweatcoin earnings.

Founder, Oleg Fomenko, thinks people lack the motivation to workout and exercise. So to get everyone back to a healthy lifestyle, he created a rewards system for walking – the simplest but very effective exercise anybody can do.

Now, the app has grown so popular that millions of people already downloaded the app. He said in an interview last year when the app topped the most downloaded app chart in the US and UK:

“It is the emotional element that makes people engage with Sweatcoin on a daily basis and open us three times a day.”

The rewards you can redeem include cash and gift cards to purchase items on various ecommerce.

Unfortunately, the app isn’t available yet in all countries.

The breaker account lets you earn up to 20 sweatcoins everydayPricing

The best part about Sweatcoin app? It is free!

Everything you’ll purchase is paid with literally just your sweat!

From upgrading accounts to buying reward offers, you’ll pay them all with sweatcoins.

You can download the Sweatcoin app for your Android on Google Play Store and for your iPhone on iTunes.

The registration is simple and same as when you download any other apps. You simply provide all of your basic information like name, contact – email, and let the app access your device’s GPS.

Once the app confirms your account application, you will be taken to your dashboard and start earning sweatcoins.


It’s very simple. After you create your account, you just have to run the app and turn your GPS on for Sweatcoin to count your steps. Sweatcoin app then reviews every step you make and scans it if they are valid to be paid with sweatcoin.

I got 1.95 sweatcoins in the first 30 minutes of trying the sweatcoin appWhen I started, I got a bonus of .95 sweatcoins for registering to the app. Then it asked me to try watching ads within the app and earned another 1 sweatcoin for doing so. The second day that I watched ads, it rewarded me with 2 sweatcoins then 4 sweatcoins on the 3rd day.

Like many rewards apps, once you earn enough coins, you’ll be able to redeem rewards. In the Sweatcoin app, like I mentioned, you can get anything from physical items to Paypal funds. These reward offers change from time to time, though, so it would be nice to check the current offers from time to time.

The Accounts

1. Mover

Upon installation, you are automatically appointed as a Mover member. This is a free account. However, you are limited to earning just 5 sweatcoins a day. If you want to earn more then you’ll have to upgrade.

If you look at it, though, 5 sweatcoins is just right for those who are just starting to walk to fitness. This is basically equivalent to 5000 steps or almost 5 kilometers walk.

2. Shaker

the limit in shaker account is 10 sweatcoins per dayThe Shaker account is worth 4.75 sweatcoins per month. So after your first 5000 steps, you can already level up so you can earn a minimum of 10 sweatcoins per day or 300 sweatcoins per month. For those who have an hour or two allotted for workout, the Shaker account is the perfect way to get fit while speeding up your earning so you can redeem wonderful rewards. In 6 months, you probably already lost 10-20 pounds from walking and sweatcoins to purchase small items on Amazon.

Personally, this is the perfect account. The monthly fee is decent and 2 hours is the best duration for daily workout.

3. Quaker

The Quaker account allows you to earn up to 15 sweatcoins per dayI don’t think there’s someone willing to walk 15000 steps every day. But anyway, the Quaker account requires 20 sweatcoins to unlock. This is also the monthly fee you’ll have to pay.

Now, you are allowed to make 15 sweatcoins per day or 450 sweatcoins every month.

4. Breaker

the breaker account lets you earn up to 20 sweatcoins per dayNow, this is intense walking. I don’t know who walks as much as 20,000 steps per day but certainly, it is not for those who work in the offices. Upgrading to this account, then, can be impractical.

Breaker requires 30 sweatcoins per month to maintain. It allows you to earn as much as 20 sweatcoins per day or 600 sweatcoins per month.

5. Trouble Maker

This account is yet to be launched but I’m guessing 25 sweatcoins or more earnings per day.

Your Dashboard

The dashboard is pretty simple so it is easy to understand.

You can easily see the steps you made for the day and the sweatcoin earnings you have.

There’s also the account page, leaderboard, offers, and settings.

If it’s you first time to use the app, you can try by taking a few steps outside. What I observed, it doesn’t seem to work indoors. I tried walking inside the house and it does record the steps but it doesn’t approve the steps. It seems to have a high-tech GPS that identifies whether you are walking indoor or outdoor. Its algorithm only approves the steps you make outside.

Tracking Your Steps

Like I mentioned, you should run the app, turn on your GPS and walk outdoors. As long as you remember these 3 then there’s no problem earning sweatcoins.

At the Info button, you will access “Today’s info” where you can see the total steps you made for that day, the steps you want to submit and how many steps were actually converted to sweatcoins. Hence, it doesn’t automatically convert your steps into sweatcoins. The app reviews your steps if you are faking or not. This is under their safety protocol since many already tried to cheat the Sweatcoin App to speed up the process of earning coins.

The app can drain your battery, though, in just a few minutes of tracking. But when you upgrade from Mover to Shaker, you can turn on the battery saver. This is a premium feature that increases your daily sweatcoin limit and the length of your battery life.

On the Today’s info, you will see:

  • coins converted
  • coins earned today
  • steps to send
  • Sweatcoin algorithm
  • Sweatcoin steps
  • total steps today

Keep in mind that just because you’re walking, it doesn’t mean it’s automatically converting.  Your steps must be approved by Sweatcoin before the currency shows up on your account as this is considered to be their safety protocol.

Unfortunately, there are no direct ways to convert sweatcoins to Paypal funds. There are no official conversion rates. You can only redeem offers with your sweatcoin.

Don’t worry, though, because you’ll always find a Paypal fund offer you can redeem. The offers vary, though. One day you can buy a $100 Paypal fund for 1,000 sweatcoins; some other day you can buy them at promo rate of 500 sweatcoins.

You can use your sweatcoin to redeem rewards on the offers pageMy suggestion is for you to keep saving your sweatcoin. Keep 1000-5000 sweatcoins in your wallet so you can redeem good offers.

Most of the time, you will see offers for buying items on Amazon which can be good as cash.

Overall, if you are expecting to earn money from Sweatcoin, you can but at a decent rate only. And you have to be watchful of the offers so you can score some really good ones.

Generally, you earn 1 sweatcoin for every 1,000 steps you make. But there is a 5% commission so in total, you make 0.95 sweatcoins for every 1000 steps.

Take note, though, you can only earn up to 5 As a quick note, basic members who start out can only earn 5 Sweatcoins, whereas members who upgrade to a “Shaker” account can earn up to 10 Sweatcoins a day.

Later, you can upgrade to a Shaker Account, which will cost you 4.75 Sweatcoins to do. However, it increases your daily limit to 10 Sweatcoins a day or up to 300 Sweatcoins for the month.  This is 100% optional.

Referring Friends and Other Tasks

Another way you can earn sweatcoin is by referring friends to try the app. You get a commission of 5 sweatcoins per referral so you become an instant affiliate here too. You can also do some simple tasks for bonus sweatcoins like watching ads within the app.

earn 1, 2, o 4 sweatcoins by watching adsBut there’s more. You can also sell sweatcoins. The average user might expect anywhere from $0.02 to $0.06 (USD) per coin. That might not seem a lot, but it’s an impressive amount given that Sweatcoin is generated by your natural physical activity. For example, if you walk or run 6 miles per day, that’s about 45-50 Sweatcoin per week. The amounts add up fast, and before you know it you could sell your Sweatcoin for $10.


Aside from seeing what you earned for the day, you can also view leaderboards for the day, whether it’s friends you invite to the app or people nearby using the app.

The leaderboard is a way to challenge you so you can earn more coins. Here, you’ll see how many steps you’re getting in comparison to your friends or even people in your vicinity.

If you don’t have friends yet in the app, you can also view leaderboards nearby to see who’s using the app near you and who’s taking walking seriously.

Redeeming Offers

Once you earn enough Sweatcoins, you can eventually cash out, and like most survey websites, the offers will greatly vary, but for now, let’s explore the offers available in the Sweatcoin app.

Looking at the offers page, Sweatcoin will break up the offers from the lowest redemption rate to the most valuable options, which are found in the “Marathon” category.

Again, these offers can change from time to time.

Remember, a free account does have a five Sweatcoin limit, so it would take you at least two days to earn this particular award.


The Pros:

  • It is 100% free. There’s no money needed to download and upgrade to higher accounts. Everything is paid with your “sweat.”
  • The app is easy to use. Turn it on, and automatically earn coins.
  • There’s a decent offers selection.
  • This is a great way to challenge anyone to stay healthy.

The Cons:

  • The offers requires too much sweatcoins so it can take a while to earn some prizes
  • Not really good way to make money online. This can only be a way to enjoy while trying to stay fit.
  • It’s battery consuming. This is the main complaint of people using the Sweatcoin App. Since the app is running at all times it appears, the company states that you shouldn’t see any battery usage issues; however, on some devices, you may see your battery level drops.

For some reasons, if you are noticing some battery drainage that’s more than the average, the app does have a battery saver icon that you can turn on inside of the app which greatly reduces the battery consumption, but in doing so, it could reduce your step counts, so be forewarned.


Overall, the Sweatcoin app is a legit way to earn some digital currency to earn some cool stuff you can find on ecommerce sites as well as Paypal cash. However, if you are looking for ways to earn money online, then this is not the best channel. It isn’t meant to help you earn money but rather the best way to motivate you to start having an active lifestyle.

Don’t waste your sweatcoins by redeeming so frequently. I advise for you to save to at least 5000-20000 sweatcoins so you can redeem the good offers when they appear on the Offers section. Like right now, $1000 Paypal cash is worth 20,000 sweatcoins.

If you want to earn more coins faster, invite some friends. Remember to watch ads too.

But if you are looking for a true way to make money online, then you can check out affiliate marketing. I’ve been discussing about it in my Wealthy Affiliate Review. Find out if it will work for you too by joining me on Wealthy Affiliate!

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