Wealthy Affiliate Review: Is It The Best Affiliate Marketing Program of 2019?

Let me go straight to the point. You’re here because you heard from someone or read somewhere on the internet that Wealthy Affiliate is a powerful program to make money online.

Well, if you’re curious if Wealthy Affiliate is legit or not, then you’re in the right place!

So read until the end because I have some real revelations about Wealthy Affiliate!

I started affiliate marketing in 2005 and even though I am an experienced affiliate marketer, I am also an active member of Wealthy Affiliate because of all the tools, training and resources you can only find there. Wealthy affiliate has a lot to offer to both newbies and experienced online marketers and I will discuss them all later.

And if you think it provides only education, you really need to read this post. Wealthy Affiliate isn’t your ordinary training program. And there is a reason why WA calls itself “The Home of Affiliate Marketing.”

The reasons? Let’s find out:

Wealthy Affiliate Overview

Summary: Wealthy Affiliate is one of the most legit programs that provide affiliate marketing courses , tools and support group that you will find online.

Product Name: Wealthy Affiliate
Founder: Carson & Kyle
Product Type: Affiliate Marketing Course, Tools, Network
Price: Free for the Starter Membership, $49/month or $359/year for the Premium Membership
Best For: Newbies who want to learn affiliate marketing, find the right tools to start with the business, and have an active support group.

Wealthy Affiliate summed up in this photo

Recommended: Yes, it definitely works and every cent you spend is worth it. Plus Wealthy Affiliate gives you all the help and support you need to succeed in affiliate marketing. Worth the value!

What is Wealthy Affiliate?

Wealthy Affiliate has all these thigns to offer for memberers

Wealthy Affiliate is essentially a platform supported by a huge community of online marketers.

The business started in 2005 as a simple keyword list membership site. It didn’t take long though before it expanded to provide more comprehensive services like training tutorials and lessons and tools like integrated website builder.

The best feature of Wealthy Affiliate could be its community support. It is arguably one of the most active communities in the affiliate marketing world.

Another is the customizable and well-designed User Interface / User Experience and advanced functionality. All the resources in Wealthy Affiliate are constantly updated like its training programs, video tutorials, and live webinars to ensure that its members who pay and even those who don’t stay on top of the competition.

Plans are there that are intended for the long run so you’ll know that this platform is here for good.


I’ve already mentioned about the main goals of Wealthy Affiliate. Those are to provide basic education to people who want to learn how to make money online, provide tools to help them kickstart their own business, and give them a support group to keep pushing them up to the top of their goals.

For those who are just starting in Wealthy Affiliate, there are 2 ways to register to their services and resources. One is to become a Starter member (free membership) and the second one is to avail the premium membership which only costs $49/month.


You’ll find out in a while why this monthly membership is worth your investment.

Below is a table from the www.wealthyaffiliate.com that summarizes the perks that people can enjoy from each type of membership.

These are the inclusions per Wealthy Affiliate membership type

Wanna save even more money? If you upgrade to the yearly membership for only $359 for the whole year!!

To understand where your money can take you in this Wealthy Affiliate program, let’s first take a look at each offering:

1 – Affiliate Marketing Training

Starter Member

Starter Members will be given access to the basics or the first 10 lessons associated with the first level of the course. But don’t worry that this won’t be enough to get you started on affiliate marketing. This level can help you build your first website and write you first keyword-rich content.
Although a lot of things are lacking, this kind of membership will give you a good idea about the platform and can help you decide whether to upgrade and reap the full benefits of the Premium Member or not.

Premium Member

Premium members get access to all 50 lessons that come with around 169 tasks to help them enhance their learning process. It sounds tedious but the step-by-step training will help cement learning on members. So if you are a newbie, this long but effective process will get you to the right spot if you are looking to be successful in affiliate marketing.

Don’t worry about the volume of lessons and that you might not understand them. There are videos and written tutorials that breakdown the most overwhelming topics about affiliate marketing into very easy and actionable ones.

The whole course will guide you through all the processes you need to create a solid affiliate marketing business online. These include:

  • Quality content – in Affiliate marketing, your best tool to succeed is a content that will rank #1 on SERP. And how’s that done? By writing high converting and keyword rich content. Don’t worry about not getting it right. WA has all the tools you need like Jaaxy and you can use them for free when you become their member.
  • Content Construction –Quality content means it’s free from grammatical errors. But with the required 2000 to 4000 to make Google happy, do you think you can write a perfectly constructed blog? You can with Wealthy Affiliate. The Content Writing Platform provided inside the Wealthy Affiliate platform was made for this.
  • Proper Visuals – You can’t just graph photos and put them in your content. This course will teach you on how to make and use the right images, graphs, charts, tables, etc. to optimize your blog.
  • Valuable SEO Tips – SEO will drive more traffic to your content and when there’s more people reading your blog, there’s a higher chance to convert a high percentage of this visitors into customers of the affiliate program you enrolled to. This is one of the things that Wealthy Affiliate will teach you how to do.
  • Social Networks – The course will teach you how to Leverage the relevant Social Networks to increase your conversions
  • Millions of products to promote – Wealthy Affiliate will also teach you how to get access to MILLIONS of products that you can promote as an affiliate and get commissions from.
  • Creating and Scaling profitable PPC – Pay-Per-Click Campaigns can help you maximize your profit and get faster sales results compared to organic (unpaid/free) SEO.
  • In addition, Premium members will get access to Weekly Interactive Live webinars. There is also a Q&A session after each live webinar where one of the experts in affiliate marketing will facilitate.

For me, the skills and tactics learned from these sessions are more realistic. I like joining the webinars and Q&A sessions to catch strategies from other members that I may not know.

Other Training Topics for Premium Members:

  • Video Marketing
  • Email Marketing

…And many other topics.

These tutorials are created by some of the most experienced marketers in the Wealthy Affiliate network and some are even the most renowned in the whole make money online industry. So be sure to catch what they’re teaching because they have a lot of things to share on how you can generate thousands of dollars of passive income just like them.

2 – Affiliate Marketing Tools

Wealthy Affiliate makes it easier for its members to start their business online by providing them with almost all the necessary tools they need. From building websites to creating content, WA has a range of effective affiliate marketing tools to help anyone succeed. Some were even created by WA itself.

Website and hosting

The most basic and most important thing you need in affiliate marketing is a website and it’s not easy to create a responsive site that will attract shoppers. Sure there are a lot of free website builders out there but the results won’t be as enticing as the sites created with domain names and reliable hosting.

Wealthy affiliate makes this whole process a lot easier by putting all these steps on its site. Instead of hunting for a good domain name provider and another for your hosting, WA collects all these as recommendation and you can just choose one for your site.

You can buy a very lucrative domain from WA for about $10 – $13. In less than a minute, you will already see your very own website. The only work left for you to do is to personalize your new website.

But the support that WA gives to you on building your website doesn’t end there. Wealthy Affiliate has a 24/7 customer service with site support you can use when you find any problem in your site.  Apart from this, your website will also get 24/7 security, SSL certificate (HTTPS), Site protect (spam blocker), site speed and an email package.

If you choose to be starter member, you can still build a website for free.

Generous Affiliate program

When building your business in affiliate marketing, you should choose a niche that you are really interested in.


You will do best in creating content when you have a good grasp of knowledge about the niche you pick. How can you convince a shopper from buying a product when your content isn’t engaging enough because you’re not sure about what you’re talking about in your blog?

For example, you can start with being an affiliate of Wealthy Affiliate. Since you just finished the course, you still have a pack on valuable knowledge stuck on your head that you can share to others who are thinking of taking the training program too. You are actually the best influencer since you just came from doubting to trying then finally working as an affiliate for WA.

And the commissions given by Wealthy Affiliate aren’t bad at all. The program rewards affiliates with 50% recurring commission from their referrals.

Now that you have a niche to work on, remember that knowing the ins and outs of it still can’t guarantee your success. You also need tools to make it on the top of the competition in this very saturated market.

Wealthy Affiliate has a great keyword research tool called Jaaxy. This tool can carry out research in seconds to determine keywords that are lucrative and not too competitive. This kind information will help you pick the right keywords to use in your content.

Jaaxy has a free membership that allows 30 free keyword research. After that, you’ll need to become a premium member to carry out unlimited research.

And these are not all!


When you join wealthy affiliate, you will also be a member of a big community where you’ll meet a lot of successful online entrepreneurs. For newbies, this means they can easily find mentors to help them make their first profit in affiliate marketing and eventually become as successful as them.

There are live chats, question forums, comment platforms and feedback platforms where members can easily fraternize. So if you need quick answer to an urgent query, this is the place where you can go.

A live chat option is available to premium members and if you find yourself needing a quick answer to any question about the program or affiliate marketing, then you can go there for help.

For many people, including me, Wealthy Affiliate is not just a place to learn how to make money online but also a means to really start earning profit.

Some members stay for the after-training perks while some others step up and become full-time ambassadors and make additional money by writing training courses for Wealthy Affiliate.

On the other hand, other members make money from Wealthy Affiliate by writing comments on the comment platform. This space is where members can request others for comments to their new post or article on their website. This is another free way to boost SEO and get more traffic.

REMEMBER: more traffic means more people to convince to buy through your content.

You have to be careful in paying for comments, though. Some members, sad to say, leave mediocre statements in niches they are not that well-oriented with, but of course you have the ability to approve the comment before it goes live on your website.

The third, which I also already mentioned a lot of times earlier, is to become an affiliate and promote the platform. This is how I’ve been making money through Wealthy Affiliate for the past year. As a mentor, I’ve been guiding others who want to try the program or affiliate marketing to make money online. Kyle, Carson and the whole team are very hands on too, they are always there to help everyone see their first 4-figure profit month.


So far, I’ve been talking about all the ways to make money and about how great the platform is, but you have to keep in mind that your success will depend mostly on you.

It doesn’t matter if you have the best tools, training and resources if you don’t follow the plan and put into action.

Here are some of the issues and complains I hear about Wealthy Affiliate:


Others are deceived by the number $49. They sign up to find out that it is a monthly subscription for premium membership. For some, this is costly. Indeed, people are looking for ways to earn more money without bringing out a big fund but the membership will add up to a huge amount after a couple of months or years.

However this amount isn’t just to name you a member. Of course, you get a lot of things out of your $49. There are plethora of features that are very costly when you buy from other providers like domain name, hosting, and keyword tool subscription, training and many more. When you add all of them, the price would be way more than $49 a month. So by becoming a premium member, you are actually saving money.

If you don’t feel comfortable paying this amount monthly, you can start with free membership until you collect enough funds to pay for your membership.

Making Money with WA is Just a Hoax

Some members complain that they don’t really earn money with Wealthy Affiliate. But this is true for a lot of platforms and for a lot of members, most especially those who just started their venture. There is never going to be a 100% success rate.

But there’s a reason why some people don’t do as well as others do. One of the main reasons is they chose the wrong niche.

I mentioned earlier that you need to choose a niche where you’ll do good. This niche is the niche that you are familiar with. If you are a weight loss advocate then be an affiliate of a successful weight loss brand. If you are into cryptocurrency trading then write about cryptocurrencies.

The key is to choose a niche you know and find a brand with less competition and a good amount of traffic to begin with.

Another factor is their dedication. Ask yourself how hard you work. Are your efforts enough? Are you using all the tools you should use? Are you following the steps? Are you taking the tips of your mentors?

Remember, Wealthy Affiliate will not make you an instant millionaire. It will give you trainings, tools, support but the hardest task should be done by you too. Do not feel discouraged that you don’t make it on the first round. There’s always a second round, third round and besides, you have a good group of backers to guide you.

Big Hype

Some members do make it sound like Wealthy Affiliate create some sort of a miracle and turn newbies to instant big time internet and affiliate marketers.

Some people might tell you that you only need a few weeks to start making money. The reality is that training itself can already take a month to finish so it’s quite difficult to make money in a few weeks. And others promise these kinds of things to attract people to enroll in the program and earn commission.

So think of it like a real educational program. You have to learn all the things you need until you graduate and later apply to a real job. But, you don’t get paid on your first day. You need to earn your salary and wait for the next pay day to see your first check.

Overwhelming for newbies 

The process of starting your website and getting an audience can mean a lot of work too for those who are not tech-savvy.

After that, comes the task of writing content, publishing, and advertising. If you are a one man-team, this can indeed be overwhelming.

Luckily, with all the tools available at Wealthy Affiliate, you can build a website in minutes. With all the steps by steps training, build a website, write content and start making money is easy.

If for some reason you are feeling stuck, reach out to the community. Like I mentioned, the community of Wealthy Affiliate very helpful and you need to socialize most especially with the experienced marketers to learn from them and as much as possible, and to get help from them.

No spam policy

Please keep in mind, Members can and will get penalized when they spam. Kyle and Carson frown on spamming and encourage members to blog only about topics that will benefit other members too.

To enforce this, Wealthy Affiliate made a spam button where you’ll lose all of your writing privileges for a time after getting 10 spam reports.

So be careful or else you lose days of posting on Wealthy Affiliate website.


Self-learning affiliate marketing can be more overwhelming than choosing a platform from which you can learn from. Imagine the overload of information on the internet and you don’t have a clear guide on which track to follow. There will be good reviews and bad reviews too, so which should you really believe in?

Although you can probably find everything you need to know about affiliate marketing on the internet, there is no structure format. Hence, one of the best things I appreciate about Wealthy Affiliate is the step-by-step tutorials and guides it created to cater to people of varying levels of experience.

Another thing to like about the program is it helps minimize the technical works and the expenses that come with them like hosting service for 25 domains, email addresses specific to your domain, and a light keyword research tool called Jaaxy.

The combined total of these expenses for just one website can easily reach $20/mth (For reference, an email address tied to your domain costs $5/mth per account on Google Business Suite while the equivalent hosting in terms of speed/space can cost $12/mth on hosts such as Siteground and Bluehost).

And like I always boast, Wealthy Affiliate has an active and helpful community of affiliate marketers. The best part is that you get to interact with Kyle and Carson directly. Your journey in the affiliate marketing world will be a lot smoother if you have experienced mentors to guide you as well as peers who can learn together with you.


Wealthy Affiliate can be the best program for newbies in affiliate marketing who have zero idea how or where to start.

So as you can see, you can either use the knowledge you acquire from wealthy affiliate to start your own online business or you can use it to promote their program.

This business for those who like to make money online with sure profit but are willing to go through the tedious work of writing long articles, researching, studying the market for competition and what’s the hottest product to promote, building your website, growing your network, perfecting SEO and a lot more.

So if you are the type of person who hates writing, then you might not want to start an affiliate marketing business.

This is why I think Wealthy Affiliate is not for everyone. There are those who are desperate to make money online but couldn’t find the love for affiliate marketing. This is when you try other means of profiting online.

Wealthy affiliate is for people who are hard workers, self-driven and those who are determined to succeed in the affiliate marketing niche. This is for those who are up for the challenge of making 4-7 figures of passive income.

The online world is not an easy gold mine. Without the proper knowledge and efforts, you won’t be able to make it in affiliate marketing or any other ways of making money online. So starting from zero is okay. It will take a while and it will require investments but it will be worth it when you perfect it.


Definitely not! In fact, if you have the luxury to try out several affiliate programs, you will find out that Wealthy affiliate is among the best in online education platforms. Their competitions include Affiliate Marketing Mastery and many others.

Wealthy Affiliate is one of the few platforms with most complete offerings. Others have good training courses that they offer but their service ends there. Their only concern is to get people to enroll to them, teach them and encourage them to become their affiliate.

With Wealthy Affiliate, learning never stops and the perks never end. It promise to give tools, updates, support and it gives all that. And these are the reasons why I came to Wealthy Affiliate to register as a member too.

Being an affiliate marketer of 14 years who earns multi-figure profit, I found the platform really useful to help me see more passive income. It opened to me to superior SEO tools like Jaaxy.

It is definitely what it says it is.

Wanna Know How I Make Money Online?

Sign up to get access to our member’s only resources, it is completely FREE and I will share with you all the tools and resources I use to make a living online. What are you waiting for?

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