WhatRunsWhere.com Review: How to Spy On Competitor Ads

Welcome to another review here at Smart Start Affiliate! And today, we’re going to look at the ad spy tool called WhatRunsWhere.

Maybe you have heard about it before. Running a marketing campaign online can be difficult, in whatever niche you are in, because the World Wide Web is already full of entrepreneurs competing with one another. Then here you come, a newbie in the business world, trying to make a name and money online. You’re like a house cat competing with  a pack of wolves here.

You need to be aggressive too and put up a strong ad that will be noticed by people. But of course, other business owners already thought of that too. And now, you don’t know what to do.

Maybe you need a little help? Maybe a little cheat to help you get started with your campaign?

This is where WhatRunsWhere becomes useful.

Find out below how exactly it can help you go heads on with your competitors. Are the strategies it uses reliable? Does it really work? Let’s find out!

whatrunswhere is an ad spy tool that looks into your competitors' ads and campaign strategies

But why do you need to spy on your competitors’ ad strategy? Are you going to steal an intelligence property? Is this legal?

First of, you are not actually stealing an ad strategy. WhatRunsWhere is a way for you to look into the structure of your competitor’s campaign – but not the execution and planning which are considered the intelligence property of the company – but on how their campaign performed that made it successful.

Basically, it is a tool you can use to compare your strategy and performance with others who ran a successful campaign for you to see where you fell short or what you need to change so you can also succeed. It is also a way for you to see the latest trends in running ads that you might not be aware of.

The advertising trends seem to change every now and then and it can be difficult to be informed when you are just starting out and you don’t have a dedicated team to handle your advertising activities. Ad Spy tools like WhatRunsWhere makes the task simpler for you by analyzing the campaigns of others and comes back to you with a full report of what else you can do that others are already doing.

Think of it as a way to get clear guide on what the best working ads online consist of without asking your competitor (of course they won’t give you that information!) If you discover winning strategies to make your ads work better, you can definitely make more money online. You can use it until you master the art of making true profitable campaigns.

So let’s get started now with this WhatRunsWhere.com How to Spy on Your Competitors Ads Review 2019!

Find out too how it works, and all its tools that can help you in your ad-making tasks.


Summary: WhatRunsWhere is a smart tool used to spy on your competitors’ ads and gives you the most accurate insights of the best campaigns existing in the digital world. Using the data it generates, you can easily see how to strategize on your next campaign, taking some techniques that has always been working for others. If you get it right, you might even get a step ahead of your competitor.

Product Name: WhatRunsWhere
Founder: Michael Cojanu, Max Teitelbaum
Product Type: Ads Spy software
Price: $299 – $399/month
Rating: 75/100

whatrunswhere is a way for you to find out the best trends in ads making and see what really works

Recommendation: It’s relieving to know that there is  tool you can use to help you keep up with your competitors given that the online business world is already too crowded. But should you really spend that much just to strategies in your campaigns? I’d say, why not?! And you’ll find out why below.


WhatRunsWhere is  software that provides users with intelligence service showing accurate details of how your competitors may have done their campaigns and what made them successful in generating leads and converting sales. But that’s not all. WhatRunsWhere also helps you find new sources of high traffic online so you’ll know which platforms are best to run your campaigns at.

whatrunswhere analyzes 60 million ads published online

This cloud-based software has been around for over 18 years, designed by 2 successful marketers to cover the task in ads and campaigns strategizing. Currently, it is monitoring millions of ads in different markets and niches from 5 countries like USA, Germany, Canada, Australia, and the United Kingdom where top advertisers are believed to root from. Moreover, WhatRunsWhere closely looks into 90,000 advertisers online and 20,000 websites, ensuring you to get some useful data using it.


We often wish to be on the top of competition but oftentimes too, we lack the knowledge o how we can become a leader in an industry. The fact that there are others who came before us also poses a challenge as people would trust them more than us. Ads are our best chance to catch the attention of shoppers when we are just new in the business.

whatrunswhere analizes 60 million ads published online

But running a campaign isn’t just publishing an ad. It takes a thorough research of the market and good strategy to capture leads and make your first loyal customers. But are you confident that you can create a genius campaign that will overthrow your competitor?

Why not look into what they’re doing and from there, come up with a better plan?

Some entrepreneurs, though, are so stubborn that they’d neglect their competitors. They’d rather focus on making their supposedly own innovative campaigns than waste time watching what their competitors are doing. They do have a point but there’s also weakness in this kind of philosophy.

It’s not like you’ll copy everything they do, but in starting out, you definitely need some guide so you’d be on the right track.

Whatrunswhere Benefits

So what’s in it for you? After paying $299 per month – which isn’t a cheap price, I must say – what do you get to enjoy then? How will it help you make money online?

  • WhatRunsWhere lets you investigate top performing ads in your niche.
  • This software points out the most competitive campaigns which you can use in planning your own ad.
  • WhatRunsWhere does more than spying ads. it also helps you determine new sources of high traffic and leads you to a larger audience.
  • WhatRunsWhere always keeps you updated when there’s a new marketing trend used by your competitors.
  • Not only will WhatRunsWhere introduce you to the new trends but will also help you understand them.

WhatRunsWhere Operation

this is the sample of results you get from whatrunswhere analysis

WhatRunsWhere collects data through  “data scrapers” that act as users on desktop and mobile. The data that these users see are then compiled in the analytics page of the ads spy app.

When you subscribe with WhatRunsWhere, you will gain access to your own dashboard and will be able to search by ad networks, advertising platform, keywords, categories, and more.  The results you’ll get may be from larger ads that sell big and landing page traffic which can help you determine the broad demographic used in ds that work. Then you can define the right targeting to use in your own campaign. Then by knowing your the audience you should target, you will also be able be able to come up with ads creatives that will appeal to them.

So overall, the process is broken down to three steps:

1. Input the specific website you want to check, search a keyword you want to target, then check whether they have an ongoing campaign in the categories you set, then WhatRunsWhere will show you a report on how they are performing.

2. Check their CTA, traffic sources, ad type, placement, and target audience which you can use on your own campaign. Still can’t see how it can be useful to your business growth? Maybe by looking into its features, you’ll realize how to use it in making an effective campaign.

3. Publish your own campaign that you created based on these data.

WhatRunsWhere ad intelligence software has unparalleled performance in helping you build profitable campaign strategies. You can analyze ads depending on your targeting by letting your use the filter feature. you can analyze by keyword, by ads size, network, and so on, depending on which data is easier for you to understand. But it also delivers other results that you didn’t specify on your query to help you later when you go back to a search.

But what makes WhatRunsWhere a very powerful ads spy tool? Here re some of its most useful features:

1. Analytics

This software gives you accurate data of what your competitor is doing in its campaigns and how they are performing. You will find out the copies that lead to conversions. And as mentioned several times already, you will know about the traffic sources of your competitors which you can also target in your campaign.

In short, it will remove the guesswork in making profitable ads.

2. Search Top Brands And Affiliate Ads

Not only are you able to search the top performing ads on the internet, but you will also be able to see the affiliate ads that are driving more traffic and sales to their site. You can even do your search per niche, marke, or country.

3. Bigger Ads and Website Scope

Your reach with WhatRunsWhere is too large, covering  7 countries, 20,000 sites, 90,000 advertisers, and 500 networks. That equals to almost everything on the web. You can then see which really works and experiment on which strategy will also work for you. You can even combine strategies to strengthen your campaign.

4. Up-to-Date and Most Accurate Data

WhatRunsWhere see to it that the data it gives you are from the past 24 hours. Trends may change without you knowing. So it’s great to know that you have an easy-to-use tool that can update you with what’s in and what’s not so you can really catch the interest of the online shoppers. WhatRunsWhere updates its results daily to make sure you don’t get left out in the competition.


WhatRunsWhere, compared to is competitors like AdBeat, is way pricier. The starter plan is at $299 compared to AdBeat which is only $99 per month. For a newbie, this is very costly but when you come to think of it, hiring a full time ds specialist is much pricier. An expert would usually bill you over a thousand dollars per month for his services and still, they won’t be able to give you dta as accurate as ads spy tools. This is why many entrepreneurs would rather get  software than hire a new person for the team.

Here’s the pricing of WhatRunsWhere plans:

whatrunswhere pricing and inclusions

Now, unfortunately, WhatRunsWhere doesn’t have a free trial or demo period but it offers full refund after 3 days upon sign up.


AdBeat is a strong competitor of WhatRunsWhere. It has advantages over WhatRunsWhere which include:

Analyzing data from 26 countries when WhatRunsWhere only analyzes ads from 7 countries.

  • See data from 26 countries, compared to WhatRunsWhere’s seven.
  • Side by side comparison of two of your competitors to see whose strategy is performing better.
  • Check if an advertiser is running more ads compared to its previous campaigns.
  • See how long your competitors have been running their campaign before they see proft.
  • Check your competitor’s standard and native ads, as well as your video ads and landing pages.
  • Check the creatives used by successful ads and get a 7-day trend report.
  • See how the ads impact your competitor’s campaign. Get their ads impressions and see the source of traffic.
  • See the budget used by your competitors on their campaigns.
  • Automated reports and notifications if there’s a new analysis available or when you set them.

AdBeat ca be a good alternative to WhatRunsWhere when you are looking for more helpful features at lower monthly subscription rate.



1. Refunds and Money Back

Like I mentioned earlier, WhatRunsWhere gives you a 3-days money back guarantee should you find it ineffective, pricey, not enough, or not right for your business. I’ve read a couple of people saying they got their refunds immediately after requesting cancelation of their subscription. They will refund your money without any questions asked.

2. Support

WhatRunsWhere has a responsive customer support to help subscribers get around with the tool. There’s no sense having a powerful tool when you don’t know how to use it. So having a team you can call for help is relieving. A lot of tutorials are also available on Youtube so there’s no more need to enrol on courses and spend extra cash.

The Cons

1. No Trial Period

It would have been nice if here’s a trial period to see if WhatRunsWhere is really the software you want to use in planning your campaigns. Does it have all the features you need? Is it really effective at spying your competitors’ ads? Does it give you all the important data you need?

$299 per month subscription fee is already but the good news is that you can cancel anytime you want.

2. Expensive

While WhatRunsWhere is one of the proven most effective ads spy tools you’ll see online, it also serves to be one of the most expensive. Other tools also have more offerings when they have more affordable rates.


It’s legit, it’s used by many, and it works, so if you’d ask whether you should spy on your competitors using this software, my answer is “why not?!”

Like I’ve been mentioning, there’s nothing wrong with checking what your competitors are doing. It is a natural part of running a business. Whatever you are offering, you will always be on competition with other businesses. So it will be perfectly fine to check their activities to know how to tweak your strategies to be on top of the competition. Anyway, it’s not like you are stealing anything.

With WhatRunsWhere, remember that your biggest benefit is you get the freshest data on what others in your niche are doing and you get to study millions of your competitors. Who knows, the other subscribers of WhatRunsWhere might be your direct competitors.

So shouldn’t you get what they are using too?

Don’t get left behind and start spying on your competitors’ ads and campaigns!


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