Wix Website Builder Review 2019: Best Choice for Affiliates?

For you to start in affiliate marketing, you first need to have a website. And for you to have a website, you need to build one.

Whether you are computer savvy or not, there are useful platforms you can use to create professional websites that don’t require heavy technical skills.

And you will find out about the most popular web builder of the year 2019 in this review.

Welcome to my Wix Website Builder Review!

wix web builder features

In this Wix Website Builder review, I’m going to talk about the the best features, pricing, and the pros and cons of using the so-called number website building platform. I say number one because there isn’t a list that I found online that didn’t name it as the leading web builder today.

But let’s find out whether it’s really the best or not and whether it can provide you with everything you need to build the web design you have in mind.


Summary: Wix lets you customize extensively using drag-and-drop controls, which are more powerful than those you’ll find in any other web builder. Visitors will think you’ve paid thousands of dollars for a custom-built website you created with Wix.

Product Name: Wix
Founder:  Avishai Abrahami, Nadav Abrahami, Giora Kaplan
Product Type: cloud-based web development platform
Price: Free and 8 paid plans that start at $13/month
Rating: 80/100
Best For: Everyone who has to build a website but only has fair knowledge of doing so.

is wix really the best web builder of 2019

Recommendation: I recommend Wix to those who need a pro-looking website but don’t have any technical skills or coding knowledge to create one. I have a preferred web builder, though, which I will share to you later at the end of this Wix Website Builder Review 2019.


Wix is a cloud-based service that allows you to design and build your own website without needing to know how to write codes.

Wix was founded in Israel in 2006. Currently, it is already one of the largest website building companies, with 1,800 employees and around 100 million users. Along with its headquarters in Israel, Wix expanded and opened offices in Canada, Brazil, Germany, India, Ireland, Lithuania, the United States, and Ukraine too. Wix’s large size gives long-term security and also means you can look forward to regular feature updates.

Wix allows users to create websites using a simple and intuitive drag-and-drop user interface which is unlike its competitor WordPress.

You can use a Wix website for:

  • blogging
  • hosting an online forum
  • ecommerce site for digital and physical products
  • appointment booking
  • collecting contact details

and more!


wix gives you access to 500 templates for your website

There are a lot of features you’ll love about Wix. For me, one of its most important offering is its large library of professionally shot images that you can use for free when building your website. These are useful since websites today need to be visually appealing. On top of that, you can access Shutterstock directly from Wix Editor. So you can be sure that you’re gonna get some awesome materials for your web building task.

The templates are organized into intuitive categories, which means you should be able to find a template that meets your needs fairly easily. The large number of templates also means you can get very specific in your web category. For example, in the online stores category, there is a category for fashion and clothing with 23 different templates to choose from.

Once you pick your template, Wix will provide you with good quality text, picture, and layout options to choose from. All these will get you started, give you a sanity check about what to include, and help avoid writer’s block.

I – Animations

Wix makes it easy to add functions like parallax scrolling, animations, and video backgrounds to your website. These functions are automatically disabled in mobile view to improve performance.

Wix offers three options for building websites:

Wix Artificial Design Intelligence (ADI)

Wix ADI is usable by anyone, no matter how much they hate computers. Wix ADI creates your website by asking you some basic questions and collecting whatever information is available from an online search of your business. Editing is done via a drag and drop user interface that automatically lays out the pages for you.

Wix Editor

Wix Editor requires some basic computing skills, but it’s roughly equivalent in complexity to using Microsoft Word to lay out a newsletter. Wix Editor gives you flexibility to alter the layout, but there are still limitations compared to a fully-fledged HTML/CSS solution.

Wix Code

Wix Code allows you to create database collections. If that sounds scary and not at all like something you’d ever want to do, then instead think of Data Collections as spreadsheets.

Wix Code lets you create a spreadsheet, and then create lots of web pages automatically using a template populated with data from the spreadsheet. Wix Code also allows you to add javascript, Application Program Interfaces (APIs), and custom page behaviours.

II – E-commerce functionality

You will need to be on a Wix Business Basic plan or higher to access online selling capability.

If you are, you’ll find that the platform does a pretty good job of making eCommerce accessible and ‘non-scary’ for entrepreneurs trying online selling for the first time. Getting started is quick and straightforward – enter the data, set up payment options, and off you go.

Unfortunately, most features are only available to those who are in the U.S.

III – Data capture

Wix provides some basic built-in forms for your customers to send you a message or provide contact information.

If you want custom forms that do more sophisticated things with your data, you’ll need to add the FormBuilder app to your site.

Contact data captured on your Wix website is automatically added to your website’s ‘contact list’. You can also import contacts or add them manually to this list.

  • The Basic ShoutOut add-on costs $4.90/month. It allows you to host a list of 10,000 records that you can send 5 emails per month to.
  • The Business Essential add-on is $12.90/month, connects to your Wix site, and allows you to host a list of up to 25,000 contacts.
  • The Pro Unlimited add-on is $44.90/month, and allows you to host a list of up to 200,000 contacts.

You can also connect Wix to an external mail provider like AWeber, MailChimp, Campaign Monitor, or GetResponse by adding an HTML block to your website.

IV – Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and analytics

Wix is so concerned of your success on your business so it added extra service to help you rank your website on search engines through its SEO tools.


Wix SEO functionality is generally good. It allows you to easily perform key SEO tasks, including:

  • adding alt text
  • adding meta descriptions
  • editing page URLs
  • creating 301 redirects

One SEO feature which may particularly appeal to SEO novices is Wix’s ‘SEO Wiz’ tool. This walks you through the key steps for optimizing your website for search engines, helping you to to update your page titles, meta descriptions, alt text, and so on.

If you’re on premium plan, the SEO Wiz can also help you register your site with Google Search Console.

Analytics and conversion tracking

Wix has good support for analytics tools, providing built-in integrations for:

  • Google Analytics
  • Google AdWords
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Facebook Pixel
  • Yandex Metrica
  • Verification Code

You can use Google tag manager to implement any other third party code or pixels, or add custom code directly to your Wix site to track conversions.

V – Powering Website

Wix has tons of other features that are pretty useful in your marketing and campaigns. Here are some features you should take advantage of:

Domain name registration

You can register a new domain name through Wix, or connect a domain you already own. If you are registering a new domain you get a 1-year free domain registration voucher with Wix paid-for plans.


Wix says it ensures 99.8% uptime on its websites because of their big servers that are rumored to be all over the world.


You can either buy email mailboxes through Wix, or alternatively, you can configure your Wix domain’s DNS settings so that your email solution of choice can be used. This includes 30GB of inbox and cloud storage space.

If you purchase email accounts through Wix, the fee is $6 USD per month per mailbox. You’ll, however, get discounts for annual payment. Meanwhile, external mailboxes can only be used with paid-for plans.

VI – Wix Templates

This is important. The main reason why we use these kinds of platforms in building our website is because hiring web developers or graphic designers to set your web design is costly most especially if you are a newbie in the make money online world. So in my opinion, website platforms, like Wix, should have really good templates their customers can choose from. And since many are already making DIY websites, it will be an advantage to any platform who has a huge library of templates to choose from so that their customers will rarely have the chance of having identical websites.

Wix has over 500 templates to choose from. This is considerably more than its key competitors, which offers around 100, and all of the Wix templates are free.

The templates look professional and are visually appealing. Wix websites certainly don’t look like a do-it-yourself creation. The templates make good use of spacing and fonts to create impact, and are particularly effective when used with high-quality photographs.

Wix has 9 plans available. You can start from free and later upgrade to the paid plans if you need features you can’t get from the free plan.

If you want to get an online presence with minimal effort for a temporary purpose, then you may be able to get away with the free plan. Meanwhile, each paid plan includes all the functionality from cheaper plans; and all plans include free hosting.

1. Free Wix plan

The Wix free plan allows you to use all 500 of the Wix templates, and as noted above, also provides free hosting. You can make use of images, clip art and icons provided by Wix, and can add apps from the Wix app market.

On the free plan, you get 500MB bandwidth of storage, and 1GB bandwidth. This should be plenty for a new website. The free plan allows you to play around and build a website without giving out credit card details.

2. Combo plan ($13 per month)

The ‘Combo’ plan removes Wix brand advertising from your site. This advertising is fairly intrusive, inserting a noticeable Wix call-to-action at the top of your site.

More importantly, the plan allows you to connect a domain to your website and provides free domain registration for the first year.

On this plan, you get 3GB storage and 2GB bandwidth. You can also enjoy 30 video minutes.

3. Unlimited plan ($17 per month)

The Unlimited plan is pretty similar, in terms of basic functionality, to the ‘Combo’ plan. This plan gives you $300 of ‘Ad Vouchers’ as a plus, though. These vouchers can be used later to pay for advertising with Google Adwords, Bing Ads, and Local Listing. However, it’s quite easy to get similar ad vouchers elsewhere.

The plan also provides access to the site booster app and an analytics app.

Finally, the Wix ‘Unlimited’ plan comes with 10GB storage, unlimited bandwidth and 1 hour worth of video minutes.

4. Pro plan ($22 per month)

This plan gives you more storage and video hours than the ‘Unlimited’ plan. It also gives you access to a logo making tool, the ability to customize social icons, and provides you a calendar tool where you can create event listings on your site.

5. VIP plan ($39 per month)

The VIP plan is basically the same as the Pro plan but gives you higher priority for user support. It’s slightly concerning that Wix felt the need to include this option. If you analyze it, what is their standard customer service like to make it worth an extra $17 per month for VIP service?

6. Business Basic ($23 per month)

The ‘Business Basic’ plan is the cheapest Wix plan available which facilitates e-commerce. It’s similar in features to the ‘Unlimited’ plan, but gives you more storage at 20GB. It also provides a more generous 5 video hours. Finally, it also allows you to connect Google Analytics.

7. Business Unlimited ($27 per month)

The ‘Business Unlimited’ plan is the same as the ‘Business Basic’ but adds logo making tools, social icon tools and more generous 35GB storage and 10 video fhours.

8. Business VIP ($35 per month)

The ‘Business VIP’ package is described by Wix as constituting ‘the full suite.’ The company also says this plan provides more generous limits on storage and video (50GB and unlimited hours respectively) than the ‘Unlimited’ plan. But the main thing you’re actually paying extra for is just priority support.

9. Enterprise ($500 per month)

There’s now an “Enterprise” version of the platform. This costs $500 per month and basically gives you the functionality available on the $49 ‘VIP’ plan but a lot of hand-holding during and after the build.

Wix makes it so easy to create a stunning, powerful, interactive website for any project, business or idea you could possibly imagine. Thanks to these plans they created. The best part? There’s no coding required so there’s no need to hire a web developer.



  1. Nice Templates – the designs are exceptional and they have a wide range of pre-built layouts for many different industries.
  2. Flexible builder – While other website builders limit the extent to which elements can be moved around, Wix lets you do otherwise.
  3. Animations all around – With Wix, you can animate almost anything! From text to elements and images, you can fully express your creativity!
  4. App Market – you can take advantage of hundreds of website apps to make your website, ecommerce and email marketing more appealing. Don’t miss out on the newsletter tools, live chat software and online booking widgets!
  5. Wix Artificial Design Intelligence – there’s a smart assistant to help you create your website. This is only available, though, for some types of projects only like portfolios or yoga sites.
  6. Automatic Site Backup – automatically create backup points of your website so you can automatically restore your data anytime.


  1. Pricing – Competitors offer cheaper options. Some even offer advance features for free like Wealthy Affiliate’s Site Rubix.
  2. You can’t change templates easily – Once you set your template, you can’t switch into a completely new one. You can only change the design within the template.


Wix is a great platform that anyone looking to build either a small business or personal website for affiliate marketing can use. For businesses, Wix has brilliant templates, SEO and marketing tools, and tons of apps to help you scale. For personal sites, you have everything you need for blogging, portfolios or CVs at your fingertips.

Although I recommend it, I have my preferred web builder that you’ll be happy to know is FREE to use!

When I started doing affiliate marketing 14 years ago, I also had some difficulties setting up my website. Paying a thousand dollars for the services of a web developer was too costly for me since I was just starting. And this fee doesn’t include buying domain and web hosting yet! It’s just something I couldn’t afford.

It was just last year that I joined Wealthy Affiliate and found out that it has its own web builder platform! If I had known it before, I could’ve built my websites using this Free Wealthy Affiliate Web Builder. By the way, it is called Site Rubix!

It runs on Wordpess.org so you get to enjoy all the amazing features of WordPress. It’s exactly what I’m using in this website and if you explored my Smart Start Affiliate Site, you’ll see that using free web builder isn’t bad at all — unlike what others say that using free sucks.

Hosting and domains aren’t a problem too. When you join Wealthy Affiliate, you can use Site Rubix for free and get free hosting and domains too! And you get the Jaaxy tool too to help you on your keyword research to boost your website’s SEO!

If you want to learn more about Site Rubix, just leave a comment below and let’s get you started on Wealthy Affiliate to power up your websites.

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