WooCommerce Review: Best Ecommerce Plugin for Wordpress?

Hello and Welcome to my WooCommerce WordPress Plugin Review!

You might have wanted for a long time to sell online but rather than setting up a store on a marketplace where you go heads on with your competition, you just prefer to launch your own website because you want to leverage on your marketing funnels better.

So now you’re thinking, “how do I achieve a full-fledged ecommerce site that looks professional and attractive and functional at the same time?”

Why not use WordPress and Woocommerce!

Not sure how this will work?

Let me guide you through the process in this WooCommerce E-commerce Plugin Review!

woocommerce is the best plugin there is that lets you fully customize your wordpress ecommerce

Those who want to sell independently on their online store without having to follow strict rules of Amazon or eBay would use combinations of WordPress and an e-commerce plugin where WooCommerce, Shopify and BigCommerce are the top 3 contenders for the best ecommerce plugins.

WooCommerce has an advantage over its competitors, though, as it can be integrated with WordPress’ CMS (content management system), meaning, you get in full control of your store. Furthermore, it has a large collection of features for selling, and will setup payment processing, adding products, and designing the store even without any knowledge on coding.

What you’ll love the most is that all of these you’ll get 100% FREE!

To understand WooCommerce even more, I’ll be covering its most important and widely used features and how you can use each to your advantage.

Ready to start making money online?

Let’s go!


Summary: WooCommerce is an ecommerce plugin you can use on WordPress. It has features to help you setup your store and a lot of advanced developers love that it has thousands of free themes to utilize. It’s easy to use and it’s really helpful for your digital marketing.

Product Name: WooCommerce
Founder: Mike Jolley, James Koster
Product Type: Ecommerce Plugin
Price: Free
Rating: 85/100

woocommerce has a team of real people to help you with your concerns

Recommendation: I’d recommend WooCommerce for the fact that it is at the top of the competition plus WordPress is its originator so you can be sure that it will work smoothly with this platform. It has tons of features, themes, extensions, and is supported by search engines, hence it can generate income even on your organic campaigns. Plus it’s free so there’s nothing to lose with WooCommerce.


WooCommerce is an free plugin that turns your existing WordPress into a fully functional ecommerce website or online store. In just a few clicks, WooCommerce does the magic. It launched not too long ago (2011) but look at the community it now supports:

since it was launched, woocommerce now has millions of downloads and powers 28% of all online stores in the world

It has quickly become the preferred plugin for setting up online stores. Plus, its parent company is actually WordPress.com so there shouldn’t be doubting that this plugin is the right one for your WP-based online shop. In fact, 99% of all WordPress ecommerce in the US, UK, and Canada are powered by Woocommerce!


WooCommerce is filled with features packed in one simple plugin. It provides basic and advanced store features and functionality right out of the box. Plus it has tons of available extensions to help you expand your online business and assist you in your marketing stints.

woocommerce has tools and features that makes it easy for both store owners and developers to launch a working ecommerce website

One of the admirable features of WooCommerce is its easy installation, setup and integration with WordPress. It was designed to help ecommerce site owners get started as soon as possible through its smart Setup Wizard. You simply have to install it in your WordPress website and activate it. Setting up is easy too as you have the Setup Wizard to guide you through the process so you won’t miss any important step.

Then you get a theme integration tool which is compatible with WordPress and it’s also free of charge! Thousands of choices are available so you can find something that will really suit your taste and match your niche. Is this even important? Of course it is! People are attracted with beautiful shopping sites that are easy to navigate too.


As I’ve been mentioning, all the basic things you need to setup your WordPress e-commerce comes for free in Woocommerce and this is the reason why a lot of people choose to use this plugin. This is also one of its biggest advantages over its competitors like Shopify.

WordPress is also free and so as the CMS. But maintaining it monthly to keep it up on search engines will require you a little fee.

  • Hosting is one of the things you need to pay for monthly. Good thing, you can buy a hosting service for just $3 dollars per month. Of course the support won’t be ace-type but you can use it while you are trying to make your first profits. If you think you need to expand, then you should go for a VPS or dedicated server. Those cost more.
  • While WooCommerce have themes that are free, the best ones, of course, come with a price tag of $50-$200. But this is just a one-time fee. You can later buy another one if you need to.
  • Domain is very important for you authority and branding. You can find something at $10 per year.
  • Premium plugins and extensions that are require for niche sites might cost $10 per month or more. But the things you need like checkout or payment options are free.

these are some of the extensions available at woocommerce

  • Others might be web design services. Some people want to have a professional-looking ecommerce site that can’t be achieved with free web builders. I’d like to recommend Site Rubix by Wealthy Affiliate as it is based on WordPress.org, so WooCommerce will definitely work with it. It is a powerful web builder with premium tools and they are all for free. This can save you $500 for hiring a freelance web builder.

WooCommerce is so simple to use. After installing, you will see a PRODUCT page on your CMS menu. From there, you can add any products you want with just a few clicks.

adding products on woocommerce is simple as few clicks

Inside the Add Product page, you will be able to give your product listing a title, place photos, and add description, price, size options, Check out options, Add to Cart button, Review section, and even a video of the product. It’s up to you how you can make it look beautiful. But take note that the most important part of a listing are the details. They should be complete so your buyers can make an informed decision.

You just have to publish the page and WooCommerce will automatically arrange them on your site. To make your shop more organized, you can also place categories and filter tools. This will help in building good user experience as they can shop without the hassle of having to browse through all of your listing before they can finally find what they need. Let’s talk more about this below.

WooCommerce Gives You Full Data Control

I’ve seen so many sites shut down because their previous ecommerce plugin suddenly closes. Along with the disappearance of the plugin, they also lose their data forever. And this is horrible for those who are already making money with their site

With WooCommerce you don’t have to worry with similar incidents. This ecommerce plugin lets you take full control of your data like customer history and purchases,  store performance, and other things that you need to run a successful online store.

Woocommerce Shopping Cart

Your Checkout section and payment gateway are very important features of ecommerce sites. The process should be simple and the options should be working to help your customers have a positive shopping experience.

  • Payment Gateways – WooCommerce allows you to accept several payment methods like checks, cash on delivery, Paypal, credit cards, bank transfer, and other payment gateways. It’s up to you to dictate using the Setup Wizard.
  • Geo-Location and Automatic Taxes – There will always be shoppers from the other side of the world coming to your store to buy things so having this feature is really helpful. WooCommerce can compute the right price including taxes your customer needs to shoulder depending on the country they are from.
  • Customizable Checkout Process – WooCommerce allows you to control your checkout process whether you’ll allow guest checkout or force them to sign up for a more secure checkout.
  • Default Currency – Setting your default currency will help both you and your shopper to easily compare prices and make a decision. You can follow your local currency or follow the standard USD currency for your products.
  • Redirect Cart – This feature automatically redirects shoppers to their cart once they add a new product.

Complete Control of Products

Like I mentioned earlier, adding products, their sizes, their prices, and other things that define your product are all up to you.

  • Unlimited Products – You can add just one product or thousands of products to your store. There’s no limit to how many products you can publish online. Your hosting might, however, be the one that will limit you so if you are already earning regularly from your site, then go for a higher hosting plan.
  • Product Types – Categories can be easily defined in WooCommerce. Whether you have 10 or 15 categories you are selling, there’s no problem. It might be a good idea, though, to add a filter section so you can help your shoppers find more specific items without having to go deep into your categories.
  • Product Variations –  Size, colors, quantity – these are all important things that your shoppers should be able to define in their shopping.
  • Inventory – Be more in control of your stocks through a simplified product management feature added in WooCommerce.

Easy Shipping

WooCommerce also makes shipping items easier for you.

  • Shipping Options – You can set your shipping options to Flat rate, Local delivery, Local pickup, or International Shipping. Then you can set your rate to Automatic will give shoppers an exact shipping fee they’ll need to add to their payment.
  • Shipping Fee Calculation – You can hide the shipping fee until shoppers drop their address. This shipping fee calculator can be added to your shopping cart. WooCommerce will also give shoppers the option to either ship the items to the same billing address or have it sent to another address.

The Power of Woocommerce + seo

There’s a benefit to WooCommerce being fully integrated with WordPress. That is the power to leverage SEO with WP’s very own SEO functions.

  • WordPress SEO – You can get the word out about your online store much easily through WooCommerce by taking advantage of WP’s SEO functions like adding tags and meta descriptions. Optimizing the product URL is another plus.
  • Coupons and Discounts – Being able to add discounts and coupon codes to your products is another way to increase your sales and boost your ranking online. With so many people coming to your store to avail of the promos you have, you will easily catch the attention of Google and have it realize that you are a credible online shop.
  • Reviews – Like I said, adding a review section on each of your product listing will help customers make a more informed decision. People need reviews and when you have that on your site, they will flock to your store because you are being transparent with them and you value your customers’ opinion. But be sure to have verified customers do the reviews otherwise, it will look like it’s scripted and hurt your SEO.

Performance Tracking

Track your performance to see how your store is doing. Reports generated by WooCommerce will be a big help to see which of your items are selling. You can use the data too to help you make plans on growing your online business.

  • Store Dashboard – Your dashboard is where all of your performance trackers are. You can view your orders, business status, traffic, and so much more from here.
  • Reports – Like I said, reports can give you a clear idea on your sales which you can use as a data for future expansion planning.
  • Analytics –  You want to see how much you have been growing? The analytics tool will help you track your performance whether you are growing or not as an online business.

Customer Management

Give your customers more attention by letting them create accounts on your online shop to make their next shopping experience easier.

  • Accounts and Passwords – Let your shoppers create an account where they can save details of their shipping address and payment option so the next time they’d order from you, they won’t have to go through the process of filling up long forms again. Some would prefer not too but when you ensure them of their data privacy, they will gladly agree.

Fully Extendable

WooCommerce has over 450 extensions available to make your virtual store more appealing to your customers. The functionality they bring helps build a website that makes shopping easier while making it more profitable for you as a shop owner. Find integrations with social media platforms, marketing funnels, themes, or payment gateways on WooCommerce extension store.


WooCommerce is one of the most popular eCommerce plugins you’ll find online but it is not without a flaw. So let’s take a look at what’s nice and what’s not in this WooCommerce Ecommerce plugin for WordPress.

The Pros

  • WooCommerce has a vast community which proves that this plugin is greatly reliable. With almost 30% of all online shops powered by this plugin, you can be sure you are on the right track on your online business.
  • It has a huge array of extensions you can take advantage to add to the functionality of the basic tools that come with the free plugin. With these extensions, you can fully customize your online store to match with your niche and your customers’ needs.
  • There’s a separate admin and customer account so limitations on accessing your website’s dashboard wouldn’t be a problem.
  • There’s an option for guest checkout making it faster for shoppers to place their orders.
  • There are tons of designs and templates available for free and some are paid. But if you don’t have the budget yet, don’t worry because the free designs are plenty too; you’ll surely find something that will look great on your store.
  • An organization called Sucuri is responsible for auditing the WooCommerce platform. The check is done regularly, so you have a constant security brand checking on your plugin’s overall ecosystem. Plus, WooCommerce’s code is known to be very secure. All you have to do now is to find a hosting service provider that won’t let hackers get into your store.

The Cons

  • Since WooCommerce gives its product away for free, it doesn’t provide direct support. However, that doesn’t mean you can’t resolve problems with a little research. For instance, WooCommerce offers a wonderful documentation page, and you are allowed to send in emails if you have something specific.
  • There’s no domain or hosting that comes with the plugin so you’ll have to purchase these services from outside. The disadvantage of having no central support is that you’ll have to talk to different providers when one problem strikes your website.


If you can’t afford to pay for a monthly subscription to platforms like Shopify, and you don’t want to build a store in crowded marketplaces like Amazon, then WooCommerce might be the right option for you.

WooCommerce is best for entrepreneurs who don’t like being limited in their online stores. This platform allows you to scale up and customize your site with whatever you want and anytime you want it implemented. There’s a bit of learning curve here so if you want plain magic, you can just opt for Shopify.


WooCommerce remains to be the number 1 ecommerce plugin but the best really depends on your needs and preferences. WooCommerce isn’t a perfect platform and there are things here that you can get from another plugin, so there’s no telling if it’s really the best.

But overall, WooCommerce is an amazing plugin that comes with the basic things you need to start a WordPress based ecommerce. The only things you’re left to purchase are your domain name and hosting service.

Ecommerce is a great way to make money online. The choices on what to sell are limitless. You will always find something that will be a hit to shoppers. The key to getting loyal customers is to stand out in the competition. And there are so many strategies to make sure that you get an edge over the others.

Later when you grow, you can start using affiliate marketing techniques to have your products be sold at a bigger scope. Affiliate marketers, like me, can work as your live marketing funnel in exchange for a little commission. Want to know more about affiliate marketing? Read about it on my Wealthy Affiliate Review!

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