WooRank Review – Is It the Right SEO Audit Tool for You?

Welcome to our latest review here at Smart Start Affiliate. SEO is such an important element to ensure a website’s success. So today, we will look into one of the most used SEO audit tools in the market today called WooRank.

It goes against other popular tools like Moz and SEMrush but Woorank remains to be the number 1 SEO audit tool preferred by most SEO experts, bloggers, marketers, all other website owners.

Who know, you might find WooRank good for you too.

And to help you make an informed decision, we’ll go over the features, pricing, pros and cons, and other important things to know about this tool.

woorank is an easy to use seo audit tool that lets you see your site's performance on search engines

Since SEO (search engine optimization) has a great influence on making you rank on search engines, various SEO tools have been designed to help online entrepreneurs track their site’s performance or get suggestions on how to do better to make more money online. It is a must-have for every entrepreneur doing business online.

But with at least a hundred SEO tools to choose from – both free and paid – choosing the best might be a difficult. The decision will depend on the features you need and your budget. But having a cutting edge over others can make the difference.

That said, you’d be glad to know that Woorank isn’t just a simple SEO audit tool. It has other functions like keyword analysis, marketing checklist, lead generation and so much more! There’s no wonder why people love this software. It’s a one stop shop with everything you’ll need to keep your site up and earning!

So let’s not make this longer and let’s go to the review to see how WooRank works.


Summary: GoDaddy is almost complete with all the web services you might ever need to run a good online business. Hosting is its main offering with five different types you can choose from. Apart from that it has an array of other services like web builder and domain registrar. But tin this review, we will focus on its web hosting services.

Product Name: WooRank
Founder: Jean Derély
Product Type: SEO Audit Tool
Price: Plans start at $59
Rating: 85/100

A lot of entrepreneurs are using WooRank because of its powerful SEO abilities

Recommendation: WooRank is a web-based software that’s so easy to use. It ranks number one of Top SEO Audit Tools lists of 2019. Its main job is to generate review of your website that contains valuable information about your site’s performance, visibility, and ranking or in short, SEO. Using these data, web owners get suggestions on how to achieve higher ranking or if they are already number one, how to maintain their place on search engines. It can also track competitor performance.


WooRank is a cloud-based software that boasts advanced SEO auditing and monitoring. But like I mentioned, WooRank is more than just an SEO review tool.

While its main purpose is to look into your website’s health, it offers actionable suggestions on how to optimize your website better. The results are useful insights too on making higher conversions which, as an entrepreneur, is what you aim for.

Other functions you enjoy with this tool include lead generation, backlink analysis, PDF generated marketing reports, competitor analysis, content management, marketing checklist, and so much more. Overall, it reviews your website according to 50 criteria to make sure that you won’t miss an important detail on how to beat your competitors.

The better part is that you can integrate it with other tools to make more in-depth SEO analysis of your site. You can connect it with SEMrush, Google Analytics, and Google Partner.


While it has a lot of things to offer, WooRank is easy to use, simple to understand and relatively affordable given its rich portfolio of functions.

Here, I am listing down the highlights of the Pro plan of WooRank which is actually its starter subscription.

1. SEO Monitoring

WooRank is popular for its SEO monitoring function. It watches over your website while you sleep so the next day, all you have to do is to put into action the recommendations you get overnight.

monitor your site's health with Woorank's seo monitoring tool

The SEO Monitoring feature of WooRank can be summed up into these 3 main functions:

  • Determining which landing page gets the most traffic and getting reports with metrics that’s important in your SEO goals.
  • Which keywords are performing and not through regular site crawl.
  • Monitors your website’s downtime and notifies you when it’s down so you won’t miss even a second of making sales.

2. Keyword Tool

SEO wouldn’t be alive without a good keyword. A properly targeted keyword is what will put you up on search engine ranks. This is what shoppers input on Google when they search for anything online. Be sure to use specific or long tail keywords, though, because shoppers today tend to be very specific with their queries.

woorank keyword tool

Keyword research was once a tedious task but thanks to keyword research tools, it has become easier, faster, and more efficient. Luckily, WooRank realizes that so it added a keyword tool as one of its features.

However, WooRank’s keyword research tool works a bit differently, instead of generating keyword suggestions, it will check the performance of the keywords you use instead.

Apart from how your site ranks using your keywords, WooRank also gives you a comparison on how your site will rank against your competitors using the same keywords.

But that’s not all because WooRank will identify new keywords that are highly possible to rank higher based on the contents published on your site. This is a fantastic way of discovering keywords you or your competitors never even considered of using.

Apart from this, WooRank’s keyword research tool will give you suggestions on location-focused keywords so you can target customers in your own area.

This is far from the keyword research tool that I use which focuses on generating longtail keywords. Since WooRank’s keyword research tool isn’t about that, you can use Jaaxy for finding keywords to work on. And here’s a simple Jaaxy widget you can try:

3. Sales Tools

Sales tools is all about supporting you on making higher sales. How? First, WooRank helps you generate high quality leads that are very probably of purchasing products or services from you. WooRank does this through your landing pages or lead generation tool and branded website review. So here, the technique that WooRank uses is attracting and capturing leads.

Another way for you to convince shoppers about your credibility is to show them how you are performing well. The Sales tools of WooRank will take care of this by generating a PDF report that highlights your competencies and what value you can bring to your shoppers. This report is what you can send to your leads on your marketing campaign.

woorank generates pdf reports regularly to help you on your marketing

One final way to help you make more sales is by ensuring your website’s usability, mobile friendliness, speed, and uptime. As you know, many are annoyed with websites that are full of errors as they navigate through the pages or when they load so slowly. These issues will greatly hurt your SEO ranking as dictated by the new Google algorithm.

Other functions inside the Sales tools include:


WooRank helps you create a more mobile-friendly website as you know by now that most people go online using their smart phones than their PCs. So if your website can be easily accessed on shoppers’ phones or tablets, then Google will rank you higher.


WooRank will make sure that your site visitors will get good user experience. It may not be the most important factor that dictates your SEO success but it has an impact on the amount of time that shoppers spend on your website.


WooRank also checks if your server is up and when issues come up, it will send you a notification. Other things it checks include your analytics, site speed, and SSL.

4. Site Crawl

I mentioned earlier that WooRank crawls through the site to determine which of your keywords are performing really well. It has more functions other than that, though.

The Site Crawl tool scans the website to pinpoint on-page SEO problems which can hinder traffic from coming to your site. You simple have to place your web URL on the tool and it will send you a report on your email.

Some of the issues being tracked by WooRank include:

  • Title tag
  • Meta description
  • HTML tags
  • Body content
  • Meta

5. WooRank Projects

WoorRank makes it easier for you too to organize reports that you need for your SEO planning, presentation to your boss, or for impressing your prospect.

The reports on WooRank are easily accessible and it only takes one click of button to generate a PDF report. You can just have it printed when doing a presentation or attach it on emails for your marketing activities.

The WooRank Projects also allows you to compare the performance of your site with your competitor’s. This SEO audit tool will show you your competitor’s ranking on Google and from here, you can analyze how you are falling short and strategize to do better.

woorank has a competitor analysis tool that looks into your competitor's website

It can also give you a report on how your social media account is performing. WooRank Projects connects your Google ranking and social media so you get to see how you are performing in both worlds.

woorank social media tool

Furthermore, WooRank’s View Google Preview and Keyword Relevance give you a look at how your website looks like on Google search result. Here, you can determine whether the focus keywords you are targeting for your site is visible on search results. This is very important since shoppers will click on the result that has the keyword they are looking for on their description. This is why on SEO, experts advise you to place your focus keywords on meta descriptions, URL, and Title.

6. WooRank Extension

woorank google extension tool

By adding WooRank on your Google or Firefox as an extension, you will be able to analyze the SEO performance of any website. See how they rank, see how they optimized their site and posts, and get quick insights on how any website can be improved.

WooRank has 3 subscription plans. There’s the Pro plan for those who are just starting, a premium plan which gives you more features to enjoy, and the Enterprise plan which is great for any firm who’s taking their marketing efforts very seriously.

The Pro version costs $59.99 per month and it comes with 14 days free trial so you can check if it’s enough for you before you continue with the paid subscription or go straight to the Premium subscription.

woorank pricing

The Pro version offers these features:

  • Unlimited website review
  • Optimize one website at a time
  • Backlink analysis, mobile friendliness test, usability test
  • Review 50 keywords for position, volume and performance
  • Up to 2000 pages can be reviewed in the Site Crawl tool to check technical errors and issues
  • Weekly email reports
  • 24/7 web monitoring for uptime and downtime
  • Help Center and 24/7 online support
  • Available in English, Dutch, French, German, Portuguese and Spanish

The next plan is the Premium subscription which costs $179.99 which gives you all of the Pro features plus these:

woorank premium features

Finally, the enterprise plan is worth $249.99 per month and doesn’t come with a free trial. The features include all the basics plus the opportunity to add custom functions like:

woorank enterprise feature

WooRank also has a 48-hour refund policy. If you don’t intend to continue but forgot to cancel, you can still get your money back.


While WooRank is an impressive SEO audit tool, it has some flaws too. What are those? We’ll find out.


  • Easy to use
  • Results are straightforward and easy to understand
  • Easy to navigate
  • Tools are useful for web and content optimization
  • Site analysis comes with links as reference on how to resolve site and SEO issues
  • No need to download and install
  • Easily accessible via cloud


  • Free trial won’t let you experience all features
  • Pro and Premium plans are limited to single user
  • Price is a bit high

Other than these I can’t see anything to complain about.


Anyone with website who aims to make money online can use WooRank to help them analyze the performance of their site. Whether it be an ecommerce or blog site, having an SEO audit tool will help you stay on top of the competition, get better rankings, generate more leads, and make higher conversions.

The pricing is quite high, like I mentioned, so newbies might rather resort to free tools, but your investment will be worth it if your SEO is directed to the right path.


After reading most positive things in this review, you can already guess by now that I am recommending this SEO audit tool for everyone.

SEO, is very important in your success on trying to make money online. It gives you the ability to be visible on search engines which will help you be recognized by shoppers. As you know, shoppers would only browse through the first to second pages of search results. You’re aim should be to grab that number 1 spot on the first page of search results. And this is not possible without SEO, given the millions of competitors you have online.

So if you’re looking for the perfect SEO audit tool to use, WooRank could probably be it.

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